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August 20, 2012



That cover! Holy cow! I hope you frame that in an ornate museum frame because it's gorgeous!!

Angelia S

I live in Texas and it is 88 degrees here which is unusual, it is normally around 96 this time(12:26pm)of day. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us and for a chance to win this book.

Karen Krack

Thank you for the opportunity to win your book!

Beverly Bunsey

Can't wait for your next book!

Jen B.

It's been hot! I want my normal Southern California weather back.

Julie Freeman

Hi Julie!! I love your name! Please enter me in your contest. Its so hot in so. CA, I need your book to read in a cool place.


Hi Julie! It is hot, humid, and hazy here in Alabama. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book early!

Pam P

Love this cover, Julie, and sure can't wait to read what's inside!


Do offers of baking, bribes, confections, begging or some such count as comments towards the e-ARC?

Petula Winmill

I love historical romance so this looks right up my street. I live in Spain so the weather is scorching hot as usual. Please pick me.

donna ann

thanks for the chance, I'd love to win a copy :)

Mary Doherty

Wow! 86 comments already. I think a lot of women want " A Notorious Countess Confesses" and I of course want it too. Very badly in fact. lol It is rainy and hot here in Florida. Thanks for the giveaway!

Cathy P

Hi Julie! I am a big fan of yours. Thanks so much for your generosity in holding this contest!

It has been in the 79's and low 80's here for the last week. It is supposed to get up to around 90 degrees today though. We need rain badly. The crops are dead and/or dying. Not good for our farms.

Shannon Christensen

Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your books. I can't wait for A Notorious Countess Confesses. Thank you! (ps: the cover is gorgeous!)

Catherine Duharte

Thank You I was getting a headache thought I was going Nuts!!!


I love your books. I have read them all. The covers are very gorgeous. Can't wait to read A Notorious Countess Confesses. I'm sure it will be awesome like the rest of the series.


I hope I win!

nancy stokell

I love your books. The only trouble with them is that once I start reading them I can't put them down!

Sue P

Hey, Julie! Weather has gone from upper 90's and 100% humidity to upper 70's to lower 80's with normal humisity so feels like a different world here. Question: if the ARC is an e copy, does that mean it will disappear after 14 days? Cheers!


Hi Julie!

Thanks for the chance to win an ARC! :)

The weather here in Michigan is quite nice Sunny and 71. Can't get much better than that... well maybe if I had an ARC copy of A Notorious Countess...


Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to reading this. May be it will be my next beach/pool read given the weather out here in CA. Even near the coast it has been pretty hot.

Maya M.

weather not so interesting here, so instead I'll comment on the series: my favourite cover is 'SINCE THE SURRENDER', my favourite book (so far) is 'HOW THE MARQUESS WAS WON'.

Always fun to see if a new addition can unseat the champion! The cover for ANCC is very pretty, I grab you, but STS holds on by a whisker.


I won the whole set a couple of months ago, and I can't wait to read this one! They just keep getting better and better!


I want a book!

Christine S

Good afternoon from Central Arkansas where it is a good 20 degrees cooler than it was last week (100+)slightly humid and cloudy today. We are praying desperately for rain. Perfect weather yesterday for moving my daughter into her college dorm, so that was nice..We are now officially empty nesters! That means I will have more time to read!!! Very much looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out and I cannot wait, as I have loved all your other books that I have been fortunate enough to read and going through withdrawals. Wishing you the best


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