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July 28, 2009



Hi again Julie:

I took the day off work to move fifteen years of junk from our garage to a storage (yeah, yeah -- why didn't we toss it? Ask the doctors at Stanford's OCD clinic why). So I'm now changing from dirty sweatpants to more appropriate party wear (clean sweatpants). Anyway, while I was out by the storage place, I ran into the B&N at Tanforan and they did not have ANY of the July 28 releases out (yours, Eloisa James's or Tessa Dare's). I asked up front about them, but the cashier was not able to check (understandable, given she was the only person there and people were lined up for service). I will check the Borders at the SF Centre tomorrow. Can't wait!

Julie Anne Long

LOL, Karen! Good guess, but that's not the second-to-the-last-word either!! And I meant to tell you (see, the Since the Surrender cocktails are finally getting to me!) how delighted I am to be one of your favorite authors! :) When you first get published, you DREAM of hearing that from readers one day. :) I'm saving Andy's book for the Grand Prize package -- and I'll share your delivery preferences with him, should you win it. Hee!!

Linda Henderson

Is the party over yet? I had to watch my grandkids today, so haven't had much time to look in on all the fun. Hope everyone has had a great time. Thanks for the invitation.

Linda Henderson

Julie Anne Long

Now you're cracking me up, Karen!! Alas, the waiters belong to the Pleasure Dome, and recede into mists when we ring down the curtain on our festivities...but they'll return again for the next party. I may even have a fresh crop of them by then. ;)

Pat -- Good heavens - all those virgos!!! You must have the world's neatest house. LOL. When is Anna C.'s bday? I'm a September girl. :)

Glad you could make it to the party, Renee!! :) Thanks for the REelase Day tidings! Tornado watch sounds *tense*, to say the least -- we'll cross our fingers for calm weather for you. And meanwhile, please do come on in and take deep fragrant relaxing breaths in our aromatherapy lounge, and have a Since the Surrender cocktail. :)


LOL@Karen Lewis! I like the way you think! Leave the glass. Take the waiter! :)

Julie Anne Long

Peggy -- sorry you went on a goose chase, but thanks for looking! Someone else just told me they went into a B&N and was told they had a number of STS copies on order, but they couldnt' tell her why they weren't on the shelf yet -- in the back room? Arriving today? Arriving next week? However, as far as i know, you can find it in Walmart, Target and Borders...unless I hear otherwise. I'll check into it. And there's always online retailers!! i would love it if you could just shoot me a quick email to tell me what you discover at Borders! Thanks so much for looking for it! LoL. You need to recover from your search -- come on into the Pleasure Dome, take a load off, and have a cocktail. ;)

Julie Parrish

Love your books....in fact Im the one that won your signed arc of Since the Surrender at Brenda Novaks auction.


Hi yet again Julie: I pre-ordered your book last week from Amazon, but when I got to the estimated delivery date (July 30), I just harrumphed and said "No way -- I can get it at the store on July 28!" (Usually Amazon is great about delivering the book on or before the release date; I don't know what happened this time). Anyway -- I'll let you know about Borders.


Happy Release Day!

You know, looking at the covers of POP and LNOL side by side, I noticed that both have that Calgon-Take-Me-Away faces. So in honor, I am wearing Calgon soap bubbles to the party ;-)


Hi... it seems I am a bit late for the party. I just came from a long day at work, and it was pretty hot & sticky here, so can I have a cold drink ;)

Happy release day!!

PS: Your new cover is just beautiful!


Oops! I just realized... I did not adjust the time zone in my head! That is what humidity does to a person.

Karen Lewis

I don't think you can improve on these waiters. I've never had a foot rub like this before and Jonathan's moves on the dance floor are incredible. Thanks for hosting an incredible party.

Julie Anne Long

Julie P., what a doll you are!! Brenda Novak is such a lovely person and her auction is a wonderful cause -- and you're such a sweetheart to donate by buying the STS galley! Did you read it? ;) Maybe you had it laminated? Just kidding!!

Peggy, a reader of mine in the Bay Area called Tanforan, and they do have STS in stock -- just not shelved yet! if you call them to reserve a copy, they'll hang onto one foryou -- and you can have it tonight, if you want! So I'm told. ;) It's just hard for booksellers to keep up with stocking, I think. We have to encourage them! LOL.

Seton, you're so funny!! It's so true!! And isn't that the point of romance -- not to mention our Pleasure Dome party?? Your soap bubble dress is exquisite, btw! Thanks so much for helping me to celebrate STS's release!! Do have a cocktail while you're here!! The Since the Surrender cocktail has proved WILDLY popular. ;)

Nathalie, so delighted to see you here regardless of the time, and thanks for the Release tidings!! :) I'm so glad you like the cover -- it's indeed scrumptious -- and in real life, it's like a burst of sensual summer sunshine. Rest, child! Choose your sexy cyberwaiter and have him fetch you the cold drink of your choice -- and by all means, put your tired feet up, tip your head back, and get a facial in the aromatherapy lounge, if you so desire!! ;)

Mitzi Hinkey

Great Inverview!! I like both your answers about who writes the best love scene and what you do when no bed is around. Hehehe. I'm wearing a strapless strechy leopard print knee length dress with matching heels. It's over 100 today, so my cocktail choice is a margarita. Can't wait to get you new book. Congrats!!!

Julie Anne Long

Welcome, Mitzi -- thanks for the congrats, and so happy you could come by to share Release Day!! LOL. I can't wait to hear what you think of STS!! And glad you liked the interview, too! Boy, you should HEAR how authors talk shop. LOL. Your dress is quite gorgeous, btw -- and the margaritas are splendid -- but you might want to get a Since the Surrender Cocktail before we ring down the curtain....in just a few minutes!!

Quick, seize your cyber waiters into long, grateful, soulful hugs, or send them on one last errand, darlings, because it's so rarely we have such lovely men to do our bidding, am I right?? They will miss you desperately...until the next shindig. ;) I'll announce our Grand Prize winner veerrrry shortly....I must allow my mystic winner-choosing macro do its work!!

Julie Anne Long

OK, my chick peas, we have a GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the gorgeous citrine and garnet earrings by Circe Designs as well as books by Andrew Gross, me, Christine Wells, meredith Duran, and Laura Lee Guhrke as chosen by my mystic randomizing macro!! Drum roll please.....

It's LYNN!!

Winners, please do send emails to me at julie@julieannelong.com, and include your address (and your blog posting name)! So we can get those prizes in the mail to you as soon as possible!

I can't thank you enough for making my SINCE THE SURRENDER release day unforgettable!! I had a blast!! You guys are wonderful, and I hope you decide that the INSIDE of Since the Surrender lives up to the outside when you get a chance to read it!! )You'll have to let me know. I've never seen or partied with a more dazzling, witty, imaginative group of ladies, and I know the Cyber Waiters will yearn for you...until the next party!! ;) Knock back one more SINCE THE SURRENDER cocktail, hold your waiters close and whisper farewells, bid the DJ's adieu, then gather up your shoes and wraps, my dears...because the Pleasure Dome, like the mythical Brigadoon, will recede into the mists of our memories until another release party calls it forth again. :) Thank you again for sharing Release Day with me, a special thanks to the talented Andrew Gross, who sends his very best to all of you, too, and thanks you for stopping by, and big HUGS for everyone. xo for now!....julie

stacey smith

I'm in shorts its 110 degree's here in Ca. But I'm happy to come to the party.its so hot here you just do not no.hope no one else has to deal whit this type of heat.

stacey smith

hay whats going on? it so hot here in Ca.it was 110 today.I wish i was where julie is.


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