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July 28, 2009


Julie Anne Long

Nighty night, Emanuelle! It's been a pleasure having you here!! :) Thanks for sharing release day with me. Dream of Devin. Hee!

Quilt Lady, so happy to have you with us! And Good heavens, you've brought a marvelous date with you! you're going to make my waiters GREEN with envy...but they'll be no less obedient. hee!

Miranda -- thank you for stopping by!! We're giving away a marvelous Miranda Neville book today, too!! you look stunning in Dior, darling! Do feel free to sample all of the waiters until you find the one who suits you best. And keep an eye out for that perfidious "journalist" Babs Wilters -- she's an expert lurker, despite the presence of vigilant bodyguards and vigorous waiters. ;) She's the only one wearing unattractive shoes to the party. Hee!

Adriana, how large-hearted of you to willingly share your hot waiter. ;) It's hard, I know. May i recommend the Miranda Neville method, whereby you sample them all just a liiiittttle bit...that might ease the pain of sharing delicious Devin. LOL.

Sharla Long

Ahha, I see what is happening, some of our posts are under other peoples names! Hey Julie, I love your parties. I am here for the tasty drink of the party, SINCE THE SURRENDER, mmmm, tasty and you know, oddly enough, things are looking more beautiful and a tad bit funnier! I have to hit the store tonight but living in the boondocks, who knows if this will be in stock yet. Ok, now I am on my second drink, no point in going slow right? Party on!

Ruthann R

Well, I appear to be late as usual. Seem to keep wilting from the 100+ degree temps here in TX. Stephan the cyber waiter keeps blowing on my neck attempting a cool breeze on my neck. Too bad it seems to be having the opposite effect. lol
Have a great day ladies!

Julie Anne Long

Sharla, isn't it miraculous how the Since the Surrender cocktail works?? :) And you can only find them here, tonight, in the cocktail party Pleasure Dome. ;) BUT! You can recreate the feeling by reading Since the Surrender. :) And let me know if you're able to find the book in the Boondocks -- Booksellers are busy, but they LOVE to sell books -- so I always ask them to check for me.

Ruthann -- thank you so much for coming to my release celebration -- and ladies, take note: YOUR cyberwaiter will be only too happy to blow on YOUR neck, too, should you request it. LOL. And isn't it clever of Ruthann to think of it?? If you're hitting the disco or the Karaoke Lounge, you might want to hit your waiter up for a little air-conditioning. ;)


Congratulations Julie on your release as always I'm wearing jeans and a tee shirt I'm an old country gal.

Pat Cochran

I'm enjoying just drifting through the Dome,
choosing to observe all the handsome cyber
waiters and glamourously dressed visitors!
If it's possible the gowns are even more
gorgeous than at the last party. I think I
will stop by the various buffets and enjoy
a few tidbits. Now that my work is over for the day, I think I'll try an STS with lots
of strawberries! Music, Maestro!!

Pat Cochran

Karen Lewis

Wow that Jonathan can dance! I have been on the dance floor for hours now. I had to take a break. Thank goodness for those settees. You are right Julie, Jonathan did not mind me using his lap as a pillow one bit. I thought I saw Babs Wilters sneaking into the powder room. She may be hiding in there hoping to get a morsel of juicy gossip. Are you and Mr. AG an item? What is his sign? I'm sure it is compatible with Virgo.

Karen Lewis

Don't worry. I'm not a kiss and tell kind of girl. Your secrets are safe with me. Does Andrew like cats? Is he partial to trolleys and seafood? Is he California Dreamin?

Julie Anne Long

Look up top, girls -- we have another winner!! JAMIE wins the third prize package of 6 fantastic books!!! Say hurrah for Jamie!! We have ONE more prize package to go -- and that includes those beautiful earrings. Stay tuned!!

Pat, i agree with you : the scenery here is pretty spectacular -- the gowns are dazzling, indeed. Enjoy the STS cocktail -- everyone will get even prettier and funnier after that. LOL. And if you feel like soothing music, there's a string quartet in the aromatherapy lounge; if you feel like moving around a bit, there's a REALLY rocking disco with a very accommodating DJ. I just asked him to play The ramones. LOL.

Karen -- aren't these waiters accomplished? I'm so proud of all of them! LOL. EEk! You saw Babs??! Sound the alarm! She's probably hanging out with a microphone. I'll have to send a contingent of bouncers into the bathroom. THAT woman!! Andy and I are colleagues who share a publishing house, similar senses of humor -- and memories of a traumatic experience at the hands of Babs Wilter!! LOL. Funny -- I don't know what his sign is!! That seems very unlike me -- I always know that sort of thing about people. LOL. We'll have to ask him at some point!! How many other Virgos here?? ;)

(Seth, be a pumpkin and bring me another STS cocktail. Funny, but I can't seem to get my fill of those...and while you're at it, why don't you bring round some of that chicken satay? Thanks, dearest...)

Theresa Buckholtz

I'm back again for a few more mimosas, Kevin be a dear. I was wondering is the second to the last word in Since The Surrender, "The" for maybe The End. Good luck Julie on your new release, can't wait to read it. I see a few friends, Ta Ta.

Quilt Lady

Well I am back for another Margarita, so bring them on! Very tasty drink I must say!


Well, I'm afraid I might have missed the party, but I enjoyed the post and reading about all the goings on at the shindig. As I sit here in my shorts and t-shirt it is a nice hot, sunny day here in Orlando, though the sun is getting ready to go down soon.

Karen Lewis

I am a Pisces, a true romantic at heart. I can't get enough of romance novels and you are definitely one of my favorite writers. I guess it all started with Wuthering Heights and Gone With The Wind for me.

Julie Parrish

Congrats!! Thought Id come to help celebrate this and my birthday tomorrow. Hubby is out of town so its just me and my two puppies. Just got home from work and I hope tonight we have a little calmer weather than last night since southern Wi got slammed with severe weather.

Susan Spidle

Just wondering if the party is still on. I am still dressed in my work clothes but am finally home and just relaxing now. Are all the prizes gone?

Julie Anne Long

Theresa B. nice try re the second-to-the-last word!!! LOL. You'll have to run out to Walmart or Target or Borders to find out. LOL. But my goodness, those Mimosas are tremendously refreshing, and I commend you for having as many as possible. ;)

Quilt lad, have you tried the strawberry or peach margaritas? Truly inspired concoctions, if I do say so myself!!

Barbara, thanks for helping to celebrate release day with me!! You haven't missed the party -- do feel free to tour the Pleasure Dome, have some snacks, choose your waiter -- and maybe get crazy in the disco, because this is about the time of night when the shoes come off, the dancing on furniture commences...that, and the sleeping on waiters laps. LOL.

Karen - pisces -- the quintessential romantics!! have to love Pisces folks!! :) And Gone wiht the Wind and Wuthering Heights are a pair of my favorites, too -- dont' forget The Thorn Birds, when we're discussing big, angsty, epic romances!! LOL.

Julie P., thanks so much for sharing release day with me! Please do relax here in the Pleasure Dome with a Since the Surrender cocktail and perhaps a foot rub from the waiter of your choice. ;) No severe weather in here -- all is calm, sweet-scented and plush. :) What kind of puppies do you have??

Vicki H

Happy release day even though I have no clue how to go to a cyber party or if it's still even on. What can I say? Lost in space as usual.

Pat Cochran

One Virgo here! And five more in our immediate family. August is our biggest birthday month, with a really big party
sometime during the month. BTW, I share
a birth date with Anna Campbell!

Pat Cochran

Julie Anne Long

Welcome back, Susan, and welcome to the party vicki -- your first Cyber Party!! Well, come on in, choose a sexy Cyber Waiter, take a load off in the plush aromotherapy lounge, or visit the disco if you're the mood to let off a little steam. ;) And have a Since the Surrender cocktail, while you're at it.

We have ONE more prize to go -- the GRAND PRIZE, including the earrings! Check the top of the blog to see the winner so far -- and I'll give the West Coast girls (the ones not able to play on the computer at their day jobs) some time to get home from work before I choose that one....and send everyone home. ;) Start saying fond farewells to your waiters now, girls, and by all means stop by the gift shop on the Mezzanine to pick up your commemorative Since the Surrender cocktail glasses, engraved with your initials. ;)

Karen Lewis

I am going to say that the second to last word is battle. I can't wait to read it to find out.

Karen Lewis

BTW - I haven't seen Andrew Gross.' book listed in the group of books given away. I am not ashamed to beg. The book looks very intriguing. Pick me, pick me, pick me! LOL

Karen Lewis

Oh, and would be fine by me for Mr. Gross to deliver it in person.

Karen Lewis

How about me saying goodbye to the coctail glasses and taking home my commemorative waiter? I really have had too many mai tais. Maybe Jonathan can give me a lift home?

Renee G

Happy Release Day.

It's my anniversary today (I won't tell which one), but that means I should be wearing something slinky. Let's pretend I am, and anxiously awaiting my husband's arrival. It's hot and humid here & they issued a tornado watch for our area. If it stays clear, we'll probably head out to the pool after dinner.


Hi Julie
Congrats on the release, it sounds good. I'm wearing jeans and a tee shirt .
Nice blog today

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