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July 28, 2009


Karen Lewis

I'd love to hear the Eagles Take It To The Limit - would you care to dance Jonathan? Just set that tray over there on the bar and lets get down and dirty. Oh sorry Ladies, you weren't supposed to hear the down and dirty part! I guess I've had one too many mai tais.


Hi Julie, Andy and Everyone! What a fabulous party! My waiter, Javier, just brought me the most delicious champagne. Though I must be very careful not to spill it on my gorgeous deep purple strapless gown. It has the sweetest sparkly crystals sewn into the bodice. Makes me feel like a princess!

Julie, I adored StS and have been savoring the memory of Chase Eversea all week. I cannot wait for all my friends to read it so we can dish about our favorite Pennyroyal Green heroes and discuss their own, unique merits;) Congratulations on another beautifully written book!


Thank you Julie you are very sweet. I am happy to be here.



Just met my hot waiter and learned a few things about him:

DEVIN is the broodingly romantic, slightly dangerous boy from high school who you had a secret crush on your junior and senior year...all grown up. His topaz eyes and raven's wing black hair are the stuff of gothic romances, and yes, he does write poetry! He also performs brain surgery with those long, elegant fingers.

Boy, that slightly nerdy, altogether sexy Lord Byron meets James Bond combination is lethal. Poetry writing, brooding, romantic, intellectual, need I go on? and he also mixes a vicious Long Island Iced Tea, among his many talents...


I'm late, I'm late - the last post says 6:36 AM - that can't be right?? Anyway I wanted to say I've enjoyed many of your books and your covers are to die for :)


Oh for goodness sake - I missed the little arrows at the end where all the rest of the posts are - I have some catch up to do lol.

Toni Blake

Ladies, this has been great fun, but sadly, I must move on to my next soiree - having dinner out with friends this evening. Alas, I will not progress to dancing on the bar - heartbreaking, I know. ; )

But thanks for a great party, Julie! No one throws them like you!

Pat L.

Hi, am popping in from work - hope we dont have to be present to win somehting - LOL. Anyway, just wanted to see what was going on. Since I am at work now, am wearing a tee shirt and capris.


Adriana, I HAVE to steal Devin from you (or at least try!!)... he's my perfect waiter too... you think we could share him. I know here everybody has their own personal waiter but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !!!lol


Right now I'm just thinking "I can't believe I was at a party with Toni Blake ! gotta tell my friends..."LOL
Loved One Reckless Summer btw ;-)


Congratulations Maya. Nice prize woohoo. Happy readings :)



Congratulations winners.

Julie Anne Long

Kimberly B., thanks so much for coming today -- midnight blue sounds absolutely beautiful! I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to sample your brie en croute -- one of *my* favorite indulgences, that's for sure! Be sure to sample the Since the Surrender cocktail while you're here -- I'm told it's the perfect complement to brie!! ;)

Karen L. -- i'm glad you noticed the earrings! The designer at Circe Designs took the cover of STS as inspiration, and the results are spectacularly pretty! :) They're going to look wonderful on one ofyou!! hee!

Sharla, so delighted you could come to the party! And here in the Pleasure Dome there are no consequences for indulging, shall we say, a little more than usual -- it's a magical place -- so I say -- imbibe away!!

Pat, I'm delighted you're pleased with how the Pleasure Dome staff interpreted the Arnold Palmers! :) I really do think you'll love Andy's books, if you like thrillers AND romances -- you have grit and action tenderness, the perfect combination, right??

Thanks so much for sharing release day with me, Adriana, and holy Smokes, those zebra heels are really fabulous!! :) Very sassy, elegant way to turn a nice dress into an instant classic!! thanks so much for picking up your copy of STS, too -- you're a peach!! and you never know how quickly they might run out, so it's best to HURRY. hee!! I can't wait to hear what you think of it, of course. While you're here, tell your chosen Waiter for the evening to see to your every wish, and try the tiny desserts -- I just had an exquisite berry tart that made my eyes roll back in my head. LOL.


MMMM... those berry tarts really are yummy. Almost as yummy as Devin. Uh-oh, will have to fight Emmanuelle for Devin now - or maybe, just maybe, we can share... a little. Second thought (my evil side is winning), I just arrived here, you've had him long enough - think he's mine for the rest of the evening, hee hee ).

Perhaps we could negotiate. Jonathan looks pretty hot and has some of that intellectual vibe also. hmmm.....


Adriana, how cruel you are !!!On the other hand I do understand you ;-)


Poor Sasha -- no one else has claimed him so I've got him all to myself. Although I might have to have a dance with Jean-Richard or Ethan, cause I'm a sucker for blue eyes!! MMMM...another STS cocktail, please!


Wow, this place is jumpin'! I'm back from the mountains where the air was clear and the BBQ smokey and delish. My house guest is taking a nap so I think I'll cuddle up with my beautiful copy of STS. (grin)

I didn't read all the posts so somebody may have already posted this but just in case...the second to the last word is "all".

~PJ...off to find a yummy waiter and a lovely, thirst-quenching frozen margarita.

Julie Anne Long

Cheryl, these parties CREATE energy, boy -- all the excitement, not to mention the cocktails!! LOL. That said -- I will SLEEP like a rock tonight. LoL. And dream of Seth, my darling waiter, who disappears into the mists of time the minute the party ends, along with his luscious coworkers. So savor them now, ladies -- each moment is poignant. LOL.

Caffey, Tyepad practically makes those little >> arrows at the bottom of the comments invisible!! LOL. Everyone always misses them -- took me a while to catch on at first, a few years ago! But rest assured, we're seeing your posts! And Andy recommends both the Blue zone and The Dark Tide (he had to run catch a plane, girls, but we may hear from him a bit later!!) . They're really nearly impossible to put down, his books, if you like thrillers -- and I know there's a lot of overlap between the thriller and romance audiences!

Atta girl, Karen, setting the standards for wildness we want to see as the party goes on!! LOL. And these boys can DANCE. Slow, or fast, however you choose...it's quite a talented crew. ) And the DJ takes requests, so whether you want to dance a standard like "The Way You Look Tonight" or something lasciviously slow sexy like, oh, Cheap Trick's "heaven Tonight," or fast dance to Michael J. or The BlackEyed Peas -- well make your preferences known! :) If you need a nap before you dance -- there are a lot of comfy settees strewn about, and i'm willing to bet your waiter wont' mind a bit if you use his lap as a pillow! ;

and ladies, my chicklettes, Devin is only too happy to share his charms with both of you you -- he's enough man to serve the needs of several women, I trust. ;) I understand his appeal however, and how you might want to turn him into a bit of a wishbone!! but play nicely! LOL. Or you can play waiter-swap!! LOL. (OK, NOW the evening is getting a little decadent...)

Yay, Manda came! :) So happy to see you here, and of course you know how happy I am that you loved STS!! :) You're such a peach to tell the world -- and let me tell you, you're simply RADIANT in that dress. it's gorgeous. :) Thanks for the congratulations, and here's a special toast to all the girls who read novels they love -- and then talk about them to everyone they know!! LOL. (Seth, my love, would you refresh my drink? Surprise me. You know how I love surprises...the good kind... ;)


Alright, alright... I capitulate. If I must, then I will (share Devin, that is). After all, this whole "waiter-swap" game sounds fascinating, however decadent it might be.

Where's Jonathan?

Amanda Dickerson

Gosh, I can't find my comments!

Julie Anne Long

Catslady, welcome to the Pleasure Dome -- so pleased you could join us -- and I'm so glad you've enjoyed my books! The covers really are very pretty, aren't they?? I'm quite fortunate! And this particular cover is a stunner in real life....

And now...i'm getting one of those urges...it feels like a giving-away-a-prize urge!! LOL. I'm thinking...I'll probably award the Grand Prize somewhere around 5:30 or 6 p.m.... wanted to give the girls on the West Coast who can't pop in while their at their day jobs a shot at the goodies, too!! So in a few minutes, check the top of the blog!!...j.

Quilt Lady

Oh wow I love a good party! Congrats on your new release.

I am sorry but I haven't dressed for the party. I am wearing jean shorts and a tank top because I am going to have to leave and mow the lawn today if it don't rain. It looks very much like rain right now. Rhett Butler is my excort so I how I can put on my black gown later for the party, with my beautiful black heals that are to die for.

I have been trying to post all day but for some reason it wouldn't let me earlier.


I'm off to bed now !! It was a great party, thanks for the invitation and Congratulations once again on this big day !!
Have fun ;-)


Forgot to say hi to Andy earlier. Will the karaoke machine be making an appearance?

Miranda Neville

Happy release day - and thanks for letting me wear vintage Dior with diamonds. All your waiters are tooo adorable. May I have them all?

No need to enter me in a drawing. Party on. Now you've been interviewed by a tabloid journalist about underwear, can Paris Hilton style spam be far behind?

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