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July 28, 2009


Julie Anne Long

Ashli, did you just say Andyis yummy enough to pull off underwear?? hee!!! (couldn't resist!)

Valerie, thanks for coming to the party!! Please you could help celebrate STS's release! And when you're done with that coffee, you might want to try a Since the Surrender cocktail -- word here in the Pleasure Dome is that girls can hardly get enough of them! Keep your waiter hopping -- they get their toned bodies from running after our every need. ;)

Mariee, thanks for the Release Day tidings!! Can't wait to hear what you think of STS. :) have you all noticed how splendidly it color-coordinates with my blog?

Hi Mary B.!! Thanks so much for sharing release day with me! And Oh, i have to tell you, that cheesecake is divine!! Please do mingle while you're here -- and if you're compelled to sink into one of the comfy chairs, have a pedicure, and read STS, I wouldn't mind a bit! ;) Maybe you can tell everyone what the second-to-the-last word is! Hee!

Laura T

Woo Hoo!! Almost to 100 comments! This is an awesome party! Thank you for posting it on twitter! I like Susan Spidle's idea :).. it's hot here too so I am in my swim suit and flip flops LOL.

Congrats on release day and I am so glad you posted about it on twitter. Adding to the list of must buys/read this summwer woo hoo!!

Theresa Buckholtz

I'm wearing a long slimming black strapless gown because it's warm today. Kevin , my waiter, has brought a variety of items, strawberries dipped in chocolate, cucumber sandwiches,( yes I really love cucumber sandwiches,my daughter makes them for our tea parties. Wow that sounds snooty) Back to the food,small yummy puff pastries with chicken salad. Kevin also included (gag,gag)crackers with liver pate and caviar which he immediately removes. All right who ordered the gross food. While I sip my mimosa and eat, I people watch. A very enjoyable party. Thanks for the invite.


Happy Release Day! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Sorry to say I didn't dress up. I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, but I'll be working my way through some snacks soon. Can't wait to read the new book. Congrats!

Pat Cochran

OK - this is attempt # 3 at posting a comment!

Julie, Thanks for the lovely invitation to
the "Big Bash." Since I am working on a
publicity project for my church, I guess I'd
better stick to non-alcoholic beverages. I
think I'll go with an "Arnold Palmer" (think
that's what it is called) which is 1/2 lemonade,
1/2 tea on lots of ice! With the
extra-hot temperatures in Houston, it's the
perfect drink! I'll be wearing a comfortable
pant set, upgraded with my diamond earrings
and bracelet. I'll go more upscale when
I'm through with work! Looking forward to
reading Since The Surrender - Happy Release


I tried to sneak back in at lunch, but didn't make it. Good to see the party is still going strong.


Jean-Richard has been very attentive. I think he will getting a big tip.


Congratulations on the new release! Love those Pennyroyal Green folks!

I'm sitting in my air conditioned office with an additional fan going (wicked hot temperatures this week in Portland), wearing my happy turquoise shorts and complementary floral top, sans sandals, with my feet propped up on a big box of paper. I downloaded STS to my ipod touch last night from Fictionwise, so I'm all set.

Oh wait, I'm working, which is why I can't stay long. Is Stephan bringing my drink soon?

cheryl c.

Woohoo! This party is still going strong! Now that I have had a margarita, I think I will hit the dance floor, but wait...I just saw the puff pastries with chicken salad! I think I will dance AFTER I hit the buffet! LOL :-)

Julie Anne Long

Cheryl C. so delighted you could join us, and thanks for the release tidings!! And your waiter will be only too happy to bring you whatever frozen concoction you desire -- just gaze into his limpid eyes and WILL him to fetch it for you!!

Chey -- oh, Ethan is a doll, really a sweetheart -- good for you for choosing him! I'm so happy you could share our celebration today! And you may or may not know this, but Ethan is skilled in the art of massage, so if standing around drinking and socializing becomes too taxing, you can get your shoulders rubbed! Hee!! (Speaking of which: Seth, I have a little knot right...here...that shoulder, yes...)

hey Jillian!! Thanks so much for sharing release day with me! Your dress is gorgeous, btw, and White Russians? the Breakfast of Champions!! Hee!! At least here in the Pleasure Dome it is!!

Hi Pat L. -- thanks for coming to help celebrate release day -- and I love Toni's work, too!!

Hi Susan P. -- delighted to have you with us! What a shindig, yes?? And isn't the cover art truly beautiful?? You'll of course see it in person when you get your copy, right? LOL. I'm still quite pleased with the way it color-coordinates with my website and blog. Serendipitous!! Please do have a drink while you're here -- have you chosen your waiter? I recommend Seth, except i'm keeping him awfully busy. Hee!

Pam Rosenthal

Hi Julie, congrats and mazel tov on STS -- gorgeous cover, hot colors. I haven't peeked inside yet, but since you're incapable of writing a bad sentence, I look forward to it eagerly.

As for what I'm wearing here at the Pleasure Dome -- black, of course, and shiny -- with the almost-new gold leather Italian shoes I got from my local consignment... hell, with the NEW gold etc (because in cyberspace no one can see that you buy used).

And hi to Andy. We met at National in the bar. I was the one griping about her chances... no (reminding self that we're in cypberspace now) I was the perfectly poised, calm...

Julie Anne Long

Janga, how lovely to see you here!! Thanks for coming -- and may I just say you are an author's DREAM reader!! LOL. What a sweetheart you are!! I've done that before, too -- talk someone in the romance aisle into buying a book. LOL. You must have some truly potent powers of persuasion, and you are a role model (ahem) for readers everywhere! Hee! Pimp your favorite authors, girls!! :) And you look BEYOND elegant, btw -- I need to know where you found that dress!! Jonathan is one of my favorites -- I think you'll find he won't disappoint you in any way today. Please don't be shy about asking him to do your bidding. ;)

Melissa, you're such a sweetheart!! I'm very, very touched indeed -- a dream come true to be a reader's very favorite! Thanks so much for telling me, and so much for coming to my party today -- I'm delighted to have you, and please help yourself to the canapes and truffles...and if you're in the mood for something lunch-like, we have the taco bar, of course, and delicious tapas, and a sort of Hof Brau thing going on, too. ;)


It's already 8 pm in my world so... it's now or never !!lol


It was so nice to get an invitation and I am having a great time. I left the rain behind when I came here. Lots of interesting people to talk to and the food is the best. I am just waiting for my Strawberry Daiquiri and I have found the tastiest appetizers. Your book release parties are the best, Julie!


Hey Julie, It must be great to see all those people who decided to attend this gorgeous party (did you say "taco bar" ??). Of course I can't indulge too much or my ubber sexy dress won't apreciate it... damn should have gone for the shorts and tee !!


Hi Julie!! This is absolutely fun!!! Its my first time visiting here and to party with you for your release is a treat! Huge congrats Julie! I don't know what I'd do without your and all these reads! Historicals are so much a comfort!

Its very hot and humid today even tho its just in the mid 80's. I am so not a summer person! Really, the heat bothers me alot. But give me a blizzard and I love to sit watching it out the picture window and read!
I'm just lazing around today with shorts and a tank top! Anything to keep cool. Only thing is these computers radiate so much heat. We did have tornadoes touch down near us, 4 of them, over the weekend, which is odd for us in Western NY. I think maybe the 3 time ever in 25 years when I moved here! Going to get an ice cold ice tea and read more here! Congrats again and thanks for all you do! All the joy!

cheryl c.

OK, I just stuffed my face at the buffet table. Now I need to work off the calories on the dance floor. Now where is that hunky waiter...


Hi everyone :-) It looks like a happy crowd of sexy women, and are you sure that that waiter over there is't an undercover agent? I'm sure I saw him talking too .. well should I bring this up even??

Eva S

Congrats Maya, enjoy!!

Julie Anne Long

Laura T -- thanks so much for coming! this is one remarkably swinging gig, boy!! LOL.C Crazy!! You guys are fabulous! I'm delighted you could share release day with me -- and STS is the perfect summer read!! i mean, look at the cover -- very summery! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Theresa B. thanks so much for coming! You look just gorgeous, and I'll have a word with Kevin about bringing the liver pate -- LOL. These are PYSCHIC cyber waiters, after all -- they should know what you like (and cucumber sandwiches sound like just the thing right now...Oh, Seth...would you bring me a few please? Thank you, darling.

Chris, you look just as dazzling in casual attire as those of us in cocktail finery. ;) We're just happy you could join us in celebrating STS's release!! Thanks for coming!! Hope you thoroughly enjoy the story!

Pat -- i just want to assure you we're seeing your comments! Sorry you're having difficulties there -- blogs can be squirrelly things! In fact, a few people were extremely inspired by the Arnold Palmer. LOL. I had the waiter bring one to me!!

Welcome back, Cyclops -- and Jean-Richard is blushing over your compliments! ;)

I'm feeling another GIVEWAY urge...LOL -- BTW, girls, if you win, send me an email - julie@julieannelong.com -- with the subject line -- "i won a Blog party prize." and tell me the name you're using to post on the blog and your address, and my GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT and WAY TOO FUN assistant kim will help me get those out to you. LOL. That means you, Maya, so far!! ;)

Angela Bartlett

I love this whole cyber party idea. I could party all the time. Of course I'm dressed up for it. What would a party be without glam, bling, and just plain pretty pink sparkly heels, pink top, and oh so cool ankle length pink with pale pink flowers skirt. Hmmm, I have this so pink thing going. But I'll snag a glass of champagne from that mouth-watering hunk of a waiter and mingle with the other adoring fans! Can't wait to read your book. We have real reading weather here over 90 for the last 10 days - in north eastern Washington - so in an effort to conserve my strength I'm reading. Thank you for inviting me. I can't wait for the next one!


You do have "interesting" urges Julie !!!


Is your GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT and WAY TOO FUN assistant a she or a he ??
Sorry if I missed something but It's almost 9 pm and I've already had way too much champagne, I'm actually past tipsy...lol


I went to visit the little girl's room to powder my nose... Wow, this place filled up fast! Hellooo cyber party peeps, you are all looking so fabulous!!!


WooHoo! I love online parties :) They are the best. Happy release day Julie and thank you for celebrating with us.

I am wearing a beautiful red sparkling/glitter dress with pearl earrings and necklace. With black laced shoes.


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