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July 28, 2009



Andy -- I haven't gotten into them yet, but I'll be sure to let you know if I get one that catches my eye -- I might have to take Kim C's advise and try The Jester first since that sounds like something I would like. I think I'll head to the bookstore today!

Sasha! I need another drink -- maybe a STS with strawberries and some fabulous peanut-butter surprise cupcakes -- I'll post the recipe as soon as I get home this evening if anyone is interested. I have a fab chocolate pizza recipe too!

Welcome Goddess Julia. I think maybe I should put some clothes on over this bathing suit now. . . I'm thinking blue and airy - but strapless.


Congratulations Maya!!

Julie Anne Long

Good morning, Joan, and thanks so much for joining us!! And your tiara is blindingly beautiful, I must say -- PERFECT release party attire! Hee!! And sneakers are welcome here in the Pleasure Dome -- and if you feel like dancing, your feet won't mind a bit!

Maya, you may be allergic to earrings, but you won the first prize package!! WOO HOO!! who knows, your other dream -- of a "The Time Traveler's Concubine's Secret Baby" actually being written - could come true, too! Hee!! BIG congrats on winning, and I know you'll enjoy those authors if you haven't read them yet-- they're fabulous! And thanks so much for coming to the party -- delighted to have you here. Hark...do I hear....80's bands doing a sound check in the big, comfy auditorium???

Marsalis...ooh, you're a lucky one, Susan K! He's delicious!! As are the drinks he's serving -- clever girl, to be getting your vitamins in the form of fruit. ;) Thanks for coming -- it's wonderful to have you here!

Penney, thanks for coming, and thanks for the congratulations -- lovely of you to share release day with me! You'll notice that many of the girls are in comfy clothes, too -- but in the Pleasure Dome here, even the most exquisite cocktail gowns are comfy as jammies and don't require complicated underwear! LOL. I've just changed into a fishtailed, black sequined number with spaghetti straps and elbow-length gloves. LOL. channeling my inner 1940's Femme Fatale! Likely I'll change again. I've been inspired by mentions of tiaras...hmmm...Oh, Seth, could you tell the boys to start setting up the taco bar for those girls who are ready for lunch? Smooches!!

Maya M.

Holy cats.

Is that my name I see? Thank goodness my techno-doofness let me figure out that my comments weren't being eaten, I just had to click to the next page. (duh!)

I didn't even share what my party costume was, as instructed! Though it's not that exciting - my little writer-in-training is in the midst of learning how to use the facilities (ahem) so my party attire must allow me to run like the wind at any moment...

Ms.Long - thank you so much. For your gracious hostessness, and passing the generosity of yourself and other lovely authors on.

*goes off to faint*


Great party, love all the prizes!
Congrats on you new release. Can't wait to read it :)


Congratulations on the release. I'll put this on my reading list.

Mary Bullock

I am the one standing by the buffet eying the strawberry cheescake wearing the peach two piece suit. I can't decide if I want the cheesecake or to find a quiet place in here to sit down and read your book!

By the way my waiter is Devon, love that name (he has a nice tush too ;P )I told my husband I was comming to another your parties, he informed me not to stare to hard..

Julie Anne Long

Melissa D., thanks so much for Release Day tidings!! Seriously hope you guys enjoy STS. Iced coffee sounds splendid..! pets are welcome here, btw, as allergies have no effect on any of us in the Pleasure Dome, and even dogs and cats get along splendidly. LOL.

Eva, thank you so much for coming to help celebrate today -- please do take a look around and make sure your waiter is fetching you everything you want to taste! :) Hope you enjoy STS as much as my other books!!

Denise, lovely to have you, and thanks for sharing my special occasion! Please do kick off your shoes to wiggle your toes into our sinful carpet, unless you're showing off a spectacular pair of high heels, in which case, we are suitably awed!! LOL.

Oooh, good guess, Wendy, but no such luck!! LOL. Maybe if you call your nearest Borders or Barnes and Noble they'll bring you a copy!! hee!!

Maureen, you're a sweetheart to share Release Day with me! is your waiter seeing to your every need? have you met Gerard Butler yet? Word has it he's dying to meet you. ;) And Andy IS one clever guy, I'll hand that to him. LOL. I think you guys would enjoy his books, too!

Martha, thank you so much for coming, i have pantsuit envy -- your pantsuit is STUNNING, I must say. And I don't blame you for dodging underwear questions -- did Babs Wilters rear her head at this party?? We'll have to have her bounced out! That woman and her questions about UNDERWEAR!! the nerve! LOL. But how else would we know Andy wears briefs?? TMI, for sure. LOL.

Lynn, thank you so much for coming! And kudos to you for wearing clothes that'll help you run as fast as you can to the bookstore!! LOL. And please do fill up a tupperware container with truffles -- you'll need to keep up your energy when you're standing in the bookstore line. LOL. When you return, your waiter will be waiting for you with something truly frosty and scrumptious, I assure you.

cheryl c.

Wow, great party...and such lovely people in attendance. I feel a little underdressed in my jeans and t-shirt, but what the heck! It is very hot here in GA, so may I please have a frozen margarita? :-)

cheryl c.

LOL! I was so busy ordering a drink that I forgot to wish you a happy release day!!! I am sure that this newest book will be a big success like the others.


Hi Julie,
Happy release day!
Great party! It isn't actually raining right now, and the sun came out a few times for a couple minutes. The temp is about 16C (60F I think). I'm going to pretend it's summer and wear a shorts outfit and sandals. Oh there's my waiter Ethan and he's brought me fruit slices and Iced tea!


Never TMI on the men's underwear -- Andy is yummy enough to pull it off if I do say so myself.

Maya - Congrats!! That sounds like a lot of great times coming!

Louisiana is currently drowning in the northern part, so I'm happy to be here where it's always perfect. I think I might hit the dance floor next. Is that Pop music I hear? Maybe Sasha will indulge me in a bit of a samba.

cheryl c.

Julie, I wanted to tell you that your book covers are just gorgeous! I love the JEWEL tones. What woman wouldn't be attracted to anything resembling jewels? ;-)

Jillian Sandy

Hey Julie!
Great party!
The weather here in Ohio is lovely...a perfect summer day.
I am dressed for the weather...capris and a t-shirt. But, as it's a special occasion, I may change into something more suitable...a little black cocktail dress and a diamond necklace. I'm thinking Breakfast at Tiffany's.
And a white Russian would really help start my day off right.
Hope the party keeps going strong and have a wonderful release day, Julie!

Pat L.

Looks like it is hopping. Just popping by to say hi on my lunch hour.

Hi Miss Toni Blake - love your work.

Julie Anne Long

Ruth -- thanks so much for coming, and thanks for the congratulations!! Cross your fingers that the whole world wants a copy of STS! Hee. I hope the waiters are looking after you -- yes?? They're very attentive, those boys.

Cherie, delighted you could make it!! Your dress is beautiful -- that color is AWESOME on you, I must say. :) If you really feel like letting off some steam, that disco is ROARING right now, and I think...yep, off in the distance I hear Duran Duran tuning up. LOL. F

Peggy, you're a sweetheart, and thanks so much for coming!! I think a few retailers have sneaked the book out onto shelves early - rumor has it! :) If you can't find it tonight, feel free to ask the booksellers -- sometimes they get so busy they aren't able to unpack everything by release date. Borders in Union Square, SF should have their copies!! :) I always find my books there! LOL.

Vickie, your first blog Party -- I'm honored it could be mine!! Thanks for coming!! And sparkly and slinky is a perfect Release Day outfit! LOL. Drew is one of my favorite "staff" members -- he really is a sweetheart. Is he murmuring enough compliments to you, I hope?? :)

Toni Blake

Hi Miss Pat! Is that you, Pat Lie, or some other Pat L? Either way, thank you and bless you for the nice words about my work : )

Speaking of which, I really need to get back to it - the last thing I need is a distraction - but I seem to keep gravitating back here, and I'm seriously thinking of fighting Mary B. for the cheesecake.

That Julie, she always knows how to throw a party! And this time she's even brought a real live man (as opposed to those on book covers) for us all to ogle ; )

Julie Anne Long

PJ, thanks so much for coming by to help celebrate, and aren't you a pumpkin to pick up STS first thing!! if you finish reading it by dinnertime you can pop in and tell us how you liked it!! LOL. AND...you can win a book just by telling us the second-to-the-last word in the book!

Thanks so much for coming, and isn't it amazing, Phyllis? i've never had so much fun before noon in my life! LOL. you guys are AWESOME. Please do have a look at the taco -- and tapas -- bar when you get a chance. ;) We have an EXCELLENT multinational buffet going on. LOL.

And a for the cool drink, you might try pat Cochran's Arnold Palmer - yum!! I just told the staff to whip up a batch, Pat, and I'm going to have one stat! you look lovely this morning, too, I must say, and I'm so happy you could help celebrate STS's release! Hope everyone really enjoys it!

Susan P.

Great prize package, Julie! The earrings are gorgeous as well. Today it's sunny and hot in South Florida but it will be raining later this afternoon as it does every day in the summer.

You always have great cover art. Congrats on the book release.

Melissa D

I keep popping back in to see how the party is progressing. Wow, you girls know how to have fun!

I've never had an Arnold Palmer before, and I feel inspired to try one!


Happy Release Day, Julie! I not only picked up a copy of Since the Surrender this morning; I also persuaded another woman that she was cheating herself if she failed to buy a copy.

Since the only way I'll ever wear heels again is by attending a cyber party, I'm all dressed up in Marchesa Coutour black silk sheath with a scooped neckline and
Christian Louboutin peep-toe slingbacks with 4.7” heels. I'll skip the drinks, but may I have Jonathan please. I read the description and fell in love. :)

Melissa D

Sorry, I posted by accident before I was done typing!

Julie, I just wanted to tell you you're my favorite romance author of all time. I feel honored to be a little part of your special day. Congrats!

Susan P.

I'm wearing a ball gown in periwinkle with sparkling gems scattered over the skirt and Kevin is my Sexy Cyber-Waiter.

Heather Greer

Glad to see everyone here and to find out I'm not the only one attending in my night clothes, lol!

Virginia Campbell

Thank you for creating this fabulous blog giveaway!!! Girl, you are having way too much fun making a living! Of course, I am wearing the perfect little black dress, yards of tasteful pearls with a few delicious diamonds artfully scattered about. I am sipping champagne and nibbling on sinfully sweet & savory goodies. Congratulations on your success!

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