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July 28, 2009



What a wonderful release party! Congratulations! This place is hopping. Where I am it is hot and sunny. Ideal. I am enjoying this delightful celebration.

Andy Gross

Hey Toni. Bet when you took that photo you didn't know I'd be hanging around so much!

Julia London

Did someone say booze?

Congrats, JAL! LOVE that cover.

Cherie J

Wonderful party! Thanks for the invite Julie. It's always fun to escape from my 2 year old and 6 year old for a little while to have some fun. I am wearing a long sea foam colored dress and enjoying a lovely sunny day here in Florida. Glad I could get away and enjoy some yummy food, great company and those wonderful foot massages. :-) Happy Release Day!



I'm truly excited about getting my copy of the book today (I tried to get it at B&N at San Francisco Centre last night, thinking they'd display a night early. No such luck). I'm looking forward to learning more about the Everseas and am tickled about seeing Colin and Madeline again (PoP is one of my all-time favorite books).

Tessa Dare

Julie, many congratulations on the release of SINCE THE SURRENDER!! I love all your books, and I cannot wait to read it.

Julie Anne Long

Ah, my dear author friend Toni Blake is here! Thanks for mingling with the chicklettes before I arrived, Toni -- it's a blast to have readers in every imaginable time zone! Let me just say -- I can vouch for how spectacular Toni's dress -- she was showered with compliments all night! I assume you're helping yourself to the cocktails??

Lisa G. -- thanks for coming to the party -- so happy could share release day with all of us!

AManda -- your dress sounds STUNNING!! any excuse for sequins -- and as the morning goes on, I might just change into sequins! And rest assured your waiter will eagerly see to your every need the moment you return from work, because then you might need, say, hot stone massage or a very tall cocktail (or three). ;)

LOL, Sara -so pleased you could come and share Release Day with me!! Isn't it astonishing how we all magically look wonderful first thing in the morning?? But that's the cocktail party Pleasure Dome for you. ;) And those Since the Surrender cocktails!! Did you choose a waiter?? have you tried the little hot dog thingies? Or maybe you'd like to check out the disco -- someone just requested "Wanna Be Startin' Something" and a slew of ladies just hit the dance floor!!

Hi Crystal -- isn't the cover of STS splendid?? I'm so thrilled with it, and I hope it sings a siren song to everyone who walks by it in a bookstore!! LOL. Thanks for sharing release day with me. You look *dazzling.*

Wendy -- thank you for coming to the release party today!! So happy you could join all the girls for the festivities. Shorts, pajamas, -- you can wear anything you want to this party!! Since I'm the hostess, I think I'll be changing into something sequined (from the red satin) ina moment...

Welcome to the party, Veronica! So glad you could make it!! And thanks for the Release tidings! LOL. Cross your fingers everyone loves STS! Where's my waiter -- ? Seth, Darling, could you bring around those little smoked salmon thingies, followed by tiny cupcakes? Might sound odd, but it's what I'm in the mood for...

Caroline Linden

Where are the cucumber sandwiches??? Or the petit fours? Hmm.

Happy release day, Julie--sounds like you already started celebrating in Washington DC! And nice to meet you, too, Andy. A man who knows what to do with a body, my kind of guy...

Off to tackle a passing waiter; bloody good party, JAL!

Julie Anne Long

Oh, my goodness, I'm laughing -- this is going to be a shindig and a half!! We have a few other author friends in the house -- Julia London, who can always be relied upon to find the booze, as anyone with a "julie"-esque name knows how to have a god time -- that's my girl!! you have to try the Since the Surrender cocktail, Julia!! -- and Tessa Dare, who has a release today, too -- her first! congrats, and hurray, Tessa!! I'm giving away books by Tessa, Toni -- and I think i saw Debra Mullins here, too? Must find her in the crowd -- another wonderful historical girl! Andy, are you drinking enough?? LOL. Must look after my special guest...

Sara H., so pleased you could pop in! The Mimosas rock -- excellent choice! And that should make your work day go faster! LOL. Come back any time you're able! We'll be happy to see you!

Stacy, thanks so much for coming -- you look fabulous this morning, darling! Hope everyone DOES actually love STS -- I always cross my fingers waiting to hear what readers think! I have a lingering crush on Chase Eversea, I'll tell you that much. LOL. Helps to fall a little in love with your heroes each time.

June -- you're a sweetheart!! LOL. Thanks for the Release Tidings and for sharing the party with me!! And what a fine, fine example you're setting for all the girls here -- dashing out to buy the book! LOL. Let's see if we can get a stampede going...hee! you'll need a nice, tall cold drink when you return, of course, and your waiter will be waiting for you...

Vickie Couturier

Muy first cyber party also,I like dressing up with a long slinky dress with lots of sparkles,an my waiter Drew is helping me along nicely,the weather is Hot,Hot,HOT!


Popping in quickly to say congrats on the release, Julie! I picked up my copy this morning and can't wait to dive in. I'm on the way back out but will stop in again later this afternoon. Rock on!

Maya M.

hmm. did my earlier post get eaten? or was the content considered so racy (referring to the time traveller's secret baby as it did) that the party censors wielded their powers?

Andy Gross

Hey Ashli. Glad u like the books. Which ones / /

Julie Anne Long

OK,just spotted another author -- Caroline Linden! We're giving away her book, too, and it's a great one!!

I'm laughing, Jamie, because I love that philosophy -- "you can't be unhappy when you're wearing yellow pants." LOL! priceless! you're a doll to share release day with me -- and I'm so pleased you loved LNOL, and I hope you love STS, too! Can't wait to hear what you think! Brave girl, with the new Day Care center -- I have it on good authority that Mai Tai's are good for nearly every trauma. Just ask your handsome waiter to step lively...after you bask in the warm glow of his admiration. Hee!

Linda H., thanks so much for coming to the parpty, and let me assure you, you look just as dazzling in your sweats as the rest of us do in our cocktail gowns. LOL. the Pleasure Dome has that kind of effect on all of us!! You guys are really just so kind to share release day with me -- I've never had so much fun before 9 a.m. in the morning in my life!! LOL.


Wow! This place is very busy already. Good morning - afternoon - whatever applies to everyone. I'm wearing a cool summer dress. It's very hot and humid already today which is why I am inside. What fantastic giveaways. I am working today. But will be back periodically to check on all the fun.


I'm drinking Timothy's Kona Blend coffee in my cool kitchen, on this steamy 90 degree New England day. I'm also enjoying a day off from the perils of real estate!! Congrats Julie!! Have a great party!

Kim C

Hey Andy and Julie! That Babs Wilters sure is scary. Hope she finally got the message and left you alone. ;)

Well, I'm wearing the tres gorgeous outfit that I wore to the Avon party. Its a leopard print top with gorgeous copper necklace. Although I'm wearing stilettos today since they don't hurt. *G*

Andy-I seriously LOVE The Jester. OMG, one of my all time favorite books EVER. Some of those scenes were horrific and the detail was just amazing. I still remember the boiling oil. Did you do a ton of research for those scenes?

Jules, my dearest-Congrats to you on STS!!!! I just got my copy and can't wait to dig in. woohoo!

Julie Anne Long

hi Deb -- thanks for coming by!! And a happy birthday again to your son!! :)

Roberta -- thanks so much for joining us today, and thanks for the congrats!! What more can a girl ask from life than drinks, snacks, and a cute man?? Sequins, perhaps. LOL. Please have the waiter bring you something cold and delicious!

Eva -- so thrilled you could make it, and so pleased we could brighten your weather up a bit with a party!! Fortunately, here in the party Pleasure Dome, the weather is temperate and exquisite. ;) AND it smells like the first day of Spring -- and that's not just Andy's cologne! Hee!

Kim, welcome to the party, and thanks for the congrats!! Hope you love STS -- you'll have to let me know what you think! And you HAVE to try those truffles my handsome staff just wheeled out....!

Holy Cow, Rita, your dress is *spectacular.*
You look wonderful in it, too. another girl in red -- we romance-loving girls do gravitate toward red! thanks for coming to the party!

Ashli, funny girl, thanks for coming! And Amaretto Sours are my go-to drink, that's for sure -- they're fabulous here, I assure you. You have excellent taste! And Seth is only too happy to keep them coming, as his greatest pleasure in life is seeing to OURS. ;)

Huh. I'm feeling the urge to give away a prize coming on!!....

Babs Wilters

Oh well gee willikers! I was doing my daily google search of my name and looky what popped up. Are you two trying to scoop my article? You know the one, from our nice little visit? It will be in the next issue of Stars Caught Unaware.

I heard there was an open bar at this shindig. Somebody point the way!


I posted and saw it, but now I don't. Not sure what is going on but I'll wait a bit and check back.

Toni Blake


Hey Andy!

What I didn't know was that Julie would create such an elaborate story behind it ; ) (Oops, girls, sorry to give away that, in fact, *I* took the picture of Julie and Andy together. Forgive me, Julie, for spilling the beans on that ; ) And this does NOT mean they are not each totally papparazzi-worthy. And am I spelling papparazzi right? )

Pat Cochran

Hello, Julie and all,

Thanks for the lovely invitation to the Big
Bash! It always is a GRAND occasion when you host these gatherings for us. Since I am so working on a publicity project for
my church today, I'll have to stay with non-alcoholic beverages! I think I'll have an "Arnold Palmer" (I think that's what it is called)which is 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 tea
on lots of ice. I'm wearing my favorite
and most comfortable pant set (no sweats)
but I've "dressed up" the outfit by adding
my diamond earrings and bracelet! Later,
once I've completed my project, I'll just change to something more upscale! Enjoy the day, I look forward to reading Since The
Surrender. "Happy Release Day!"

Pat Cochran

Toni Blake

Yes, Julie, I hope you're happy - you've lured me from very important work to come mingle : ) And thanks about the dress : ) Huge congrats on your release and on a rockin' party. Clearly, this is the hottest place to be in all of blogdom today.

I'm going easy on the cocktails so far - lest I end up dancing on the bar or swinging from a chandelier. Gotta save that for, well, at least sometime past 1 PM (a girl's gotta have standards, you know ; ) )

Andy Gross

Hey Martha and Kim,

Martha,BZ was the most Patterson of my books. Loved doing the first 3 women's murder clubs but happy to give it up. You have to check out my new things. And let me know.

Kim-- Jester as my altime fav with JPO. Yes, re: burning oil, I did do alot of reaserch on that. Tried it out on my wife several times until we got the scene right!

Julie Anne Long

Girls, check out the top of the blog post -- we have our first prize pack winner, and it's MAYA!! Yay, Maya!!! She wins SIX books!

One down, three to go! Hee!!

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