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July 28, 2009


Debra Mullins

Happy release day, Julie! I'm wearing my writing T-shirt and shorts, but I will momentarily be getting dressed for the Day Job. Sorry I can't hang around too much today. Have a mai tai for me!

Roberta Harwell

Hello Julie,

Just wanted to say CONGRATS on your new release. What a blog. You have everything today, drinks, snacks, and a very cute man. Way to go! Thanks for it all. Have a great day.

Eva S

Congrats on the release!! It's rainy and rather cold here (where's the summer?) and it's a great day for a party!


Congratulations on the new release. I hope to read it soon.

Rita Sheppard

I'll be waring a blazing red silk low-cut dress that skims my knees with points of silk emblazoned in gold sequins topped off with red high heels, of course. I'll be drinking frozen pina coladas while I'm chatting with the waiters and guests.

Andy Gross

Hey, Andy here, if anyone wants to say hi.


Since I'm actually inside at work on a hot and rainy day, I'm stealing Seth for the hot tub in a neon bikini! WOOHOO! I haven't been to the bookstore yet, but it's on my list of things to do before I head to my mother's this weekend. Some steamy-ness for the steam outside!
--Seth, cupcake, get me a pink frosted cupcake and a amaretto sour, would you? I need something sweet to start today.

Joan OToole

Happy Release Day. I'm celebrating with you and waiting for my waiter Harry to bring me my champagne. I am wearing my diamond tiara in your honor but since I can no longer wear my 5" heels I will be wearing sneakers.


Good morning Andy! I'm not much of a thriller reader, but after some of your answers, I might be convinced to pick up a new genre. A writer should always be well rounded. . .and not in the middle! :)

Maya M.

"The Time Traveler's Concubine's Secret Baby"


I'm so disappointed that story isn't one of the prizes today! Talk about premise with a hook.

The earrings are beautiful but I've been allergic to earrings since my second pregnancy (yes, ladies, stretchmarks are only the beginning of permanent changes that children bring with them).

But that's OK because the big draw for me will always be the books. What a lot of author friends have come to your party! Always a good sign, when authors think another author's work is worthy of excitement and praise.

Susan K

It's 10:38 am where I am but guessing it will say I posted around 6:40 which is a tad too early for me to be all dressed up.
My cyber-waiter is Marsalis and he's done a fantastic job so far. Since I don't drink alcohol he's gotten a crateful of tropical fruit and a blender and continuously swaps out my glass for a new concoction. Nice!
It feels tropical where I am today, for the first time this summer. How about you?

Penney Wilfort

Congratulation on your Release Julie, can't wait to read this.
I'm wearing old pair of jeans and a tee shirt and bare footed. I'm a country girl at heart! I better say Old country girl!

Julie Anne Long

Good morning, darlings!!! Good heavens, it's nearly 8 a.m. on the West Coast -- and the place is already ROCKING!! LOL!!! I have the world's best readers -- they REALLY know how to celebrate!! Thank you so much for coming, and may I just say you all look GORGEOUS. Please, do choose your Cyber Waiter http://www.julieannelong.com/internal/JALparty_cyberwaiter.htm - Mine is Seth, and he just handed me my SECOND Since the Surrender cocktail -- and keep him hopping seeing to your every need!! Thanks so much for being here!!! I'm going to mingle now...LOL...starting at the beginning!!

Emanuelle, that dress is dazzling!! Very daring shoes, darling. And didn't you come all the way from France to be at the party?? We're honored!! Do have one of those Since the Surrender cocktails, and have you noticed pyramid of truffles over near that waiter who looks an awfully lot like Gerard Butler?? Wait!! It IS Gerard Butler -- here specifically to wait on us today!! Isn't the sweet of him??

As for MY outfit: I'm starting the day in wearing a floor length, one-shouldered red satin number with heels which in any other circumstances might send me toppling onto my face, but here in the Pleasure dome I move like a gazelle! Hee!!

Cyclops, your gown is GORGEOUS -- thanks for coming!! And I'm sure if you spill anything at all of our delicious waiters would be happy to whisk you out of it and have it dry cleaned for you...;) In the Pleasure Dome,that takes no time at all!! Or visit the mezzanine level -- there's a boutique full of exquisite designer gowns there -- ALL FREE. If you feel like a change of clothes, that is. And tell us if you decide to!! LOL.

Melissa D

Wishing you the happiest Release Day, Julie! I'm on the east coast, where it's sunny and HOT, enjoying a big iced coffee. For your fab party, I'm wearing a cotton skirt, tank top, and my favorite Havaianas flip flops, and my big Golden Retriever is sleeping at my feet. I have a day off work and life is good!


Congratulations on the new release and thanks for all the great reads!

Julie Anne Long

Susan, so delighted you could join us all the way from Nova Scotia!! if you need to be warmed up, just take a break from work and come on into the Pleasure Dome for a cocktail, a twirl on the dance floor (the DJ takes requests, and I'm going to request Play that Funky Music, White Boy, in just a minute, I think). Your waiter will be ready fulfill all your desires! you're in on the prizes just by showing up!! :)

michelle, you minx! I was wondering where all the hot dog thingies went! No worries -- it's the magically, endlessly replenishing buffet, and if you spill, well I think I mentioned the designer gowns on the mezzanine!! LOL. Thank you so much for coming, by the way, and helping to celebrate the release! And feel free to ask any questions about Since the Surrender, or anthing else!!

I think Andy's in the house -- standing behind a potted plant, in awe of how gorgeous my readers are. Hee! Say hello to him, ladies!

Bev, you're such a sweetheart -- thanks for coming, and I'm so delighted you love my work!! Can't wait to hear what you think of Since the Surrender. Can the waiter bring you anything specific this morning? Do you have any requests for the buffet? Please don't be shy about making demands upon the waiters! Hee!

Denise DiFalco

Congratulations and thank you so much for the invite. Everything looks perfect! What a great way to spend the day!


I'll guess "my".


Congratulations on the new book Julie! Your party looks like great fun and the prizes are fabulous. I was not lucky enough to get an advanced copy of your book so I don't know the next to last word but maybe it's the as in the end. I loved your interview, very clever and thanks for introducing a new author to me, he was almost as clever as you.

Julie Anne Long

Val, here in the Pleasure Dome we ALL look fabulous -- even just after we all roll out of bed. LOL. And if you've ever seen ME in the morning, you'll know this is one magical feat!! So delighted you're joining us -- can't wait to see which dazzling gown you choose!!

Danielle, thanks so much for helping me celebrate the release of SINCE THE SURRENDER!! There are an infinite number of exotic margaritas available -- just ask your waiter. (Seth, be a darling, and fetch me another of those STS cocktails? Thank you, sweet pea.)

Julie, Welcome to the party -- thrilled you could come!! I think you'll love Andy's work -- and just try not to picture him in briefs, now that you have his book!!! And you're a doll -- there's nothing I like hearing better than someone just couldn't put one of my books down! Hope Since the Surrender does that for you!! ;) Please do keep your waiter hopping seeing to your every need -- have you investigated the omelette bar? we have smoothies, and wheatgrass, and steaming decadent hot chocolate, and...well, you name it. What are you guys tasting right now, drink-wise??

Julie Anne Long

Pat, delighted to see you here! Thanks for helping me to celebrate my release! You look absolutely stunning -- I see that we've both chosen red gowns -- a great color when you need to wake up a bit! And *funny* you should mention the waiter who looks like Gerard Butler -- did you notice in my post earlier, where I pointed out that THE REAL GERARD BUTLER is here? Do begin asking him to do your bidding -- he told me he's happy to wait on all of us all day. But then you might be surprised by who decides to show up here today! ;) I'll point them out as the day goes on!


Happy Happy Release day Julie! Sounds like a great book! That was a fun interview. BTW, I am wearing a slinky, gold pant suit and my waiter Stephan is wonderful! I am not discussing my undergarments!!
I have to say that I miss Andy with the Women's Murder Club! I really liked The Blue Zone and have to get started on the new series - Ty sounds pretty cool!


Wow -- Everyone looks lovely this morning. . .I think it's time I get to get out the hot tub. . .I think I might have to go find a new waiter for a light snack.

Good morning Julie! Fabulous as always!

Andy Gross

Get on it, Julie Kerentz! less sex, but you may even like mine better!!!!!!!


I'm wearing jeans and a T-shirt because I'm on my way out to buy my copy of Since The Surrender. It seems like I have been waiting for this day forever! I would like a truffle or two before I go though. Thanks.

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