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July 28, 2009



My sexy waiter: MARSALIS has smooth mahogany brown skin, a smooth shaven head and deep, liquid chocolate brown eyes. His deep, rumbling voice is such a sensual aural experience in makes pupils dilate and breath quicken. And that's before you get a load of his football players physique and jazz pianist's hands. He's such a skilled and varied musician that he is in great demand as a studio musician. His favorite instrument to play, however, is a woman.


Julie Anne Long

Girls, look up top -- we have another winner!!! Hurrah, LAURA T!! Laura, send me an email with the subject line "Blog Party Winner!" along with your address, and we'll get those prizes out to you!! And Emmanuelle, you're cracking me up -- fear not, you can still win if it's, say, midnight in France and you absolutely have to leave the party and you still haven't won!! LOL. Just check the blog tomorrow to see if you won anything. : ) It's so much fun having readers in so many time zones! LOL.


I'm back....I see the party is still going strong! Congrats to Laura!! Yes, I've moved on from my morning coffee and pj's to ginger ale and capris! ha!


Happy Release Day. May you have many more. It is cool here so have my furs on. A cold drink and assortment of goodies from the buffet and I am happy.

Camy Tang

Congrats on your release! I just bought a copy of your latest book yesterday on pre-order! I'll pick it up today and I can't wait to start reading!


I know it's like a 24 hours party !!! It's my first time so I didn't know what to expect at all. I'd say it's a real success so far. There should be 300 comments by tomorrow don't you think ?? As for winning, we'll we'll see... what would be the fun if the odds were too good, right. Could just as well go to amazon, it's a 100% win there ;-)


Congrat on new release! I'm just about to go to sleep, so I'm sitting here in my red night shirt. I had a great day -I traded some stuff I had knitted for Barbie doll (I got tired of knitting gloves and socks and such for myself) for some stuff I can felt.


Happy, happy release day!!!! Are shorts and t-shirt OK?

Julie Anne Long

Hey karenH! so pleased you could help celebrate today -- and what a doll you are to download STS!! I'm of course waiting with bated breath to learn what you think of it. :) You'll either see or hear from some already-familiar characters, too -- so hope you have some fun with that! You'll have to shoot me a note to let me know what you think when you get a chance! And Stephen should be *anticipating* your every need -- I wonder if I need to have a word with him? LOL. Has he brought a drink to you yet??

Hello Di! it's delightful to have you here with us, and thanks for helping me to celebrate Release Day!! The strawberry dacquiri is an EXCELLENT choice of drink for this particular party ;)

Caffey -- you're a sweeties, and I'm delighted you could come today -- thanks so much for helping me to celebrate STS's release! :) You're looking splendid!! Are the waiters seeing to your every need? :) Don't be shy about making requests, now -- it only makes them HAPPY. LOL.

Ohyeah -- you have sharp eyes!! You may have spotted our bodyguards -- because we want to make sure to catch that odious BAbs Wilters if she's lurking here! We're going to have her tossed!! Everyone keep an eye out for her -- she'll be lurking behind plants and eavesdropping, looking for dirt for her gossip mag. ;)


Well, it's hot, hot HOT here on the east coast, so I am crashing the party in my shorts and camp shirt and barefoot to boot! I hope there's a drink here with my name on it carried by some cute waiter-hunk and I'll just help myself to the buffet. If I wind up with something stronger than iced tea, you might see me later doing a pole dance with that big ole ice sculpture! Later, everyone! ;-)

Karen Lewis

It is hotter than snot here in Orlando! It is very refreshing to come into the party. I have asked my hunky waiter Jonathan to bring me a mai tai. I am hot in my Tony Bowls Le Gala sexy chiffon little black dress and my Calvin Klein black satin 'Nadia' strappy sandals.


My comment seems to have disappeared in the cyberspace. Anyway, congrat on your new release! I'm sitting here in my red night shirt, as I'm about to go to sleep. And I had a great day! I traded some stuff I had made for Barbie doll for some stuff I can felt.

Karen Lewis

I just caught BABS stuffing her purse with appetizers. I guess rogue journalists don't make much money. Her shoes look so 80's!


Don't worry Minna, I can see your other comment, it hasn't disappeared. (no fear you can keep on posting ;-)

cheryl c.

Julie, how is your energy holding up? ;-) You are hosting one heck of a wild, lengthy, crowded worldwide party!!! I guess you can wait to sleep tomorrow!


I think my post disappeared! I hope you still have it on moderation or something. Cuz I loved pouring my heart out here about your books! Too I just got to read more here and so love laughing! This post was hilarious!

Its so good to meet you Andy! I have heard of you but haven't had the joy of reading yours. I've been mostly reading romance lately and how could I have missed your strong and sexy heroes and heroines! I'm so glad I got to meet you! Which book would you say has the most of that within your book? I'm fanning myself already over reading about THE BLUE ZONE.

I must get some water. After reading this all, I laughed so hard I can't get rid of the hiccups. LOL. Did Andy get some signed books from you Julie? I'd so love to read his review too :)

Julie Anne Long

Linda H -- you are absolutely a VISION in pink!! Quite stunning, a very inspiring outfit. Thanks for joining me and the rest of the girls in celebrating Release Day -- I sincerely hope you guys love STS -- and you'll have to let me know if you do! :)

EEl, thanks so much for coming -- delighted to see you! And make sure your waiter brings you something wonderful to drink -- I do recommend the Since the Surrender cocktail -- you can spot them by the mist swirling across the rim. LOL. And the little sparkles IN the mist. It's really one heckuva drink.

Camy, what a doll you are to come today to help celebrate my release -- thanks so much! And I'm delighted to know you reserved that copy, because i think they might run out fast! (Hee! A girl can dream! LOL. I'm trying to start a stampede to the bookstores, can you tell?) I would love to hear what you think after you've read it. Do help yourself to the snacks while you're here -- the taco bar is proving pretty popular, but I personally recommend the Tapas -- they are DIVINE. ;) But if there's anything you want that you dont' see, just tell your waiter!

Kimberly B.

Hi there, Julie! It's wonderfully mild and breezy here in Minneapolis, just the perfect weather for a nice walk down to the library. Of course, I'll have to change out of my party dress, which is a midnight blue silk gown with a beaded bodice. And because an elegant outfit deserves an elegant entree, I brought the baked brie en croute. Hey, virtual calories don''t count, right?
Anyway, I can't wait to read Since the Surrender. Thanks!


Sigh. I just didn't notice that >> thing. I really need sleep. Hopefully my brother's dog keeps quiet tonight...

Karen Lewis

Wow Julie, how appropriate that the citrine earrings you are giving away compliment the drop dead gorgeousdress that your heroine is wearing on the cover of SINCE THE SURRENDER.

Sharla Long

Hey Julie, Congrats on your release day! I am looking forward to picking this one up! I love your parties, unfortunately, I have to work so I am only having cranberry juice and I am on a diet so I am just ogling the waiters! Congrats again!

Pat Cochran

Julie and Andy,

Just dropped back in to congratulate you both on the superb gathering! Great foods and beverages (someone's "fine touch" made up the best batch of Arnold Palmers I've ever tasted) and all the wonderful party people! I've got to leave again, but I will be back! Andy, I've added your books to my to-be-purchased list.

Pat Cochran


Hello, everyone

Just joining the party (and I'm glad I did) - managed to escape work for a few minutes and head over to Wal-Mart where I bought my copy of STS. Guess what I'll be reading when I get home?

Wearing the little black number that goes from the office to the party with total flair. However, the highlight of the outfit are my amazingly high zebra heels.

Good luck with your new release, Julie. I'm already sure I'll love it. If I stay up till 3AM reading tonight, it's all your fault :0)

Julie Anne Long

Minna!! So delighted to see you here, all the way from Finland, right??! Very honored you can help me celebrate STS's release. And if you aren't already in slumberland, please do make sure your waiter brings you everything your heart desires -- even if it's just to use their abs as your pillow as you sleep tonight. LOL.

DAg88888888, thanks for the release tidings!! And hanks for joining us -- shorts will do JUST fine. In fact, I think most of the girls dancing to sets by your favorite 80's bands are wearing shorts and sweats! LOL. The better to Pogo, I suppose!! Please explore the place, and if you haven't chosen a waiter, by all means do so, and tell him what you need!! his wish is your command!

Perfect, herblady -- by all means have something much stronger than Ice Tea and let the wild behavior begin!! BTW, the waiters are happy to dance on tabletops with you. Just ask. ;) Thanks for joining me on Release Day -- this is one unforgettable party, boy!! LOL. Thanks to all of you!!

Karen Lewis, you are one styling diva today, let me tell you, and may I jus say that Jonathan goes PERFECTLY with your outfit?? hee!! Thanks for joining the celebration. And i think that WAS Babs Wilters!! GRRRR!!! next time you see her, stick out a foot and see if you can get her to trip over those 80's shoes. ;)


Minna - you knit?! Me too I just finished a baby kimono and the matching socks -- I bought some rainbow tye-dye yarn and I can't wait to try my hand at big people socks!

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