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July 28, 2009



oups sorry I have no idea what the second-to-last word of STS is as I wasn't lucky enough to get an advanced copy !!
It's my first cyber party though so I decided to really dress up today. Since it isn't an actual party, I'm wearing one of those super sexy strapless mini-dress (something I would never wear in real life sure) and wonderful heels (let's go with C Louboutin here). I haven't checked the buffet yet but I so hope to find some cupcakes there... don't know why but I'm in the mood for cupcakes today !!
Thanks you Julie for the gracious invitations, I'm sure I'm gonna have a great time here !!


Happy Release Day, Julie. It's rainy and humid here. I'm wearing a Grecian gown and hopefully I won't spill any champagne or food on it. Thanks for the cyber cocktail party. The food and drinks are superb as are the hunky waiters.

Susan Spidle

I am working today and will be wearing a Kinley's store green ugly smock. Will check back later today. Will this still be on after 6 Atlantic time. Good luck with your cyber party from a reader in foggy Nova Scotia. How do you get in on the prizes?


Happy Release Day Julie!!! The champagne is getting to me a little bit (I'm in my happy place), I have had 8 of the hot dog thingies (and I'm not stopping yet!) and I am lovin' the party! Thanks for the invite Julie! Anyway, because it is summer and it's really, REALLY hot here, I have decided to wear wifebeaters and short shorts and on my feet are these cute flip flops with faux diamonds on them. Hey, who says you cannot be comfortable at a cocktail party? And if I spill anything (and klutz that I am, I'm 99.9% will at some point), it's not problem. :) Life is great, but winning those really pretty earrings will really brighten up my morning (wink, wink).

bev fraser

congrat on new release,love your work!!!

shelley fraser

have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


stumbling out of bed - hair all messing (but in an oh so sexy way you know?) slowly walking to the coffee maker .... forgive me as I am not dressed for the party yet but wanted to stop by and say WHOOOHOOOO! IT'S RELEASE DAY! GO JULIE GO JULIE!


I'm being lazy today and wearing shorts and top -- sitting out in my yard sipping my Margaritas and reading.

Happy Release Day!!!

julie kertesz (julie70)

Great invitation! and I just did buy a book of him - also did not read it yet - ah, one of yours I would not have been able to stop reading -

foot massage, vertical sex - ah ah ah - great souvenirs from far away for now - and evoquing anyway lots of delights

thanks for the invitation - I am just now for a week still in Washington - I did not know about Romantic Conferences here - next year perhaps?

even at 75 one still desires and dreams

great blog!

Pat L.

What a wonderful bash. Will be wearing a strapless read gown with some sequins on the bodice. (I wore it to my daughter's wedding - glad to give it some more use - lol).

I am going to the movies with my friend and dinner tonite so the bash will probably be over when I get home; but will try to remember to check.

If there is a waiter that looks like George Clooney, or Gerard Butler, hook him up with me.

You have already made my a.m. good by having this party but you could make it better by extending the party til at least midnite e.s.t. so I could attend. LOL.

Have fun everyone.

Pat L.

Pat L.

I will guess the last to next word as "adore" or "love".

And everyday has been good since the birth of my precious granddaughter 8 mos ago. What a joy!


Wow there is already a small crowd here !! And it's only 4 AM lol (ok It's 1.20 pm here in France !).
Where is Julie ????

Lisa Garrett

THE is the word. I am in my jammies and so glad I read your email first thing. Congrats! I will check back later.

Amanda Dickerson

Happy Happy release day!! Right now I am attending this fun way to start a day event in my very sexy extra, extra large grey t-shirt! I have to go to work in about an hour but after work I am changing into my favorite black strapless dress, dripping with silver sequins and ordering the drink of the day with Lito!! Today it is actually raining and hot and humid! Well on to work but will come back and kick back my heels, let my hair down and have a ball!! Have a good one everyone and thanks so much for the best way I can think of to start off my day!

sara hurt

Happy release day. Wow what a wonderful party. Im glad to see that this is a pajama party right now, I was afraid I was giong to be under dressed. Please pass me a mimosa to get my day started.


Hi Julie. Happy release day! Since the Surrender sounds wonderful. Love the cover. I am going to wear a sequined purple tea length dress with wrap to the party.


Well, I work at home too, so I'm comfy in my shorts and a tank with barefeet and a ponytail. No makeup and a smile. This is a fun site!!


Happy Release Day, Julie. This looks like a fun party to be a part of!

sara hurt

have a great day everyone. I am off to work oh joy for me, i would so much rather be here with you all. Ive gotten a mite tipsy from my mimosa's so now i get to giggle at work. Will be back later.

Stacy ~

Happy release day! I cannot wait to get this book! It sounds wonderful.


Congrats on the release! Wonderful party. And, yes, I am running out to buy the book...look at me goooooo! LOL!


Happy Release Day! :) Can't wait to read STS - I just finishe LNOL four days ago and couldn't put it down.

I'm sitting here in yellow pajama pants (because you can't be unhappy if you're wearing yellow pants, it's a personal rule) and a Life is Good t-shirt, fully intending to write, starting any minute now, but I'm still recovering from the trauma of dropping my baby off at a new daycare center today. Now I'm thinking a mai tai might help.

Linda Henderson

WOW! Great party. Next time that cute waiter comes by I'm going to snag a drink. Can't wait to read your book. It's sunny today in beautiful Missouri. I have to admit I didn't dress up, I'm in sweats. Good luck with your new book. Thanks for the invite to your party.

Linda Henderson

Toni Blake

Wow, when people start SHOWING UP to a party at 4 AM - well, that's a pretty good party ; ) Just popping in to say hi - and Julie, no need to enter me to win a book, since mine is one of the ones you're giving away ; )

As for what I'm wearing, the same dress I wore to the Avon cocktail party with Julie, where I also met her esteemed guest today, Andy. It's a pretty good dress. Sadly, I don't think I got any pictures of it that show the whole dress, but if anyone is curious to see the top half, I believe my assistant put some pictures up at my MySpace page, at least one of which probably shows the dress. ; ) I'm also wearing the insanely painful but gorgeous shoes I wore to the same party - because this is a cyber-party, so I don't think they'll hurt the same way they did at the other party. ; )

Party on, Julie.

Toni Blake

Okay, wait, I get it now. It was 4 AM where Julie is - but not necessarily where the rest of us are. (Yes, I'm a little slow sometimes.) I was really thinking you 4 AMers were pretty nutty! ; ) But I see the blog THINKS I posted at 6:30, another hour when I seldom deign to be out of bed, when it's really actually 9:30 in my world. See, it's all coming together for me now ; )

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