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October 27, 2008


Emilia P

Big bucket of chocolate ice cream. It's been a really bad day. Perhaps the worst day ever, but I won't go into it.

It's makes me smile to be here at the end of it though! =0)

Kathy K

Yasmin, I was just re-reading through the recipies and oh my ~ your pork dish sounds heavenly!

And I need my Harry... Harry, be a love and please bring me another of the LNOL cocktails... and anything else lying around that looks look... like, say ~ Ethan?
*Oops.. did I actually say that out loud?*

Hmmm, maybe I better stay away from the luscious LNOLs... they're wicked dangerous! LOL

Kathy K

... and I can't speak clearly either. *sigh*

I did mean to say ~ anything that looks GOOD... ~ see what I mean?


Congratulations on your latest novel, Julie Anne. It sounds like another winner.

Julie Anne Long

OK, chick peas, I think it's time to give away the final prize!! Let's let the macro do the work....and the winner is...


Hurrah for Rachel-- she takes home the pearl, garnet, and 14k gold-filled earrings from the LIKE NO OTHER LOVER collection at Circe Designs!! Rachel, send me a note at julie@julieannelong.com so I can send it onto the designer, and she'll send them straight to you!!

Kathy K

Congratulations Rachel... what a way to end a celebration!


Congratulations to all the winners ty Julie for a fun & exciting party YaY! Congratulations to you.


Julie Anne Long

Lareign -- that might actually be good news -- it's not on shelves yet!! LOL. That's a first. It's supposed to officially be on shelves TODAY, so we shall see! Bless the booksellers of the world for working so hard to make sure we readers get our romance fixes when we need them. ;) I had to laugh re your kitty -- seriously, one of my cat singed off half of his whiskers in a heater pilot light incident. :) according to the vet, it's a common San Francisco occurence.

We've given away the prizes, my kittens, and I think in about 15 minutes our Pleasure Dome will begin to blur around the edges and retreat into the ether, along with all of our cyberwaiters...until the next book release that is! Hee!! I've had MORE fun than I begin to tell you, and I'm so delighted and honored that you guys shared the LIKE NO OTHER Book Shower with me. :) The recipes have been truly amazing, and thank you for being so generous about sharing them - we should compile them in one place so we can share keep them! I'll think of ways to do that, but they'll always be here. I want to make sure everyone has their commemorative crystal goblets with their engraved initials in hand -- yes? You might want to toss back one more LNOL cocktail for the evening. :) Hold your good-smelling, firm and accommodating waiter in a long, appreciative hug, and promise him you'll see him again. Hee! And bring your hangovers over to Michelle Buonfiglio's blog tomorrow -- we can talk about parties in general, and just hang out a bit more -- I'd love to see you, because my schedule is just so nutty these days and I miss chatting with you guys. :) Here's the link again:


Thanks again, kids, and linger here as loooong as you want. I'll hang out for a while longer. I can't wait to hear what you think of LIKE NO OTHER LOVER -- I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. I'll keep poking my head back into the party to see who's about.:) xo.....julie

Kathy K

Well Julie you done good ~ again!

And I'll do my very best to drop in to the blog tomorrow ~ but I am going to miss... how did you say it?

"good-smelling, firm and accommodating waiter"

Now that almost sounds better than all the marvelous food that we were surrounded with... hmmm ~ fewer calories in one of those lovely waiters! LOL

It's been another excellent time Julie ~ but my pillow is calling my name... and I'm only too ready to answer.

Congratulations once again on the release of LNOL ~ it's fantastic!!

Patricia Cochran

Julie, just for you I am tossing in one more slow cooker recipe. It's one I plan to use
this weekend for a gathering. It serves eight, so I'm going to double it so as to
have enough!

Slow Cooker BBQ Short Ribs

4 lb beef short ribs
1 large onion, chopped
1/4 C flour
1 C BBQ sauce
1/4 C honey
1 T yellow mustard

1. Place ribs in slow cooker & top with
2. Mix remaining ingredients & pour over
ribs, then cover.
3. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for
3-4 hours.
4. Remove ribs from cooker, keep covered
to retain warmth.
5. Skim excess fat from sauce. Return ribs
to sauce & stir gently to evenly coat.

Julie, thanks so much for the great party! You're still the hostess with the mostest!! Good night, Kevin!

Pat Cochran

Rachel Jessup

Sneaking back into the party room for a second, after I had to sneak out last night to take the kids to a Hallowe'en shindig at the zoo... First of all, that's awesome about the earrings-- thank-you!! :) :)

And a really belated note on the ginger biscuits: what goes wrong varies. One time, they burnt to a crisp within nine minutes, even though I had the oven set lower than the given temperature. Another time, they all ran together into a giant puddle of cookie goop, which then burnt on the bottom. I honestly don't recall each individual disaster, but I've tried them several times, and they've only come out a handful of those times. That's actually why I've tried so many other recipes, which have come out just fine; but none of them taste as good as these.

Maybe that particular recipe just has it out for me, lol. But they're soooooooo good when they do turn out, that I've passed the recipe around-- with a warning attached. ;)

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