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July 04, 2008



I hope you got to see your 4th of July fireworks, Julie! Who doesn't love them huh? Reason I watch the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics. :)) Unfortunately, I did not have a long weekend for Canada Day as it fell on a Tuesday this year and I had to work on the Monday. And believe me, no one felt like working in the office on that Monday, we were all wandering around half dazed. Did alot of socializing that day since the boss was off! *g*

Julie Anne Long

Hey CHarlene! Sadly, the 4th was a bust in San Francisco -- the fog came swooping in by late afternoon -- big, thick wet blankets of it -- and the fireworks were pretty helpless against it. LOL. They registered as like these big pale pink green, blue smudges against the sky. But that's always a possibility in San Francisco. I think it's kind of an adorably quixotic thing we all do -- go see the fireworks every year!! LOL. When we can only *actually*see them about half the time. So I watched fireworks on TV. LOL. Apparently you could see fireworks in San Jose, where it was clear.

Ah, I remember those "when the cat's away" days at work. LOL. Those were great!! Wandering from cubicle to cubicle and visiting. :) Sorry you missed out on the long weekend, though. I spent the morning of the 4th shopping with a friend in the Haight and bought a blue dress. One step toward looking decent at the upcoming conference!! LOL. I have more to go. :)

Kathy K

Julie... I did post a comment, but it gotten eaten up and I was battling the end of a migraine so I kinda gave up.

Sorry that your fireworks display was fogged out... we never did make it to the July 1st ones ~ said migraine from above took over a week from me ~ drat it!
For the most part, since then, the weather's been nice and cool... rainy somewhat, but Cool! The weekend before our holiday was blamed HOT and I think that might have had something to do with the headache ~ it was NOT nice... up to 30C (86F)... and they're predicting the same for this weekend... UGH!
Ah well, not as bad as what my daughter's living with in Cairo... at this time of the year she says that temps are up to 45C (113F) regularly ~ and add to that humidity: Lisa says she spends most of the day in her AC apratment.... Uh, yeah.

Julie Anne Long

Hey Kathy! so sorry to hear about the migraine -- man, those can really flatten a person. And so sorry to hear to hear your comment got eaten up -- it drives me NUTTY when that happens. LOL. 86 is HOT for you guys, isn't it? We've had wacky weather for some time -- the other day it was actually *humid* and kind of hazy and sunny. I should say humid is puzzling to us. LOL. Not that it isn't DAMP much of the time, what with the fog. But humid is a whole different feeling. California is generally a dry heat, when it's hot. And the air quality still sucks thanks to the fires, though winds are finally picking up and blowing some of it away. The past few days it's been REALLY foggy here and sunny downtown. Gah.

How do they handle the heat in cairo? Do they just go out and do errands at night or in the early morning? how does Lisa like it there? I forgot she was there -- so interesting!

i've been scrambling to get stuff together for the conference!! I need shoes!! LOL. Dang!! Lots of stuff to prepare. :) I can't believe this week is already almost over -- it blew by!!

Kathy K

Hey Julie...

LOL ~ for ME it's 86 is hot ~ I like it at oh, about 65 and maybe up to 70... I'm NOT a hot-weather person at all. I'm not in the majority anyways... this weekend the temps are supposed to reach up to 30C and it's also the first weekend for the 10-day Capital EX fair. We don't ususally have much humidity ~ quite dry heat here... thank Heavens! But I do so love our thunderstorms... as long as it's just lightning, thunder and rain... the tornados and hail we can do without. *grin*

Lisa says that she goes to be around 2 am and doesn't get up 'til around noon or later and nope, if it's that hot she's not outside. A LOT of everything gets done in the evenings there... but what else could they do? And she's absolutely Loving it. She and her friend are teaching English to school kids ~ anywhere from 8 or 9 to about 15 or 16. Lisa and Heather are hoping to head to India this fall, but she's been travelling around Cairo and Egypt a lot ~ mostly with her boyfriend, Mohammed. I'm so happy for her that she' having this experience ~ it'll be something that she'll NEVER forget and she has a major appreciation for what we have here in Canada, well North America. She's also become so much more open about expressing her love for us... absence DOES make the heart grow fonder! LOL

I sure hope that you've managed to get everything that you need before the conference. It's always those last one or two picky little details that can really trip you up... are you staying at the hotel where the conference is taking place? That'd be so great!

Well today's the last day of our two weeks of holidays... not that we really did anything. My husband and youngest daughter went to his hometown to help his mom out with some stuff around the house and I stayed here and acted as chauffeur for our other still-at-home daughter as she's working at a couple of places this summer. But with no babysitting for two weeks and lots of time to do nothing and read, well, I feel very much refreshed and looking forward to having the kidlets back.

Anyway, I've got some straightening / tidying up to do... holidays are over... back to the grind.

Have a great week!

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