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April 10, 2008


Kathy K

LOL... I figured, by the 'front page' image that Domenic played a part... glad to see my inference skills still work.
And I found the one item that you somehow didn't discuss actually spoke the loudest... LOL Although, just *imagining* deadlines makes me feel the need for some liquid refreshment!

Great sense of humour Julie... and a nice little break to the day's grind. ^.~

Julie Anne Long

I know -- it cracked me up that Lauren made Dommie the first thing we see!! LOL. Poor cat had no choice about being in the movie. :) The JD is probably more metaphorical than anything else -- I practically never drink. Well, drink *liquor.* I drink tea until the cows come home. But I couldn't resist the joke. And if you notice, you can hear the train going by. LOL. Clearly this was a big budget project!! Luckily we didn't get any sirens, which could easily have happened any number of times. Deadlines are invigorating. No, really they are. Honestly. :)

Kim C

LOL! That was hilarious. That has to be the biggest fluffiest cat I've ever seen. How did you get him in the box without losing an eye or any other necessary limbs?


Julie, this was so funny! what kind of cat is that? is he really your cat? It was fun getting a glimpse into your life. are deadlines really like that? what's that they say about sufering for your art? i'm glad you found a clever way to survive because i love your books. Hugs,christy

Julie Anne Long

Hey Kim!!! Poor Dommie was plucked right from a perfect good nap and plunked into the box as a prop. LOL. But he's the mellowest kitty ever. And he is quite large and fluffy. He didn't *like* being put in the box it much, but he generally doesnt' complain or thrash much (though he BELLOWS when he wants to go outside for a walk) even when he's getting a bath or taking medicine. He probably figures I haven't hurt him yet (apart from occasionally accidentally stepping on a paw or a tail) so I probably won't start. :) Cats are very Taoist. LOL. He's very forgiving and of the moment.

And Christy! you're so sweet!! And tHats really my cat. LOL. He's a rare Ginger Bellowing Snuggler, size Large. Hee! He was abandoned at the vet as a kitten, which is how I acquired him. He's kind of like cotton candy with legs. He's as soft as a bunny!! Very affectionate. And yeah, deadlines are fun! :) LOL. Someday I'll blog about the stuff in the box that I *didn't* show you. :) But deadlines are actually critical to the creative process, I think. The way forest fires are critical to the growth of new plants in the woods. LOL. I kind of like the endurance test. Kind of useful to know how long you can go without sleep or grooming. LOL.


That was hilarious!! I loved the "friend in a box" trick - very high-brow. :P How's life, Julie? Sorry I haven't been hanging around lately, my life has been a bit of a frazzled mess lately and I just haven't had time to play on the internet!

Julie Anne Long

Mear!! Glad you're alive and well, and sorry life has been frazzled! :) It does get that way sometimes -- boy, can I can attest. LOL. Wishing you luck getting through the messy patch. Life is good here -- busy, as per usual. WHich is good. :) I'm sending a newsletter out on Monday announcing a big blog party (not at this blog -- a different one ) -- so you guys heard it first!! :) Hope you can stop by that one! And I know -- don't you love how high tech the video is?? All it's missing is a Pie-plate UFO. LOL. I cracked myself up making it. Hang in there, toots. Hope you get a breather soon!!

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