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April 20, 2008


Kathy K

Belatedly I want to say that


Julie, once again, you do know how to throw a party. And those psychic cyber waiters were fabulous!

Thanks for the great time. ^.^

Julie Anne Long

LOL, Kathy!! I had such a blast at that party I had to literally *recover* from it. LOL. Like draw the blinds and put a cool rag over my head. Just kidding! But I did feel like I threw an actual party. :) I'm very impressionable!! I think it's more like withdrawal from Cyber drinks and cyder chocolate all that heady cyber attention from the psychic waiters. :) Thanks so much for coming and playing! And for dancing on tables and kissing Paul McCartney. Hee! It *was* fun, wasn't it?? And I'm cooking up a new party for the next book. Boy, I have lots of fun ideas. WE'll see how much time I have and how hard they'll be to implement. :) I'm going to try to send out a little party follow-up bulletin this week. Hopefully. :) It's back to the real world, which for me is the Regency, as I'm writing and reading copy edits this week, so my real world is still a bit of a fantasy, eh?? LOL. HOw are you doing??

Kathy K

Yes, well we'll forget the dancing on the tables shall we... my dh says that he's the only one that I can dance for. But, funnily enough, kissing the Paul didn't blip on his radar... funny or what?

The real world being Regency... what fun! I have to read for that to happen... so.... I'm waiting! LOL

Well, I'm back up to my ears in kidlets and my allergies have been joined by a cold... the skies are gray, gray, gray... but at least it's rain this time NOT snow ~ thank heaven.
But it's Friday, so all's good... I have a weekend to recoup... and I didn't have any trouble at all recovering from the party! *grin*

Mary Bullock

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