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March 04, 2008



Hey Julie, I just finished reading your blog interview over at Romantic Inks. Loved your comment about marrying a rich, indulgent man before getting published! :)) Also, enjoyed the Facebook chat on Friday, the hour flew by so fast! I hope you stay just as sweet and funny as long as possible, or at least until you get as popular as Nora Roberts and then all bets are off right? ;)

Julie Anne Long

Hey Charlene! Oh, yes indeed, if ONLY I'd been able to write a letter to my publishing-virgin self back in around 2003 or so. LOL. That was a good question from Haven! And you're so cute -- by all accounts, Nora, even in the midst of her glorious popularity, is a delight. LOL. If i'm ever fortunate enough to reach NORvana (hee! To coin a phrase) I think I'd like a staff of handsome footmen to do my bidding, which I'm sure would go a long way toward preserving my good spirits. LOL.

Marcia H.

OMG, Julie! That song! I loved that song. So funny to see it here. Wow, that takes me back. Wish I could have seen you play it. :D

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Waiting until November is killing me! I wish good writing happened more quickly, but who am I kidding? It's work -- enjoyable work, but work!

Keep the Pennyroyal Green books coming -- I'm hooked!

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