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February 26, 2008


Eva M.

Congrats on the title, Julie! It's a good one. Adn that Leo Sayer video is hilarious! We've come a long way since then. Tho I used to love The Captain and Tenille.


congrats on the title! it's awesome! love it!!!! and thanks for the blog shoutout. your answers were great!!!!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Eva!! I know -- that Leo Sayer video slayed me, too. It's so sweet now, in retrospect. I do like that song. The swirly disco girls cracked me up. I was telling Kathy K. (another regular blogger here) that my friend Dana and I made up a dance to "Love Will Keep Us Together" when we were little. :) Glad you like the title!! Oy, what a process coming up with a title is!!

Hey Bethany -- thanks again for guesting me at your blog, and for the cool questions!! And glad you like the title!!! So far reaction has been TRES enthusiastic, and the title is a bit unusual, so I'm very pleased. Hope you guys like everything between the covers of the book, too. LOL. (The cover is really gorgeous, btw.)


Hey Julie, thanks for the info on the Avon Romance group chat on Facebook. Hoping to make it as it is a wee bit early by me at 6:00 p.m. If I hussle dinner when I get home from work, I can wrangle it. Love Facebook, I am a Scrabulous AKA Scrabble addict! :D I did not mention earlier but I loved POP!!! Took me awhile to finish as my pre-ordered copy did not arrive as planned for my day off and I have not had alot of reading time. *mournful sigh* Look forward to the POP chat!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Charlene!! I really do hope you can make it to the Facebook chat! It sounds like it's going to be a good time. It'll last about an hour or so, and I'm pretty sure latecomers are welcome. LOL. I'm pretty new to FAcebook -- my alternate world has been MySpace. LOL. But I hope to make friends over at Facebook, too. :) So glad you loved POP, too!! You're sweet to tell me so. :) Wonder what kinds of questions people will have?? Guess we'll see!!

Kathy K

Ha! I made my way here... and just wanted to say that I placed my pre-order for LNOL today ~ and on amazon.ca; the release date is also the same day as my now-22-year-old daughter's 23rd birthday... not a date that I'll be forgetting.
I'm also going to be around for the chat... it sounds like it'll be great!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Kathy!! Thanks for ordering LNOL!! Not the catchiest acroynym, but hey, I like the title. LOL. (Oh wait -- it's almost LOL! I just noticed that.) It's be interesting to hear if you get your book faster through Amazon.ca. And it was wonderful to see you at the the chat -- talk about a whirlwind event!! LOL. Thanks for coming! And thanks, Charlene, for coming, too! It was fun to see you there!! I wish there was more time to answer questions and just hang out and talk to people. I think I missed a few questions. Maybe I'll post a blog here so people can ask more POP or Pennyroyal Green questions or discuss the book, if people are interested.

Beautiful, sunny/hazy, windy as all get out day here today. Good day to work on revisiosn!! LOL. Which is what I'm about to do.


Congrats on the new title, Julie! Unfortunately I missed your chat, but enjoyed the video--heh! Happy March!

Julie Anne Long

Hey FL!! Nice to see you here. And happy March to you, too!! :) Do you feel like dancing?? Hee! And thanks for the title congrats. It's a relief to have that baby renamed!! Sorry you couldn't make it to the chat -- boy, that was one of the fastest hours of my life. LOL. But maybe you'll able to come to the chat for LNOL in October. We'll get word out well ahead of time.


Aargh! Between the time difference, I missed the chat. I had the Facebook event reminding me for days, but of course, I was no where near the computer at the appointed time. So sorry to have missed ya.

A huge congratulations on the title. Brilliant, simply brilliant!! I love it, too. :)


Hey Julie I finally found out how to work this page. I so like this new title! Also have it on my wish list to get. SInce I have all your other writings. I must say you are getting better & more interesting to read. I love them All!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Keira!! :) Sorry you couldn't make the chat! It was very fun -- talk about a mile-a-minute event! LOL. But we'll have another one in October, and hey, you can comment here any time you like. LOL. Glad you like the title, too! I'm growing more and more fond of it by the hour. :)

Sue! So glad you found the blog! Delighted you approve of LIKE NO OTHER LOVER, too. :) And I just posted the back cover blurb! Check it out: http://www.julieannelong.com/internal/books_whatsnext.htm. You're so sweet -- I hope you like LNOL as much as the others, too! I'm working on revisions this week. I really like the book. I'm also excited to get started on the next one, as usual. :)

It's an absolutely beautiful Spring-like day here today. It smells wonderful, it's warm, it's windy, the sky is a brilliant blue. Ahhhh.... do you guys have spring yet??

Kathy K

Oh that is a very tempting blurb! Of course you know that it's now going to seem to take that much longer for my pre-order to get here, right? Sometimes ignorance can be bliss! LOL

Julie Anne Long

Hee! Hope you DO like the book, Kathy! I always worry a little about blurbs -- it's hard to capture a whole book in a few words, and you always hope they're intriguing enough. But you kind of have to count on the fact that most people will thumb through a book for a bit before they buy, too.

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