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February 11, 2008


Kathy K

Hope that you're able to glean a title from all those suggestions. Some of the ideas were outstanding, and I truly envy all those creative people that seem to be able to come up with titles... sure not something that I'd want to have to do... I like to read the finished product!

I laughed watching the video ~ boy did that take me back a bit! Fun, a lot of fun, that's for sure.


This was a total back-to-the-future moment. "Doc! Buehler!"


ROFL!!! Thanks for that chuckle Julie! I love the 803s and that video was great, it incorporated all these bits from popular videos of 80's groups. Too funny! :))

Julie Anne Long

I'll definitely keep you guys posted on the title search. We did come up with some great ideas!! So far no bites from the editors on the ones we came up with, though. LOL. Can you imagine having to do this for...5, 6 books a month, all year like Avon does? LOL. It's a tough job.

I know -- that video is silly! It cracked me up. Loved watching Hugh Grant act silly, too. Ah, nostalgia. It got me wanting to check out A ha and Howard Jones videos. Whatever happened to HOward Jones??


Ahhh...ole HoJo, loved him! Was wondering the same thing just the other day. Julie, you are a girl after my own heart! ;) My boyfriend detests Hugh Grant and refuses to see any movie that he is in. So he won't watch one of my faves, "Love Actually" just because it has you-know-who. I even told him that he plays a nice guy for a change but to no avail! LOL

Julie Anne Long

Charlene -- that's so funny! I know a lot of guys who feel that way about Hugh Grant. :) I loved the movie Love Actually -- it's one of my favorites. So many wonderful vignettes on the various stages and types of love -- all so brilliantly acted. The one with Emma Thompson and Alak Rickman -- fabulous. Have you seen About a Boy?? Brilliant! At least Hugh Grant's a sympathetic screwup in that! And it has Toni Colette. She's great in everything.


Now I gotta watch Love Actually again this weekend, and it's all your fault Julie!!! *LOL* Anyone who hasn't seen this movie, it is an excellent chick flick, light, serious and touching moments combined. Plus with Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and Hugh...well what more could we women ask for! Haven't seen About A Boy but it is on my list of movies to watch as I do like Hugh Grant. Watching Leo this weekend in Blood Diamond and catching up on the backlog of DVDs! :) Hope you have a nice weekend Julie! *waves*

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