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February 14, 2008



Thanks!!! That was so nice. It was a bright spot in an otherwise stinky day. :)

Julie Anne Long

Sorry you had a stinky day, Bethany!! But the weekend is almost here, and so is spring. :) And you got to take a cheek to cheek photo with Joshua bell...((((envious sig))). LOL. A memory to savor!


Oh you are so right!!! The cheek to cheek action will be remembered forever! Haha.

I think I've told about oh, two million people about your post so far. I can't help it!!!

Good luck on the title! I have every faith that it'll be wonderful!

Kathy K

A belated Happy Valentine's day... I did stop by, but I didn't leave a message *smacks forehead*
One of those days, ya know! LOL

Hope the weather is cooperating... we finally, FINALLY have some sun today ~ it's been a long time. I know, we're spoiled here with the sun and blue sky.

Julie Anne Long

Hey Kathy! Glad you're getting some sun and blue sky!! Are you going nuts with all the little ones?? Here...well, i can see the fog sitting way out there on the water...it rolled back this morning to give us mostly blue skies, but I really don't want it to roll back in -- which it might just do this afternoon -- because i'm trying to air-dry a big freshly washed wool rug out on the balcony. LOL. I lead a very, very glamorous life. :) I'll have to keep a sharp eye on the weather. LOL.

Kathy K

Re: the little ones. Well, after a month and some having all three at least three days a week, usually I've got at least one around 4 or 5 days a week... anyway, we're finally adjusting. I'm not *as* wiped out at the end of the day and I'm *always* glad to see the weekend arrive. But it's fun, the kids are great, I really like their parents and I'm home but earning money doing something I love. Couldn't be better! LOL

And if you want to compare glamourous lives, well... I'm not sure it can be done, really. But it'd be fun to try! *grin*

Hope the fog stays out for the day... blue skies make such a difference!


Oooooh, I LOVE that "Ave Maria." I've been lucky to see him in concert once. Unbelievably talented (emotionally and technically).

Julie Anne Long

Kathy -- they're so cute, too, at that age, I bet!! Both energizing and exhausting. They say the most hilarious things. My nephew's birthday is in a few days -- he's getting so darn big!! He's going to be four. You'll be happy to know I got the rug in before the fog returned in earnest. LOL. It'll go back out on the balcony tomorrow to finish drying. Hope the birds don't deposit anything on it. :)

Lucky Keira!! I've missed Joshua Bell when he's guested with the SF Symphony, but I don't plan to miss him again!! I'm sure he'll be back. And that Ave Maria is so beautiful, but I love watching him play the wilder stuff, too. They have a pretty hot video of him doing Paganini on YouTube.


"a pretty hot video of him doing Paganini on YouTube"

Perhaps only I read that a "certain" way... :)

I found a video of Bell playing a soprano aria O Mio Babbino Caro. Absolutely swoon-worthy.

Julie Anne Long

ROFL!! Oh, man, Keira. I totally laughed out loud. Everyone's probably going..."wait...if there's a hot video of Joshua Bell doing Paganini, won't I need my credit card to see it??"

Here are the videos we're talking about, in case anyone wants to check 'em out:

JB does (ha!) Paganinin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HY5Nn0XRAw
It's a wonder that violin doesn't burst into flames.

Joshua Bell - O Mio Babbino Caro
It'll break your heart in the sweetest sort of way.

And here's a fun one -- the Washington Post did an experiment, and they planted Joshua Bell in a WAshington D.C. metro station during rush hour like any old busker, to see if anyone recognizes him:

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