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February 01, 2008


Kathy K

LOL Julie ~ Yikes! I'd cry if I dropped any book in the tub.

Yeah, I haven't been around much lately... I just started looking after three little 'uns the beginning of January ~ two families.
One family has a 2½ year-old boy and a 1 year old girl; the other is another 2½ year old boy.
Let me say that it has been many years since I've had three busy kids at one time. *whew* But things are settling and I'm adjusting... so, I'll be around a little more!

And sure, throw a few more words into the ring... I'm starting to smell smoke! ROFLOL


I've fallen behind in my brainstorming, but I just stop by to tell you, Julie, I received my copy of POP from BN.com. The cover is beautiful. Kudos to BN.com for delivering my brand new copy of POP in such pristine and perfect condition. I couldn't have picked a better looking copy off the shelf myself.

Kudos to you, Julie on your beautiful writing and masterful voice! I'm on page 40, can't wait to get back home to read more this evening.


A Reckless Passion

His Every Seduction

Beyond the Price of Passion?

Kathy K

Hmmm, I don't know that I'm going to have a LOT more to add, but I do have a couple of other titles:

Why Tempt With (a) Touch

The Gallant's Gamble

(Gambol, Gaze, Gamine, Gallant, Gallantry, Gaiety)

And I'm on call ~ so I'll try to be back a little later... nap-time anyone? *grin*

Kim C

HI Julie!

One of my favorite games!

Here's a couple:

The Pleasure of Provocation (sadly another P book)
The Seduction of Scandal
The Temptation of a Touch
The Tease of Temptation
Vexing the Vagabond (since the heroine is penniless)

What title does your hero hold? I know how Avon loves Duke in the title! LOL

The Desires of a Duke?

Suzy Reynolds

Daring to Desire,
Desire just to Dare,
Dealing with Dangerous Desires

Julie Anne Long

Typepad is doing something weird -- the last comment I can see is Michelle's, but there are 31 of 'em. LOL. I logged in and read the comments from the control panel. Kathy, you've got your hands full running around after/with little ones that age!! Boy, I bet you sleep well at night. LOL. Glad you're doing well!! And when you said "smoke," I started thinking, "Hmmm...smoke...Hot...smoking hot..." ROFL. Everything is eligible to be a title. Yay on getting a beautiful copy of POP, Isabel!! I hope you like the whole story! I really like the word Beyond...

What if i told you guys our hero is a Scientist/adventurer of sorts? Here's another few words: Game, Minx, Fallen, Falling, Intimate...

ANd Kim -- So fun to see you here! I had a blast with you guys at Romance NovelTV (I was the mystery author there this week!! It was a hoot! They provided an Eduardo for me. Everyone should have an Eduardo.) Those are some good titles, too!! P words are great. I worry about confusing everyone with another P title, but I might go that route again...No dukes in this one!! LOL. Just an Heir. Which is another word up for grabs. :)

Hey Suzy -- dare!! Great word!! So is "dealing," because the hero and heroine do make a little deal with each other!! WE might be able to make a good combo out of those. What about Duel?? Dual? Truly? Madly?

Thanks, girls!! You're helping!! More please (MORE PLEASE might make a good title. LOL.)

Time to go soak in the bathtub, where most of my useful brainstorms occur. :). I'll try not to drop a book in, Kathy.


Hi Julie!

I just came over from RNTV. Thanks so much for being a fabulous Mystery Author! You were inded very tricksy. ;)

As for a new title, how about:

The Threat of Temptation
The Hazards of Hunger
The Alarms of Attraction
The Severity of Seduction



I guess I should proofread before I hit "post"! LOL

That should say INDEED, not inded. :)

I'll also add:

The Alarm of Attraction (since the other had an "s" in Alarms)



Beyond A Tantalizing Touch

A Reckless Game of Passion

A Reckless Game

Beyond Breathless Passion

Beyond A Breathless Kiss

An Ambitious Attraction

(The) or (A) Game of Possession and Pride

A Game of Passion and Pride

Pam P

How about:
Risque Rendezvous
Rages of Rapture

Keira Soleore

Julie, "outing" myself from lurkdom here.

Secrets and Scandals
A Secret Scandal
A Scandalous Secret
Reluctant Rake Revealed :)
Rakish Reluctance
To Tease and Tempt
Teasing Temptation
Beyond Breathless
Breathless Boldness
Attraction Beyond Breath
Desire Beyond Breath
Pride and Provocation :)
Lusty Lover ;):)
Every Fervent Fantasy
His Fervent Fantasy
(In a) Fever of Impatience
Fierce Pride, Fervent Desire
Uncontrollable Undulations :)
Gamboling Gamble :)

Paula Quinn

How about The Risks of Rapture

Kathy K

Oh heavens Keira! "Uncontrollable Undulations"???? LOL That'd sure catch a few peoples' eyes.
And I'm laughing at "Gamboling Gamble"... I had both of the words but, alas, not together. *sigh*

I also had a few other words that I haven't seen, but I could just be blind:

Gallant / Gallantly

As you can see I kind of got caught up in the G's.

Keira Soleore

KathyK -- Heh! Thought I'd have some fun along with the serious suggestions.


I have a Few sugestions for the book.

The Art of Passion

The Fantacy of Seduction.

Seduction of the Heart.

Passions of the Heart.

The Seduction of the Mind.

Temptations of the Heart.

Temptations of the Soul.

The Art Of Temptation.


A Taste of Sweet Temptation
The Tantalizing Taste of Love
Destined by a Dark Desire
Touched by Temptation

Julie Anne Long

You guys are slaying me!! Uncontrollable Undulations?? I almost spit out my tea!! ROFL, Keira!. Hey - can you guys see all the comments?? And by this I mean...well, the reason I ask is that the last one I can see (when I click on "comments") is the one I posted at 3:50 p.m. on the 6th. But I can see there are more by the number listed...but I can only *read* them when I log into typepad. Very odd!!! And so here I am discovering all these juicy titles!! You also introduced an interesting concept -- two phrases separated by a comma!!! Oh boy, this opens up a world of possibilities. LOL. Do you all remember that wonderful Karleen Koen Book from the 80's, "Through a Glass, Darkly?"

April, I like stuff that begins with "Art," too!! What about...THE ART OF ABANDON? Is that too...oblique?? And Marie, I like what you were riffing on. What do you guys think of ONE TASTE OF TEMPTATION or "ONE TANTALIZING TOUCH?"

Hey Paula -- how are things?? :) I like the Risks of Rapture! My sis and I came up with something kind of like that. RAPTUROUS RISK?? LOL. A couple of you guys mentioned BEYOND BREATHLESS...which I thougth sounded pretty (my sis and I were thinking of that, too) because I like both words, but then I thought...what does that actually *mean?* If you're beyond breathless, doesn't that mean you're no longer breathing?? LOL. That you've keeled over?? What would you think if you saw that on a book? Would you think about it that much? I *am* sort of enchanted by both words, though -- beyond and breathless.

Risque Rendezvous is cute, Pam!! Rendezvous is another of those words that look very pretty on a book...Andrea! You guys were such a kick at Romance NovelTV!! "Hazards" is another good word -- like risks! Hazards of HIDING YOUR HEART?? ROFL. THE HAZARDS OF HAVING A HEART? Actually, that last one works for the story...as both our hero and heroine prefer not to think they have hearts, really. Or need hearts. :) But it's a little coy, isn't it?? Or something??

Oh, Keira, I like Pride and Provocation, too! Or some combination thereof. LOL. Keep 'em coming through the weekend, girls, if you have ideas!! I'll be around. I'll compile a list to send to my editor on Sunday night.

Cheryl S.

You're really challenging us. :)
Here's a few more:

Liaison with Her Lover
Liaison with His Lover
Liaison with Love


Ok, after reading what you had to say, my brain went crazy and my pen wasn't moving as fast enough as ideas were coming. Here are some ideas that I came up with (well, the few I could catch before more popped in and kicked the others out), that hopefully still somewhat hold the same meaning of the title picked originally.

Desiring is Dangerous (This would fit with your suggestions of starting with "If, When, Why, or How")

Forbidden Desire is Dangerous

Danger of Forbidden Desire

Their Desire was Dangerous

The Risk of Dangerous Desires

Desire for Irresistible Dangers

Never Seduce the Dangerous Desire

Seducing the Dangerous Desire

Never Seduce the Forbidden Pleasure ("Desire" would also fit rather than "Pleasure")


Oo, oo, oo!!!!! Julie, you just gave me a wonderful idea!!!!! You say you like the words "beyond" and "breathless". What about.... (drum roll)

Dangers Beyond Breathless Desires????

These last two posts are a different Marie than the one that posted earlier. Changing up my name a little now.

Keira Soleore

Julie, thanks for all the fun I'm having here. The thing about the comments is that they're divided up in pages. At the bottom of the first set there is a tiny >> sign, which if you click on takes you to the next page. Took me a while to figure that out.

Falling in Love, Hazardly :)
Falling in Love, Haphazardly :)
Hazards of Risk
The Hazards of Risks
Hazards of a Risky Desire (HOARD) :)
Denying Love, Conceding Risk
Denying Risk, Conceding Love
Risk Denies What Desire Concedes
Dangers Beyond Reckless Desire
Dangers of Reckless Desire
Gallantry Subverted by Chicanery, Rewarded by Sophistry :)

Julie Anne Long

You guys are slaying me!! Keira, clever girl -- figuring out the comments mystery and that teeny little arrow!! I didn't even see it. I probably just thought it was chocolate on my computer screen. LOL. That's a new one for typepad -- separating comments into different pages. I had a blog party last year and we had around 100 comments that scrolled on and on and on. Thanks for solving that mystery!!

Marie! You're the alliteration queen. I like the word Never! I might want to play with Desiring is Dangerous -- with the pronouns and prepositions and stuff, like you said. I also like starting somethingwith "Seducing."

Keira -- that's using the noggin -- thinking of acronyms! (HOARD is pretty funny. As long as it doesn't spell WHORE, or something. ;) There's a challenge -- come up with titles that have gnarly acronyms!! LOL.) Your last one had me totally laughing -- clearly I'm not the only one who's spent hours and hours on dictionary.com and thesaurus.com. LOL.


LOL Julie! It's nice to be the queen of something besides changing diapers. LOL

My brain is a little fried right now (been working on a manuscript all day) so I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow. But, before I go, I saw that you were somewhat interested in maybe a title with a comma in it and once again ideas flew in and out of my head but none really stuck with being a little too tired. But one really stuck because it also implements your liking of "seducing" and "never".

Seducing Dangers, Never Desirable


I just remembered, as I was about to finally step away from my computer, that tomorrow will most likely be too late. Sorry I couldn't help more but with all the great suggestions here from all the wonderful people who responded, I guaranty you will come up with something great! Good luck, I can't wait to hear what you decided.

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