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February 01, 2008


Cheryl S.

Off the top of my head -

Risky Riches?
Risky Rendezvous

Julie Anne Long

OOOh! Cheryl! Rendezvous is a good word! Hmmm....I'll have to throw that in the hopper. And you're on the right track...trysts...secret meetings...dark places...The risks of discovery...

Here are some brainstorming words to inspire us:


I'll try come up with more...


Julie, not sure if it's a hobby so much as a symptom of OCD...so I guess at Avon, the first person to come up with the title gets it? How does that work, if you don't mind me asking?

How bout A Glorious Gamble? That could apply to love/lust.

A Risky Ravishment sounds a bit too much like commentary on Regency-era birth control, but I'll throw it out anyway, since we're brainstorming.

wicked wager, wayward wager, perilous pleasure/passion, lure of lust, dishonorable desire, risky rapture (too Biblical?), scandalous spark, lustful liason, dangerous dalliance, scandalous screw (kidding, sorry).

OK, I better stop, this is going downhill. I'm sorry, I'm such a smart aleck. My first thought was to suggest "The Dangers of Duplication" to Avon. I'm terrible, really. But hey, your characters do have a dry wit, as AAR said. :)


A few suggestions..

Tempting to Touch
Secret Seduction
The Secret Fantasy
Dark Desire

Julie Anne Long

LOL, Lareign! I don't know what happened re the title, but I do know I was startled to find one almost identical when I typed it into Amazon, and it was an Avon August title. I submitted that title to my editor back in October. Imagine what it must be like for the gals at Avon: they have to title AAAAALLLL those books a year!!! And as we all know, the subjects are pretty similar and the words we have available for titleing (<---I have no idea if that's actually a word, but I'm too tired to check right now. LOL) them are pretty finite. LOL. It's very challenging. Sometimes it comes easily, and other times titleing a book goes on for a good long time!

I'm digging your Liaison word!! Hmmm...Also Wager. Ravish is always promising. LOL. What can you do with Provocation? I kinda like it. :)

Maria, you might be onto something with the "Dark" and "Desire." Now we need to add some articles to that title... "A Deep Dark Dangerous Desire?" LOL. I like Tempting and Touch togehter, too...ONe i thought of was "The Trouble with Temptation." I'm a bit "eh" on that, though. A Touch of Temptation?

Thanks girls!! You are providing inspiration!! Keep 'em coming, if you can/want!

Cheryl S.

I don't know about these, but here's a couple more:

Her Secret Shame
An Undeniable Desire
Their Dark Destiny
Reluctant Rendezvous
Rendezvous with Redemption


A Potent Provocation?

Cheryl S.

Destined for Desire
A Clandestine Courtship
A Tempting Tryst
An Irresistible Infatuation
An Elusive Engagement

Julie Anne Long

Cheryl, I'm digging some of your words a lot!! I like Destiny, or Destined...your first one -- Destined for Desire -- might be a good one!! So I'm definitely putting that in the possibility column. Clandestine is one of my favorite words. LOL. It's just fun to say, and it *looks* pretty. Wonder how we can work with that?

Potent!! Good word, Lareign! Powerful?? The Power of Provocation??? The Power of passion?

I think some ideas are starting to gel, here!!

Here are a few more brainstorming words (I'm scanning my CD titles now, too. LOL):

Possessed (Possession, Possess)


Her Darkest Desire
Desire Me Darling
Tempt Me With Your Touch
Lure Me With Desire


The Plight of Passion
The Torment of Temptation
Longing for Love
The Struggle With Seduction
A Fever of Fascination
The Passion of Pride
The Trouble With One Touch

Julie Anne Long

Oh, good job, girls!! Thanks! I like the combinations of "Touch" and "Tempt" and "Trouble." I think Lure is such a pretty word, too. "Fascination" is a great one to throw into the mix, Maureen!! I'm going to mull on that for a bit, I think. "Fever" and "Fascination" in combination might be a bit too potent, but combined with some other word, I love those words....hmmm....


Maybe A Feeling of Fascination


Not much for alliteration, but I hope these can help...

Wicked Whispers of the Heart
Wicked Whispers of Passion
The Price of Persuasion
A Wicked Passionate Heart
Passionate and Proud
A Proud and Passionate Fantasy
Wicked Wild Whispers
A Wicked and Wild Fantasy
Persuasive and Proud
A Proud and Passionate Heart
My Proud and Passionate Heart


I cannot wait for Weds, when BN.com says I'll get my very own copy of POP!

Congrats on all your success, Julie

Julie Anne Long

How about...NO FLEETING FASCINATION? Nah...See girls?? This is hard! LOL. You're definitely helping. Sometimes titles just come to you, and other times they take ages. And imagine how many times a year every year Avon has to name books! LOL. And nonsense, Isabel -- You're pretty good at alliteration!! Getting Pride and Passion in there would be good, too. I hope you like POP!! You'll have to let me know what you think! :)

Also, a title that suggests the book might be lighter is all right, too, because it's both emotional and funny. Now I'm thinking of phrases that begin with, say, "WHEN" or "WHAT" or "WHY" or "IF" or "HOW." Just to see if that prompts anything slightly different.


Thank you, Julie *blushes* I'll come back later with more suggestions. :)

I'll definitely let you about POP! I cannot wait, I'm telling you!

Cheryl S.

I'm back with a few more.

When Passion Persists
Where Passion Persists
A Persistent Passion
A Persuasive Passion
A Passion Most Persuasive
When a Heart Hopes
To Heal the Heart
A Hesitant Heart
A Reluctant Romance
Reluctant Rendezvous


Here's a few more..

The Price of Passion
Lured by Your Love
Tempted by His Touch
The Trouble With Temptation
A Taste of Temptation


wow, so many great suggestions have already been made! what about:

when she was wicked
lessons of lust
taste of temptation

that's all i can think of right now!! :)

Kathy K

Wow! That AAR review was fabulous!

Oh jeepers... I'm loving the creativity of the titles, but when it comes to something like that I'm a dud. I wish I could think of something ~ anything!

And Julie, my copy of TPOP that I ordered last June is now in my hands as of yesterday! And of course, it joins your other books on my shelf. The ARC is there too ~ I love having multiple copies of favourites. *grin*

Kathy K

Hmmm, well a couple have kinda wormed their way into my mind:

The Lure of Love (the acronym would be LOL *grin*)

Wild and Wanton

Wanting to be Wild and Wanton

Rendezvous With Romance

When the Lure is Love

When the Lure is Lust

A Whisper of Wantonness

Lusty Lures? (sorry, my mind is degenerating!)

Okay, now I've got the bug... I'll see if I can come up with anything else... or anything better than I alread have. *Sigh*

Kathy K

How to Tempt and Tantalize

To Tempt and Tantalize

Tantalizing Temptation

When Possessed With Passion (or "by")

The Tantalizing Tease (*groan*)

When Tempted to Tease and Tantalize

Hidden from the Heart

A Sigh of Surrender (*ugh*)

Cheryl S.

This is addictive.

Hostage Heart
His Hostage Heart
Unavoidable Attraction
Reckless Rendezvous
Prisoner of Passion

Michelle Rowen

The Art of Seduction

That's all I got. ;-)

Julie Anne Long

This is so funny! I'm totally thinking in alliteration now. LOL. I was on the phone a moment ago, and I stopped myself from talking, thinking -- wait -- I have to make this next sentence an alliteration. ROFL. I'm totally dreaming in alliteration now. We have a few good ones, I think...

kathy!! I'm glad to see you!! How are you? It's good to have two copies of a book you like. That way you can accidentally drop one of them in the bathtub. (that's my strategy, anyway). ANd those are good suggestions. LOL. I like hidden!!

What can you guys do with Breathe, breath, or breathless? Or Body? Or Lover? Or between, beyond, Before, Across, After, Every? Reckless -- also a good word!

I liked the Price of Passion, but I just did a P book (POP), and I looked at Amazon and apparently everyone liked The Price of Passion, because sure enough -- lots of books called that. LOL. WE can hardly avoid repeating titles, but I'm trying to get slightly original. Which is where we get creative with prepositions and articles and pronouns, etc.

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