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January 16, 2008



Glad to see you are doing well Julie! I gotta check out that kettle you mentioned, that sounds amazing and I like a whistling kettle too. Right now mine is slightly broken but usable and I am trying to decide between a bright, apple green or bright blue colour instead of the stainless steel one I currently own. Kudos on the great reviews but I am not surprised since you are my fave author right now. ;) Can't wait to read POP, it is supposed to ship to me the end of this month!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Charlene! Hope things are going great. Thanks for the congrats -- you're so sweet! Can't wait to hear what you think of POP. :) And you know -- I splurged on that teakettle in part because I've gone through about, oh, three of them in the last year. LOL. If they don't whistle I burn them eventually, and I've had a few non-whistlers I've burnt to a crisp. Not proud of that, but I've just come to accept it. LOL. Mostly it's because I'm generally doing around 2-3 things at once, and the teakettle is only on the periphery of my awareness, half the time -- I put the water on very quickly and sort of reflxively. And if I buy a less expensive one they rust inside quickly!! LOL. It's a science! I'm figuring it out. LOL. My new one is black -- I would have loved another color -- and I vote you go for the apple green, btw :) -- but the need was pressing, and at the store where I bought it they only had a bright red (which I loved, but which would have clashed a little with my circa 1930's old pink tile in the kitchen) bright yellow, white and black. So I went with black. :) And boy, that baby's loud! :) which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.


Hey Jules. Don't know why I just called you that. I'm OK over here. Still haven't totally resolved the vertigo issue-I may just have to go buy some decongestant. That's the best, easiest thing I can think of right now. And my mom thinks it would help, and she is generally right. :P

Fact that may only interest me: Some study said Tulsa, which is about an hour and a half away from me, has the worst allergies in the nation. And my allergies seem to have gotten worse since I moved up here. I never had the vertigo before. So go figure.

I looked at the gallery of men, and I wasn't sure who to pick, because I don't really remember my Austen very well, since it's been a good while since I read her. I remember Darcy, and a few others sounded vaguely familiar, but other than that, I had no idea. When are they showing these movies? I should catch up-about the only Austen movie I've seen is the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. Which I liked, although I have a friend who hates it and insists they took out entirely too much, and that the PBS version is the only proper one. It's like arguing over Bible translations, I think.

I don't drink a lot of tea-perhaps I should. I'm a diet soda person. And occasionally Starbucks, but that makes me feel weird, especially if I'm super tired and drink it. Then I'm jittery and exhausted.

I do like sweet tea, however. It's a Southern thing. I think that's why the South has such high obesity rates-all the good/fried food is here.


I'm doing all right. Just layering up and trying to stay warm and healthy. I'm glad the storm and rain have passed (for now, anyway). I saw some good movies during my winter break (Juno, Sweeney Todd, Atonement, Kite Runner, and The Savages) and watched Persepolis last weekend, which I really enjoyed. I think the next movie I watch will either be There Will Be Blood or 27 Dresses. Yeah, I like movies a lot. :)

Julie Anne Long

Jules works for me!! LOL. It's either that or Jewels - depends on who you ask. :) That's interesting re Tulsa (is it because it's dry and dusty? poor air quality laws? in a valley with no wind??), and rough re the allergies, Lareign -- and your mom's right!! I'm kind of a a lightweight -- one of those people who take half or quarter doses of pretty much any med, like, say, Alleve -- so I try to avoid antihistamines. But I'm lucky in that a lot of natural remedies actually help me. Vicks and tiger balm have menthol, etc., which clears up breathing, and lavender oil is fantastic, too -- can wipe out certain headaches right away. I drink ginger (grated ginger, steeped) with lemon and peppermint tea for various other ailments, too. It all works pretty well. LOL.

RE the Austen men -- I'm thinking, hey -- just pick your favorite face. LOL. Some are heroes, some are rogues in that gallery. All of them will be extremely pleasant to look at every Sunday night at 9 for a while. :) And actually, though I liked the most recent P&P a good deal (ESPECIALLY their version of D'arcy), parts of it bugged me a LOT. The dramatic conversation between the two of them with the swooning music in the rainstorm -- man, I was desperate to get rid of at least two of those elements. That scene is powerful without all the folderol (because of the dialogue and good acting), so the rain and music REALLY got on my nerves. Their Bingley was a bit of a dork. LOL. Other things, too. But I did love the movie, all in all.

For me, just about any new Austen interpretation is welcome -- it's fun a pleasure to see re-imaginings, and live those stories again, and of coure analyze them to death!

Diana!! Your'e making me jealous -- I want to see EVERY one of those movies!! I hope they're all still around when I come up for air in a few weeks. I'd love to see There Will be Blood because DDL is in it. :) We don't get to see enough of him. I'm afraid to see Atonement because it'll probably make me cry. LOL. A friend of mine is GAGA for No Country for Old men, though I hear it's very violent, and I'm a big wuss re violence.

We've got more rain coming in on Sunday, according to Bill Martin on KTVU. LOL. Cold tonight, boy!! Ah, well. I've been loving the sunny days. Stay warm!!!


About Tulsa: I looked up the study, and it's here for your perusing pleasure:

Little Rock is 8. And I'm in between Little Rock and Tulsa. Eh. I think trees are a lot of it. And weird weather-the milder the winter, the worse the allergies, apparently. So I'm praying for a blizzard.

San Fran, by the way, is 27. Just FYI. And the picture gallery is interesting, although at first I didn't know what kind of gallery they meant: Pics of people sneezing in front of say, the Golden Gate Bridge?

Yeah I liked the Darcy in the most recent version, as well. He was nice and brooding. As for Atonement, I want to see it, but since I've already read the book...yeah, I know it'll be depressing. A friend said it made her want to slit her wrists. I kind of am averse to movie violence as well-at least a lot of it. I've heard Sweeney Todd is quite bloody, which, considering the plot, is to be expected. Not sure yet about No Country-it was playing here, now it's not, have no idea if it'll return post-Oscar nominations.

Juno nearly made me cry a couple times, as well. And the ending really depressed the same friend who saw Atonement-I can see why she's depressed, but I thought it was OK, even happy. There was a plot twist or two that threw me off, in the best way possible.

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