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December 22, 2007


Kathy K

Man, I just cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner ~ where in the dickens did 2007 go?

The toffee sounds wonderful ~ too bad about the phone distracting you. I've had that happen more times than I want to remember ~ always when I'm baking something... not one of my top 10 fav things to do ~ the baking I mean. *grin*

But everything else is nearly done and after tonight I can pretty much sit back and relax... wow, that is *such* a nice feeling!

All the best of the season to you Julie, and to all you others as well.


Julie, I think I like reading your blog so much because you remind me of myself in a lot of ways. I make everything into a song as well, and sometimes the songs aren't very "nice." Me and my friend Ben used to make up weirdest ones, which I guess is appropriate, since we met in a creative writing class, and one day we were in the same group and I kept making jokes about "nice assonance" and the rest is history. I miss my Texas friends.

And my cat Lola-whenever something prints, she tries to attack the printer, I suppose because she thinks there's a terrible monster coming out and she must protect me and Casey. It's quite funny. She can really mess things up, especially on my old printer when sometimes she would put a paw on the paper and the ink would get all smashed together. And I cannot wrap presents with her in the room, because she attacks the wrapping paper. She's my fat tuxedo cat, whereas Casey is my not-exactly-fat orange boy.

But yeah, aside from things like wrapping gifts and worrying over getting done with work tomorrow in time to head out for the holidays, life is pretty OK here. I saw my dad yesterday, and he got me a GPS, so yay. That'll be fun, and useful, especially when I need to cover a story at an unfamilar place. Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

Julie Anne Long

No kidding, Kathy!! I had a moment today were I was thinking, "OK, when's Christmas Eve again?" LOL. Uh, that would be *tomorrow,* Julie. I'm glad you got everything done and you can rest! And the toffee does rock, if I do say so myself. :) But it sure turns on a dime, boy -- you really do have to sort of watch it like a hawk. Hope your Christmas is wonderful for all of you -- sounds like you usually have a lively houseful. Me -- I'm hitting the road. :)

Lareign -- nice assonance!! LOL. I wonder where the predilection to make up songs comes from?? When I had two kitties, they used to eat from the same bowl -- they refused to eat separately. I found myself singing as I was feeding them, "Two cats....eat as one!" To the tune of that U2 song (You know: "Two hearts...beat as one!") My brain likes music and rhythm and relationships between words, I guess. :) (I fixed that link up there, btw -- now it plays Christmastime is Here, rather than Don't Touch Me There yet again. :)

Hilarious about your cat and the printer, too! LOL. Cats and paper have a special relationship. :) Love/hate, I should say. The other night, Domenic (my kitty) pulled open an armoire and started pat-pat-patting all the rolls of wrapping paper so it would make crackling noises, then he pulled out a plastic bag, attacked it, and rolled all over the floor with it. He's 10 years old. But he loves to sleep in my to-be-shredded bin.

A GPS, eh? at last, the world will always know where to find Lareign! LOL. The GPS is a great gift. Have a merry, merry christmas -- stay warm and safe! Sounds like the midwest is getting socked weather-wise. If all else fails, I recommend a generous dollop of brandy in your eggnog. :)


A GPS must be the new toy for adults to give this year as we got one for my dad for Christmas and he loves it! You can name it so since it has a woman's voice, my dad called it Diana and is having a hoot screwing with it and making it "re-calculate" new directions while driving. *LOL*

Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Julie and I eagerly look forward to your new book, pre-ordering my copy. :D

Julie Anne Long

That's pretty funny, Charlene -- you're about the fifth person I know who's mentioned a GPS as a gift! LOL. Finally, a gift that makes pretty much everyone happy.:) Diana is a great name. That slayed me!! It's really a great toy -- I have a friend who's really into GPS caching -- kind of a treasure hunt whereby you track down random objects hidden away by others with GPS's. One day we'll all have them, I'm betting.

Thanks zillions for preordering POP, btw!! Can't wait to hear whether you like it. I hope so!! :) And a splendid new year to you, too -- I think 2008 is going to be one of those really, really good and eventful ones...just a hunch. :) Couldn't hurt to think that way, anyway! LOL.


I wish there was a GPS for people who walked and took the bus. I am so directionally-challenged.

Julie Anne Long

Did you notice that Charlene's Dad named his GPS Diana, Diana?? A little irony there, for you. LOL. I'm also VERY directionally challenged -- I like to have a lot of details ("you've gone too far if you pass a big lavender house; there's a big tree and a bright red mailbox out front," etc.) and pretty explicit directions. I just have no directional instincts. Is this genetic?? What's the deal? I do have friends who get around effortlessly by just sort of winging it.


Julie, I'm not one of your friends who get around effortlessly by winging it, but I do have a fairly decent sense of direction. I can kind of get a sense sometimes if I've gone too far or missed my turn or whatever. Not always, though. And I'm not sure if it's genetic or not; my mom and I have discussed this since she admires my so-called sense of direction and says she has none, and suggests maybe I get it from my dad. I'm not sure. I did, however, get the GPS from my dad. :) And it will help and let me worry less, especially on the job. I don't think I have an option of naming it, though, ha.

And hey, I got my humidifier-from my mom, wee. Have to hook it up here in a bit.

And hey, a month until POP! That's pretty cool. What comes after The Dangers of Desire? Will the alliteration continue? I love alliteration (along with assonance). The best one I can come up with is The Merits of Mating, which I don't think would go over too well with the publisher, ha. Sounds more like an educational zoo video or something (speaking of zoos, that tiger thing is really sad).

I thought of other ones, but they were all goofy and silly and I was very tired when I was thinking over this, ha. The Rewards of Ravishment is another one. I wrote some of these down, sadly enough. Maybe the lack of moisture in the air is having an effect on my brain.


Julie, I did notice that. It's pretty funny.

Julie Anne Long

Lareign, I want to strongly encourage you to continue with that list of alliterative titles. LOL!! Seriously -- i might want to see it!! Heck, maybe I'll even have a naming contest. We (Avon, me) seem to be pretty fond of that particular naming convention, and so we'll keep naming 'em that way if we can keep coming up with strong, sexy, alliterative titles. They don't necessarily need to start with "The" -- we can use other articles. Like...oh, say, "An." or "A." Or...one of titles i threw out to them for THE DANGERS OF DESIRE was Sins of the Second Son. Stuff like that. :) I imagine the whole naming thing will get more challenging the deeper into the series I get. Man! 30 days and 44 hours and etc. minutes until POP is out!! I can't wait!!

I like how you got a bunch of appliances from your parents for Christmas, too. Your mom will keep you from drying out, and your dad will keep you on track. LOL.


Wow, Julie, are you really sure you want to risk validating my alliterative OCD? Haha. I'll keep thinking on em, though. I thought of one I kind of like; I may send it to you on My Space and see what you think.

And Merits of Mating would be MOM for short. Appropriate, I think, considering motherhood could very well result from a title like that. :)

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