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October 04, 2007


Haven Rich

There is a very good chance I'll be flying out of town this weekend as well. A less than joyous reason, but nothing stops your heart as much as hearing your mom say "Don't worry, she's ok". Thud, heart in throat. And of course, tons of worry.

Anyhow, it's been a very stressful few weeks...can we skip ahead some??

Hope you have a safe trip and have lots of fun!!

Julie Anne Long

Hang in there, Haven! I think sometimes life likes to bunch our trials close together That way we get a breather between them. Because of course we can't have a trial-free life. It's a theory, anyway. :) Have a safe trip, regardless!!

Kathy K

Hope you both had good flights and all... I don't go too many places and right now that's fine! My DH's dad, well if we go anywhere in the near future it'll be for his funeral... I MUCH prefer the weddings that we've gone to this year!

This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving.. nice to have something before you all do! Lots of turkey, family and fun... not that any are related you know... (really, I don't have too many turkey relatives! *grin*)

Julie I loved that clip... and every single time I hear Bing Crosby's voice, wow... I could listen to that man croon for HOURS! And holy cow! but does Frank look like a kid... sheesh. Have to say I've never seen that show... nor THE PHILADELPHIA STORY.. methinks my education may be lacking, oui?

Hope you all have a great week!

Haven Rich

Well it turns out I wasn't able to leave this past weekend, but instead will be flying out this weekend.

I'll be home around Nov. 5th!

(((Kathy))) Hopefully that's a trip you won't have to take!

My trip is equally stressful.

Julie Anne Long

Hello girls! My flight was short and uneventful (the best kind of flight!!) and the trip was a good one. I forgot that Canadian Thanksgiving preceded the American one, Kathy!! I'm glad it was fun. I'm actually kind of looking forward to Thanksgiving. And you know, there must be something in the stars...I know so many people right now who are facing big family issues. It's all part of life, I suppose. But not the easiest part, by far, obviously. :) So my thoughts are with you guys, and I'll hope for the best and stay philosophical about whatever arises. Keep me posted.

Here's some news: I got my POP ARCs!! So Kathy, I want to send one to you, and Haven, you, too. I'm packing them up and sending them off to various readers, book groups, etc. I have your addresses, but do you mind sending them to me offline so I can verify them before I get them in the mail? Can't wait to hear what you think!!!

Haven Rich

RI is back! Yay!! I've been so bummed since it went down, but it's back now.

My private site is back as well...suppose that means I need to blog or something huh?

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