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July 18, 2007



Great pictures, Julie. You and your author buddies clean up nicely. :)

Julie Anne Long

Glad you like the photos, Diana. Though I can't shake the suspicion that I wore that same hairdo in my third grade photo. LOL. The whole look seems eerily familiar, somehow. I call it the "Wilhelmina Slater." (Do you watch Ugly Betty??) I hope some of my photos turn out, because I *should* have some cute ones. I just have to take nine more photos to use up my camera. I'll probably just take nine more photos of my cat. :)

Toni Blake

You had a camera there, Julie? This is news to me ; ) I thought you were entirely dependent upon me for capturing the memories ; ) Anyhoo, just popped by to see the pics and read your account, and as usual, you DO amuse me to no end ; ) Incidentally, that bowl of wine was a pain in the butt. It's just hard to "casually" hold onto something that gigantic - took two hands and felt like something I should be delivering somewhere in order to get rid of it rather than something to enjoy. Ah, the perils of authordom. Or should I say - ah, the perils ... of pleasure. Methinks I've heard that somewhere before ; )

Julie Anne Long

I didn't have a camera AT the dinner. I brought a disposable camera. The old-fashioned kind with a flash. LOL. Michelle Buonfiglio and Gennita Low mocked me soundly for it at the Literacy Signing. LOL. Just kidding. But I SHOULD have some cute photos on it of various author friends, so I should hurry up and use the film so I can get the photos back. And those wine glasses *were* kind of enormous. It guess it saves the waiters a few trips to refill. LOL. They could just pour half the bottle in. And I'm not much of a drinker, really. I think I drank a half a bowl, truthfully, and that was probably more than I've had all year. LOL.

Kathy K

Oops... I posted a response on you MySpace blog, but forgot that I didn't respond here... and I *always* visit here!
The pictures are fantastic ~ Toni you did a good job with them ~ and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. ^.^
For authors ~ and of course most of the time it's really a very solitary pursuit ~ having the opportunity to get together with others that *know* what it's like must be wonderful... a time to connect.
And San Francisco next year ~ couldn't be easier for you, right?

Well, I'm off to the hospital to see how my daughter Meagan's surgery went... she should be settled into her room by now. She had her boyfriend take her ~ hard to all of a sudden not be needed like that, but I'm sure that Tim was more of a comfort to her. Just glad that it's all over!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Kathy -- Glad you like the photos!! I wish I was more naturally photogenic, but what the hey. :) At least you can tell we were having fun!! LOL. And let us know how Meagan's doing when you get a chance!! I've been thinking of her. So sweet of her boyfriend to go to the hospital with her. :) When does she get to come home?

Kathy K

Hi Julie, I think you're a lot more photogenic than I'll ever be!! LOL

And Meagan's doing well; her surgery started at about 8 yesterday morning and she wasn't done until around noon or even 12:30 ~ a loooonnngggg time, but the surgeon did the operation laparoscopically leaving her with much smaller incisions. The nurses even got her up for a walk yesterday evening.
Today, she's much better what with the anastheisa being out of her system and she's been up a couple of times again.
And she comes home tomorrow... but I imagine she'll be taking it pretty easy for awhile after that. Although, she has made plans to fly to visit our older daughter Lisa in the Yukon on August 20th, so she's definitely got a goal to work towards!
Yep and Tim's a real sweetie! His parents were in to the hospital yesterday to visit with Meagan and they brought her some roses... she's got quite the flower thing going on in her room; Tim also gave her a dozen roses as well as some carnations. Then when my husband and youngest daughter got back to town last night they, too, brought some carnations.

So we (my husband, maybe our youngest daughter and myself) will be going back to visit with her later this afternoon / evening. Tim's been there since 11 this morning and will stay until visiting hours are over; he's been taking really good care of her ~ gotta love a guy that'll do that for a cranky person... not that she doesn't have reason to be a grouch of course. *grin*

Julie Anne Long

Oh hurrah!! Sounds like Meagan's doing great, Kathy!! And by now, she's already home and everything. With laparascopic stuff they do like to get you up pretty quickly, I think -- helps keep muscles from stiffening, maybe, or scar tissue from forming quickly? And it's so interesting to me how quickly they try to get people out of the hospital these days. Some years ago a friend of mine had a very small brain tumor removed and they had her out of there the next day! It's a safeguard against infections, etc., I believe. Anaesthesia can be a bit gnarly -- I've had general before, and it is NOT my friend. LOL. But it sounds like she'll be needing to take it easy for some time. I'm glad it's over for her, and it went well. :) And boy, sounds like Meagan's boyfriend's a keeper, too. :) Hoping she heals quickly -- and feels good for her trip. :) Hope you all have a good weekend, too. I'll be doing some work on various projects. :)

Kathy K

Oh yeah, Tim's a real sweetheart. They've known each other since the beginning of grade 10, which was 5 years ago, and been really good friends since the beginning. Even when Meagan dated others, Tim was still a great friend. I know that over the last couple of years they've even discussed their future, but I'm glad that they're not doing anything permanent yet, but I sure won't mind having Tim a part of the family.

And the laparscopic surgery... man! Meagan's doing so much better than she did after the surgery that she had when she was 3 and then 7... but those were the typical surgery, and it did take her a LOT longer to get to the point that she's at now. Amazing is what I think.

Julie Anne Long

How's Meagan coming along now?? Poor bunny, surgeries at 3 and 7. :( It is amazing how far surgeries have come, in so many ways. For instance, my sister had knee surgery when she was much younger and now sports a scar that looks like a shark took a bite out of her. Now they do that sort of thing with lasers.

I wish the bloody sun would come out. The fog has been relentless. I mean, this is status quo for summer here, and everything, but SHEEZ!!!

Kathy K

Hi Julie, Well if I could send our, to me, too hot weather I'd do it in a flash! It's been awful and I'm not too happy about it. Although today does *seem* to be a little cooler... although that could just be the whole thing lulling me with false promises. *sigh*

As for Meagan, she is amazing! The doctor told her that she could be out of commission for something like 6 weeks to 2 months ~ at least; I could have told him not to underestimate her, but even I'm totally blown away.
Here it is; two weeks less a day since surgery and she's already wanting to go back to work... HUH?? She's still experiencing some pain in the incisions once in awhile, even though they're pretty small, but I know that she's really, really wanting to make sure that she can take the flight to visit her sister later this month... and with Meagan, mind over matter is extremely viable.
Oh, to be young! LOL

Well, I've been rattling around not really concentrating on anything... either summer, fatigue ~ or summer fatigue *grin* ~ or even depression have been rattling my cage lately. Things have been shaken up around here and not only am I not reading as much, but I'm not on the computer as much... television has grabbed a hold of me and isn't letting go! Well, not television so much as my new favourite program ~ WITHOUT A TRACE... man, can't believe that I've missed it this long!
I've always been a fan of police / P.I. shows and mysteries {think Columbo / Streets of San Francisco ~ and that was a LONG time ago... Michael Douglas was a KID! ~ Hawaii Five-0} and I've been a fan of LAW & ORDER since it's inception. I watched CSI with my oldest daughter Lisa for a couple of years, and especially enjoy the Las Vegas and NY editions, then television disappeared from my radar. But now it's back.... now I'm hooked on WITHOUT A TRACE and the other shows... so, I'm not around as much.. gotta find some balance!

Anyway, now that I've gone on, and on... and on I'll take my leave.. for a much shorter duration!

Hope your weather improves Julie ~ take care.

Julie Anne Long

I'm so glad Meagan is doing great, Kathy!! She *is* amazing! If she's young and pretty fit, no reason she shouldn't heal quickly. :) But she should take it a little easy! Maybe do half days at work, if she insists on going. LOL. (Now I sound like a mom).

You cracked me up re the TV watching. isn't it funny how we get pulled back into things we used to do every now and then? Obviously, I haven't been the world's best blogger, either. LOL. I've been working on a few other projects!! I have something fun I'd like to post though, that a reader in Yorkshire sent to me -- I have to ask her if she minds. :) I haven't watched WITHOUT A TRACE, yet. I'm still pretty bad at watching TV. :) I went through an insane patch of work a few years ago and TV was the casualty of that, and I never really got back into the habit of watching much. I do get more work done, but sometimes I wish I could talk about specific shows more, because clearly I'm missing some good stuff. That's what DVD's are for, I guess. :) There are a few movies I'd like to see, too. Seen any good ones lately??

Still foggy and cold here!! Summer in San Francisco!! Sigh.

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