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December 22, 2006



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. My practical present is a winter coat and my impractical one is a whole new family room of furniture.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday! My pratical present is work clothes and my impratical is a beach house somewhere in Maui. I'm never going to get that. lol


My practical present is a pair of new athletic shoes and my impractical gift is a plasma television.


Merry Christmas!! My practical thing would be shoes, I need new ones for work. My fun thing would be (besides lots of books) Classic Pooh Lennox stuff or an addition to my house for a library.

Shannon Upright

I would like a jewelry armoire, but I probably won't get it.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Sabina Walston-Edwards

HEllo and Happy Holidays
thanks very much

Michelle St. James

Happy Holidays! What is it about pets sleeping on books? My dog loves to sleep on mine--sometimes when I'm reading them. Anyway, my practical gift is a dutch oven (my old one has had it) and my impractical gift is a Bose Sound Dock for my iPod.

Vicki Lynn Hale

Hello, and Happy Holidays!


One practical thing: a complete energy-efficiency and hypoallergenic retrofit makeover for my aging circa-1955 house.

One impractical thing: the first two seasons of House on dvd (I love Hugh Laurie! I wish house looked like the set of Jeeves and Wooster too, but oh well...)

Judy T.

Happy Holidays! My practical gift would be a sweater and my impractical gift would be an Alaskian Cruise.


Merry Christmas to All!!! My practical present would be new towels and my impractical would be tickets to Disney World!!! BTW, I'm a little slow but bought Ways to be Wicked for my SIL for Christmas!

Amy S.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Shoes and impractical gift is a ebook reader.


Happy Holidays everyone!

Practical? A new rug for my living room

Impractical? Chocolate! or maybe that is practical...we all have to eat! LOL!

Billie Jo

Happy Holidays Julie!

I hope your spiders are doing well...LOL. I was talking with you and Toni at RWA and you were telling us about your spiders..shudders...LOL.

Hmmm...I don't have any practical things I need so I can't answer that question.

I did get my Christmas present early tho. The only thing I asked for was to put mine and my hubby's money together and send out boxes to the troops in Iraq. And I got my wish. We sent out 15 boxes to the troops. It was very fulfilling for me. Even my kids made cards for them and it was a lot of fun.

I hope you and yours have a great holiday weekend!

Billie Jo


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! My practical gift would be new walking shoes. My impractical gift would be to move into a new home that doesn't need so many repairs!

Tammy Garcia


Practical Gift ~ New House Shoes.

Impractical Gift ~ A Brand New Car.


Happy Holidays!

Practical present would be a dictionary (I never have too many of those). Impractical present would be Due South DVDs.


My practical gift would be some new towels and bed sheets. My impractical gift is Swarovski crystal animals... they are so cute!
Happy Holidays!

Cate Sparks

Happy Holidays to all -- don't forget to leave Santa some snacks both for him and Rudolph & the rest of the reindeer!!

Elaine M3

Thanks so much for the David Bowie/Bing Crosby video. One of my favorite versions of my all-time favorite Christmas song!

My practical present would be a recliner, and my impractical present would be a 30g iPod or Zune.

beth shepherd

Hi and Happy Holidays!! My practical gift would be kitchen utensils and my impractical gift would be a babysitter! lol


Happiest of Holidays to all. I need a sleepshirt-flannel with snaps, not buttons. I would like not to gain weight over the holidays. I may get the first, but I doubt I get the second, even with extra time exercising.

Karen H in NC

Wishing you all the very best of this Holiday Season. My practical gift wish is for a new, cuddly robe and my impractical gift wish is for jewelry from Bulgari.

Cheryl S.

My practical gift would be new pajamas. An impractical gift on my wish list -- a wireless notebook.


Merry Christmas Julie and everyone!

My practical wish would be for new slippers. My old ones are in much the same condition as your robe Julie. :)

My impractical wish would involve George Clooney and assorted condiments, but I'll leave it at that lol!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Cindy Holub

Happy Holidays! my practical gift is Dresses and impratical is chocolate.

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