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October 05, 2006


Kathy K

Hi Julie,

Very much rested, thank you! You really do know how to show people a good time ^.^

My 'Dead Celebrity Soulmate' #1 is Leonardo ~ da Vinci of course! My #2 and #3 respectively were ... I can't remember his name; he played sheikhs in silent movies... Rudolph Valentino(??) and Vincent Van Gogh... I'll stick with Leonardo thank you very much!

Fun way to start the morning.. or rather add to the morning; my days start at about 6:15 so it's midday to me... well, not quite.


Kathy K

Missed the second half of the question....

Geez, if I have to come up with a real historical person that I'd like to share an intimate dinner with [could it be Dom Perignon?? ^.^] that could take me awhile. He'd have to be someone sexy with long, dark flowing hair, definitely Alpha... hmm William Wallace aka Braveheart [as portrayed by Mel Gibson]; although I have a feeling there'd be little footsie ~ or at least it would progress rapidly.
Yep.. that's who it would be.... *wink*


Jennifer Y.

My 3 potential soulmates were Van Gogh, Poe, and DaVinci. I am not sure which historical figure I would want to have dinner with in real life. Hmmm...will have to think about that.

Julie Anne Long

I think I ended up with Edgar Allen Poe in part because I chose "self reflection" as one of the interests. LOL. Yeah, one might say Poe had *that* perfected!! I'm going to go back and choose "be-wigged" under hair preferences to see who comes up. Just for variety's sake. :)

Mmm...good choice on your dinner date. Do you think William Wallace has good table manners Kathy K? Better than Dom Perignon's? ;)Or maybe table manners are rather beside the point when you're sitting with William Wallace.

Kathy K

Poe and self-reflection... yep, he would have had that down pat!

And yes, William Wallace's table manners would certainly not be the point ~ and scintillating conversation would SO not be necessary either.
Looking at, and drooling over [figuratively, of course!] are all that I would be capable of anyways. *sigh*

Dream on Kathy {I tend to talk to myself... bad habit} ^.^


Julie, your blogs are always so much fun :)
I got Raven as my first choice, then VanGogh...can't go wrong with those soulmates LOL

Julie Anne Long

Isabel!! Glad you're back in action, computer-wise. I think we're all going to be fighting over the same guys!! LOL. We're all interested in writing, travel, self reflection, art, etc. What a pity one of my interests wasn't "poison" or "subjugation." That might nicely expand the number of historical figure lonelyhearts I could choose from. LOL.

I was thinking it might be fun to have dinner with Lord Byron, but Georgie would probably be checking out the ladies at the next table even as he played footsie with me...


My three potential soulmates were: Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci. In seventh grade my classmates and I had to choose a poem to memorize and recite to our English class. I chose Annabelle Lee by Poe, which remains one of my favorite poems.

Haven Rich

I got Da Vinci, E.A Poe, and Van Gogh.

Now if I could go back and meet anyone I wished!! I'd like a dinner with Shakespeare.

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