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October 19, 2006


Kathy K

LoL... Julie, the metaphor metaphorist! [is there such a thing??].

Glad that you're having such great weather... think maybe when you're tired of it you could send a smidgen my way?? In the last two weeks or so we've had a few hours of sunshine ~ which is actually VERY unusual for Alberta; especially the part I'm in that's not close to the mountains ~ and it's draining. So much gray sky, snowy rain ~ or maybe it's rainy snow; hard to say ~ and just the awful feel of winter impending. One day the snow we get will stay for the next 6 months, but if we have blue sky [I can just see blue sky so bright it hurts the eyes *sigh* but it's all in my imagination or is it memory that's fading fast?] I can take anything.

Hope your characters continue to be so helpful...or maybe their timing could be a little better?
And, not that I'm trying to make time go any faster as it's flying by now as it is, I'm looking forward to the next, and final, Makepeace sister's story.

Have a great one!


Julie Anne Long

Oy, Kathy, I have to tell you, your weather sounds like the pits. LOL. I hope you get some *other* beautiful seasons to make up for your winter. I took a photo of our San Franisco sky today and added it to the blog so you can enjoy it vicariously. :)

Ah, you're sweet to be impatient for the end of the series!! That baby's been put to bed (so to speak) for several months now, and will be out in May of next year. (THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION.) The characters who kept me awake last night are the stars of my next book, as yet untitled. The *characters* have names, thankfully, but the book doesn't yet. I'm hoping for a pre-dawn flash of inspiration on that, too. :) And it's entirely possible I'll be soliciting title opinions here on the blog. We'll call it a Think Tank, perhaps. :)

I hope you have a huge stash of books to help you weather the winter!! :)


I am in love with this gorgeous San Francisco weather. It's so foreign that I'm not used to it. I don't want to talk about it too much because it seems everytime I rave about the beautiful weather here, it soon disappears. I was at the beach at Chrissy Field with some students today, and it was so warm and nice. I don't usually go to the beach (don't like sand much), but I didn't mind today. It was fun just to bask in the sun. Too bad I have this irritating cold. Ugh. :(

Kathy K

That'll do in a pinch! LoL... Thank you Julie!! Much better than what we've got going here; *shiver* I've taken to wearing sweaters in the house...and I'm never cold. But I'll sit here and enjoy your blue sky ~ and dream. ^.^



Yep, lots of metaphors. I think the child being born is sort of universal. You go through all sorts of labors to bring it forth into the world, and especially if you don't have a live child, I'd be inclined to think of any work I bring forth as "my baby". Some of the others are very apt as well. I especially like the archaeology one or convert that to palaeontology where you're trying to find a whole dinosaur and you can find only bits and pieces at a time.

For some it may be similar to architecture, especially if you have the large picture first and then fill in the nitty-gritty stuff. I'm glad you're having great revelations.

I'm happy to report that I saw WTBW at Wal-Mart's today and got it. I'd been to Chapters first but they didn't have it and I'm not certain they ever did. So I was even more pleased when I got it with 25% off instead of just 10%.

Your first two books are totally independent of each other, am I right? And the next three are connected? So I guess it doesn't matter if I read the others without reading "The Runaway Duke".

Do really all tea-pots have whistles? I know we've had several in our family that don't. Electrical or not? Our electrical ones would just shut themselves off after a while.

Kathy K

Jeepers! What is it with bookstores in Canada? Like Ranurgis, I just got my copy of WTBW, although I found mine yesterday...and I didn't find it at Chapters either [it was listed, just not available], but at Zellers [Canada's WalMart, kinda]. And OMG! it was absolutely brilliant!
I'm not sure what it was, but for some reason the relationship between Tom and Sylvie wasn't as "easy" as that between Kit and Susannah, but oh, was it hot! I love it!

And the oyster shell scene...I could NOT stop laughing; I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard and I couldn't read. My husband wanted to know what was so funny, but he'd have to read it first and there was no way that book was gonna leave my hands. And now that I'm finished it ~ *sigh* ~ I can hardly wait for Sabrina's story...the preview in the back of WTBW sure whetted my appetite for the final book in the Holt sister's trilogy.

{BTW, notice that I finally got it right? NOT the 'Makepeace' sisters, but the 'Holt' sisters ~ I just need to be beat over the head a time or two before I figure stuff out}.

Kathy ^.^


Just a little question, Julie. Did you get my Sept. e-mail? I think you'll know which one I mean. There are a bunch of e-mails that I'm awaiting answers for--some as far back as mid-August. I'm not sure if they're not getting through to my recipients or not getting through to me. That's why I thought I'd mention it here.

It could be that my computer is totally crazy. If so, I'd like to be able to convince my brother of that. Thanks.

Julie Anne Long

Hey Diana -- and the weather continues!! Isn't it remarkable?? Here's our weather forecast for the week so you all can see what we're talking about: http://www.sfgate.com/weather/. Although I must admit the sunny days are doing "interesting" things to my allergies. I can recall years in which these sunny days have stretched into November, and I wouldn't mind a bit.

Thanks for the report on the books in Canada, girls!! I don't know what's up with Chapters—I can see WTBW being sold *online* at Chapters, but it seems odd that you guys can't find it in stores. I'll let my publisher know, in case that helps. Thanks for buying it, you guys!!! And yes, my first two books are independent, Ranurgis, and BEAUTY AND THE SPY is the beginning of a trilogy that includes WAYS TO BE WICKED, out now, and THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION, out in May of next year.

And I'm just so THRILLED you enjoyed WTBW Kathy!! :) People really do seem to be enjoying it—I've had so many lovely emails from readers. That oyster scene in particular has been mentioned a *lot.* LOL. And yeah, it's the Holt sisters—you were probably thinking of the Makepeace Brothers I mentioned in an earlier blog!! LOL.

Ranurgis—I'm afraid I don't know what email you're talking about. I get an average of about 150-200 emails a day, I think, give or take a few Viagra spams that sneak through. LOL. This is probably true of many authors, so if you're waiting from replies from other authors, you might keep that in mind, have mercy, and try to be patient. :) LOL. I'm usually pretty good at reading and sorting them, but depending upon my schedule and the urgency, I might get back to a reader mail on the same day, or it might take weeks or even months to reply to it. I wouldn't be surprised if some got snagged in my spam filter or accidentally deleted. LOL. Anyway, it's possible one got lost, so feel free to send it again today, and I'll keep my eyes out for it.


I seriously do not know what to do with myself when the weather is this nice. :P

Julie, your buddy Megan Crane had nice things to say about BATS and WTBW. Check it out:



Julie Anne Long

Isn't that sweet of Megan?? She rocks. :) You should check out her books, if you haven't had a chance to yet!! She's outrageously talented, too.


I have both Megan's books, but have only read Everyone Else's Girl, which I really enjoyed.

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