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September 21, 2006



Growing up I never wore perfume and actually got a headache if I smelled it in a car, bus, etc. I still don't really wear perfume as an adult, but I actually bought my very first bottle either this or last year (can't remember). The brand is Nanette Lepore, and the packaging alone is adorable. It comes in the cutest pink bottle. I don't like strong scents, and I think this particular perfume is pretty light. I'm not sure what other words to use to describe it. Here's a link to the perfume. It's the pink one on the left. It also has a better description than the one I provided. I purchased it at Sephora downtown.


On guys I just like them to smell clean--soap's good. :P


Yeah, I have perfume moments. I've had gifts of Chanel No. 5 as the most expensive one. Others have been Avon which I sold for a while. Hmm just had a thought. Maybe I should wear perfume at home again to combat the "Eau de Perm" coming through from next door. Since I was nine, this has been one of my least favorite "fragrances".

In Avon I liked Soft Musk, Odyssey and a few others. One thing you have to consider is that your body chemistry changes over the years. I think that's one reason our likes and dislikes change.

The reason I'm wearing less is two-fold: a lot of buildings, doctor's offices and the like here have signs asking you not to wear perfumes in deference to those that are allergic to fragrance.

The other reason: I still haven't found my perfumes, or at least unpacked them, partly because I don't know where to put them and partly for the reason above. But maybe I should wear it around here. Just now I've got quite cold fall weather coming in through the open window to my bedroom, which is where the perm solution stink hits me the hardest. I just don't know if that will make an even worse scent. I use a bit of lavender room spray and it helps but doesn't really make a big dent in the air around me. O the joys of living wall-to-wall with a beauty salon.

Normally, when I worked I wore just a light hint of eau de cologne. I hate heavy perfume as well and tend to get a headache from it--usually when I'm around other people who seem to bathe in it.

Julie Anne Long

Diana, you weren't kidding about the Nanette Lepore packaging. They're adorable!! Kind of reminds me of Benefit packaging. See, now I have to go to Sephora, and once I'm inside Sephora, it's nearly impossible to get out again. LOL. Too many things to look at and play with. But I actually ike the sound of Nanette Lepore's ingredients. Thanks for the lead!I'm on the trail...

And yes—cleanliness *is* a good quality in a man. :) Some of them seem to need, um, more encouragement along those lines than others.

And Ranurgis—eau de perm?? That's ghastly!! Combating it seems like a GREAT excuse to indulge in a little Chanel. LOL. Do we have any Chanel fans out there? I think I remember something about Avon...didn't they have a lot of darling perfume bottles for little girls—does that sound right? Like, a frog filled with perfume, and a cat with a basket filled with a sort of cream perfume?? Or am I dreaming this?? And if you have to live wall-to-wall with a beauty salon, maybe you can at least pick up some juicy gossip. It's the LEAST they could do for you. (We expect you to share it, if you do hear any.)

Crystal B.

I have been wearing Tommy Girl and Rare Pearls by Avon. I am picky when it comes to scents. I prefer something mild.
My mother has always been a perfume wearer. She wears Acapella by Mary Kay.
Avon did have cute little perfume bottles. I had a fawn with Sweet Honesty when I was a little girl. I loved it. :)
I do like scent on a man as long as it isn't cloying. My husband wears Curve and I like it on him.

Toni Blake

As usual, fun topic, Miss Julie : )

Love's Baby Soft - thanks for bringing back that memory! Jean Nate, too. Wow.

I've always worn perfume pretty regularly, but only at certain points in time have I had a "signature fragrance." When I was around 20, I wore Halston, which I thought was tres' classy, and could only afford because I rec'd it as a gift : ) Later, I got into my Beautiful phase. Now, I still have a tiny bottle of Beautiful, but I mix it up with a number of other Estee Lauder fragrances, along with Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea (I don't DRINK tea, as you know, but I do WEAR it ; ) ) for a more casual scent, and my "dress-up" scent is a kinda-funky-kinda-sophisticated perfume called Shi.

For around the house, I use body splash from Body Works in the coconut lime verbena scent, which I ADORE. And I somtimes spray lavendar on my sheets, or the body splash, for a nice scent to lull me to sleep : )

Gosh, didn't realize I was such a scent diva!

Julie Anne Long

Crystal, that's so funny about the Avon fawn! Memories are rushing back now. I think my mom ordered one, apparently to give to my friend Dana for her birthday, but I had been under the impression that it was going to be for *me.* I remember feeling martyred when we wrapped it up to take to her party. LOL. (We were very little, you see. Ahem.) Re Mary Kay — you just reminded me that my mom used to sell Mary Kay. I remember those pink containiners. Pink everything. I met the nicest woman at the RWA conference in Dallas—she was there for the Mary Kay convention (that hotel was jam-packed with women -- RWA and Mary Kay at the same time!!) and we'd both somehow become completely lost (along with her husband) trying to find our hotel again (we weren't staying in the conference hotel). I remember all of those Mary Kay women had preternaturally beautiful skin. It was almost *eerie.* LOL.

I do recall thinking Tommy Girl was kind of pleasant. It's kind of citrus-y, isn't it? I think a sample fell out of a magazine I bought. :) Now I want to go check out all these scents. LOL.

And Toni, did you know we can still get Love's Baby Soft?? LOL. I haven't smelled it in years, but I'm tempted to get some. Junior High in a bottle. I bet it'll be one of the world's most evocative scents. Either that, or it'll make me gag. :)

I tend to like Estee Lauder products, too, and I have a teeny little bottle of Pleasures that I got as part of a Free Gift (speaking of which, I have to go get their recent one before they run out. LOL. And isn't "Free Gift" redundant??). I do rather like it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to a whole bottle.

And I love lavender, too—e.g., I put a drop or two of the oil a tiny bowl of water and put it in the windowsill for the sun to heat, and the room fills with the smell. :) I'm surprised your husband lets you spray it on your sheets!! (I've actually put some on my pillow, too.) Then again, my dad lived in a wildly flowered room for decades. :) Some men just don't care (or notice, really) how girly you make a room.


I don't wear perfume very often and don't have a favorite. I like LIGHTLY scented men.


Julie, I know what you mean about Sephora. I'm not a big makeup person, but that store has so many things to look at. I don't think I've ever bought makeup at Sephora, but I have purchased shampoo and conditioner. :P

Toni Blake

Fortunately, Blair has never noticed about the sheets - I do it covertly, when he's not in the room ; )

Pleasures - yeah - that's one of the little bottles I have : ) Actually, my mom got me a gift set a year or two ago - 4 little 1 ounce Estee Lauder fragrances - and it's GREAT. Because you hardly ever use up perfume, and it gives me a nice variety to choose from.

Had to chuckle over the Avon fawn. I remember Avon having all sorts of "decorative bottles" in those days. Funny to look back on. I think my dad had a glass cowboy boot of cologne ; )

Get thee to the department store for your redundant free gift, Julie, before it's too late!

Jennifer Y.

I sometimes use a perfume called Happy or Bath & Body works body sprays. I don't wear perfumes or body sprays often though because I get migraines and strong scents make my headaches worse.

Julie Anne Long

I was cracking up at your "LIGHTLY scented men" Estella. I think I have "Lightly scented" dryer sheets. I keep picturing rows of men lined up on shelves, labeled Scented and Unscented, like deodorants. LOL.

And the problem with Sephora, Diana, is that it's nearly impossible not to walk out with at least *something.* I bought eyeshadow last year, which I of course never wear (but it came in this lovely shiney round tin), along with eyeshadow brushes that I seldom use (but they were so soft!!). But I like trying on the hand creams. LOL. Since I have to go downtown to get my Free Gift, I might as well stop in, eh??

Toni, the cowboy boot slayed me!! OMG, how many men got that cowboy boot full of cologne for Christmas?? Probably every dad of a certain generation. That's hilarious. BTW, in a related topic, do they make soap on a roap anymore? Why DID one have to tether one's soap, anyway? In case you spaz and squeeze it too hard in the shower? And then because it's on a ROAP, you can yank it back, like a rodeo calf, or something??

I think I want that Estee Lauder perfume gift set. :)

And it's funny, Jennifer Y.—so many of us are bugged by too much perfume—I know in a city where *every* strata of society crams together onto buses and trains (like San Francisco), we just don't want to smell too much of it OR each other—and yet there's so much perfume out there!! It seems quite the industry. Maybe it survives because they charge so bloody much for just a teeny bit of it. LOL.

And it's interesting how so few of us settle into wearing the same perfume all the time now, unlike our Moms, probably.


Sephora knows how to market to their clients. I once bought a cute pocket mirror because the picture on it was so darn adorable. That store is brimming with cuteness and adorableness and all the other nesses that women love.


Yeah, you're right: Avon used to have a lot of different decanters for the "little girl" in every woman. Just as I started selling, however, they were winding down the decanters. One of the last was the only set I've kept.

One of my favorite movies is "Les Enfants du paradis" (The Children of Paradise). It was filmed in France towards the end of WW II under very difficult circumstances because of the French Resistance and Nazi occupation. It features the main character, a mime, and takes place in a certain district in Paris. I find the film enchanting though of course it is black and white and sort of dated. Anyway one of the scenes I love best is one in which there is a mime play between a man and a woman. Only he wears the typical "Pierrot" costume on stage.

Avon brought out a standing Pierrot and a sitting Pierrette decanter. Every time I see them, I'm reminded of the film. I'm so enamored of it that I have a book of the movie with the whole script in French with pictures from the movie like a comic book. It's so beautiful. If you ever get a chance to borrow the film or see it on TV, grab it. I don't think you'll be disappointed, though I won't venture to say that you'll be as nuts about it as I am. I don't even know how many times I've seen it. I also saw the main actor on stage several times, once with his wife, Jean-Louis Barrault with Madeleine Renaud. I just saw that his niece was born 20 days after I was. Anyway, you can have a look at the film here unless you don't want any spoilers. http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0037674/

Avon still has some good colognes but some of them really bombed, particularly the one they brought out for the 100th Anniversary of Avon. Their favorite world-wide is called "Far Away".


All Tony talks about is his girlfriends. He's 66 but his wife went back to Italy a long time ago. So he's had numerous girlfriends but never wants to get married again. He actually has a 4-year-old son. One of the women he met in Acapulco, where the family has a vacation spot, wanted to have a baby. She's actually very good with languages. I don't know what she worked as but besides Spanish, she speaks Italian, English and some other language. Anyway, after she had the baby, she persuaded Tony that her son would have a better chance in Canada. So he brought them here and I think it must have been just this spring. Since he has a booming voice, he'd wake me up when he came into the salon, but I'm a night-owl. So now I constantly wear ear-plugs. I can't stand all the noise. It just drives me crazy.

Oh, yeah, he also likes to tell the customers that they should exercise to become healthy again. I think he's driving the customers away. There certainly aren't as many as there were when his older brother and an assistant were here. Tony gets bored and wants me to come over. But I'm tired of hearing about all of his girlfriends and his health-tips as it is. Just because he played soccer when he was younger and has kept fit doesn't mean he's an authority on all health issues.

Enough gossip? (grin) In essence, that's all he talks about. Not very juicy, is it.

Haven Rich

My mom always wore Midnight Musk from Avon, its a nice scent, but not for me.

I've been addicted to the same few scents for about 10 years now. 5th Ave. for my daily wear, since its not too strong. My special events smell is Red Door. My dream scent is Chanel No. 5, love the stuff, just can't afford it.

Now awhile back I got a mag. from a local beauty place I had signed up for and it came with a sample...OH I fell in love. Now I haven't actually been to the store to see if it smells anything like the little card thingy, but if it does, I'm so buying me some. It's called Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

Anyhow, as for guys, I'm addicted to Hugo for men. My husband wears this and gets attacked. He will put it on just for that reason..soaks in it when I'm mad, because he knows I'll just wanna sniff him lol. Another one I enjoy on guys is Obsession.

As for places I put it...on the wrists, in the general area of my neckline of whatever shirt I'm wearing and just a tad in my hair. It's a strange thing my mom always did and I picked it up. She always said that men love to smell women's hair and it had better smell good.

Haven Rich

OH did I read up there that someone use to or does work for Avon? I have a mission for you. Long, long ago, my mom gave me a cameo locket type thing that had a gel of perfume. I still have the cameo but it broke in half. I'd so love to know what scent it held. I highly doubt I could get a new one as I've searched everywhere. Anyhow, I'm curious.

Julie Anne Long

I checked out the link to that movie, Ranurgis, along with the reviews and comments, and boy, are people *rhapsodizing* about it!! I'm totally intrigued. I'll have to watch it someday.

And your description of Tony made me laugh!! See, plots and stories are EVERYWHERE. He's a character if there ever was one. A 66-year-old Lothario with a booming voice who does perms. And has a 4-year-old SON. He's something else! Yeah, you have to tell us more about Tony some time.

5th Avenue is your daily wear, Haven? Does that mean you wear perfume daily—e.g., you put it on automatically, say, right after brushing your teeth? :) How about your friends? I'm just wondering. Scent seemed such an essential part of a woman's wardrobe at one time, and I know so few people now who treat it that way. And I've added Euphoria to my list of perfumes to check out. LOL. I googled it, and it sounds YUMMY.

Haven Rich

Julie, I actually don't have friends. Since I moved from Texas to Cali, from Cali to a different part of Texas and now from Texas to LA, I honestly don't have friends. My friends are online haha. I know 3 people here, and I happen to live with all of them (husband and in-laws). And before that I knew that group and the 2 people who lived next door.

I can tell you what the in-laws wear...she wears Lady Steston. And I have no clue about the father-in-law.

I do tend to wear it daily(but not always), right after I put my hair in it's latest knot on my head, I grab the DO and then the 5th Ave. But when I know I'm staying home, I just do a light spray on my wrist and rub together. I enjoy the smell...so when I'm laying my head on my desk, I can smell good lol.

Kathy K

I absolutely LOVE reading these posts... takes me into another place where laughter and memories abound... Awesome!

I've never been a big scents person although I do have a bottle of Mugets des Bois (Wood Lily - closest thing to Lily of the Valley I can find.. I'm a nut about that flower's scent... very light and very short-lived) and White Shoulders - another very light scent. When I do put it on, I use it on my wrists and pulse points on my neck. Basic, but that's pretty much me.
My mom wears Navy - something my dad got for her years ago - and my grandmother wore a scent that, when I still catch a whiff of it in a mall, brings back her memory; but I don't know what it is... I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers.

My absolute FAVOURITE scent ever is Musk. My first boyfriend used to wear it, not sure which brand or if it was just that - Musk ~ I had a feminine version of it ~ and I honestly think I went out with Roy for the way he smelled... gads! I still get weak in the knees when I smell it and that's almost 30 years ago.

My husband Joe is allergic to most scented things; he can't use After Shave 'cause he breaks out and strong perfumes give him a monster headache, so I use my scents only infrequently. Our daughters on the other hand are BIG on perfumes, especially our 19 year old. She likes spicy scents more and our 21 year old prefers lighter, earthy scents. Our 14 year old is 14 and doesn't much care - yet!

Another fun topic Julie, and ladies, I loved hearing about the avon bottles, etc. I used to go through my mom's catalogue when she'd get one and just wish.. I love collectibles ~ much to my husband's dismay. *sigh* .... but that's a whole 'nother thing. ^.^


Toni Blake

Ah, the mentions of musk and patchouli brought back memories of still more small bottles that graced my adolescent/teenage dresser!

Isn't it cool that Julie posts something about perfume, and before long, we're all whisked back to our youth through "scent" - I honestly haven't thought about all these perfumes since, like, I WORE them ; )

Julie Anne Long

That's funny, Kathy K.—I used to love Muguet des Bois, too! I recall discovering it when I was in high school, poking around in the mall.

Scent is so incredibly evocative...and I wonder what causes us to prefer one over another, or what influences the evolution of our tastes? I'm coming back around to liking florals again, for instance, when I used to like mainly greener scents. I've never been a spicy gal, per se. I like spicy *food,* just not necessarily spicy perfume. LOL.

Jeez, I have a busy day today!! I have a million little tasks to catch up on, including a blog to write for the Idea Boutique (which they'll post tomorrow). I'll try to post something interesting here later today or tomorrow. I'm also recovering from last night's dinner, which was fantastic, and I ate much, much, much too much. LOL.

WTBW is still the #1 bestselling historical romance at Barnes & Noble.com! Yay!! That's about a week straight, now. I hope it can stay strong during its actual *official* release month, October. LOL.

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