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September 30, 2006


Haven Rich

Ok is it Monday yet? I think this is one of the few times I actually look forward to a Monday, how odd is that haha.


I'll have to brush up on my Running Man and Cabbage Patch. :P

Haven Rich

Welp, I've warmed up my Rodger Rabbit moves...I'm ready.

Jennifer Y.

I can't dance...might have to be a wallflower at this party.

Julie Anne Long

We're dragging you out onto the dance floor, Jennifer. ;) Or you can just point and laugh at the rest of us fools. LOL.

Haven Rich

It takes no dancing skills at all to stick a finger in the air and point in various directions. Just look at John T. in Saturday Night Fever. Anyone can do that move.

Kathy K

O-kay.... Um, what's the Pony... I think I've missed something - or any number of somethings??
I've registered on Napster and I've been sitting listening to some move-me songs... one that brings back memories and laughs is ZZ Top's "Legs"... this song came on the radio as my husband and I with our oldest ~ at that time only ~ child in his car seat, were driving on the highway at 110 Kph (about 70 mph). We turned the volume way up and our heads started to bob... until a car carrying 2 couples passed us. They were laughing, waving and giving us thumbs up; not sure what they thought we were doing, but looking at it from there perspective... hmmm, it was funny; still laugh about it 20+ years later. Good thing our son was too little to remember and hold it over our heads *grin*.

Some other excellent move-to-it songs are:

Michael Jackson ~ Beat It

Tom Cochrane & Red Rider ~ Life is a Highway

Da Rude ~ Sandstorm [Instrumental]

Soft Cell ~ Tainted Love

Don Henley ~ Boys of Summer

... and the Go-Go's, Banarama and many other of the great 80's stuff... my foot is tapping as I type.

Can't wait ladies!


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