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September 08, 2006



Hi Julie,

I was catching up on my review stuff the whole weekend. I started yesterday with a book that might be familar to you. Ways to be wicked. And I loved it.


workout and read


I worked in my garden and yard.

Crystal Broyles

I visited my mother in the hospital. She had back surgery.

Melissa Lawson

I ate nachos and watched football on Sunday. I'd love to win a signed copy of BATS. However, if you want to send me an ARC of WAYS TO BE WICKED instead that would be brill! *g* I have BATS. I have all your books!

Sandra Furlotte

Well the weekend is over, but I did have a lovely long weekend visiting my parents. They are in their 80s now and every visit is precious.


I went on a long drive with my grandmother, mother and two sons to visit the cemetery where my grandfather is buried.


Sorry to hear so many are sick,load up on the Vit. C like Karen mentioned it does help.
Well Friday my Dad,step-mom,and her mom came over.They were visiting from Virginia[I'm in WA]and took us out to dinner.We went to the Outback Steakhouse,it was our first time and it was okay.I think the food is a little over priced,but the restaurant and wait staff were great.Plus we had a wonderful visit.The rest of the weekend I watched a few movies and started Cherry Adair's Edge series.


We had the first soccer games for our little ones this season, they both won. :) It's pretty funny watching the new ones play bunch ball without a clue. We made two goals for the other team. Then off to ice cream for our winners.

Vacaville usually has some sun when you're fogged in (Fairfield was fogged in on Friday too).

Paula Simecka

I read about your blog in the newsletter I recieved today.I pretty much stayed home and cleaned.cooked and relaxed.It was nice for a change-because I'm on the go most of the time.I also got to spend some prime time with my son for a change.

Paula Simecka

This won't post.Sorry.


I saw this in your newsletter today.I stayed at home and cooked,cleaned and relaxed.I also got some prime time in with my son.I am usually very busy so it was nice to knock around home for a change.

Julie Anne Long

Good morning, girls!! Is it an omen that the sun is shining here in San Francisco for the first time in DAYS?? I couldn't get onto Typepad earlier this morning, so right now I'm testing to see if it works. Cheryl, good to see you here!! Frustrating that the doctor actually made you come in for something that's routine for you guys...I suppose they have their reasons for that sort of thing, but I always find it a bit maddening when they do that. Hope everyone is well!

Danny! I'm so glad you loved WAYS TO BE WICKED!! And I'm so glad you're a reviewer, too. LOL! I'm on pins and needles, of course, waiting to hear what the world thinks. And hey Melissa!! I've added you to my blog excerpt list. :) Thanks for offering (via email)!

Sounds like most of you guys had the kind of weekends I like...Somewhat relaxing, spent with people you love. I like going out to breakfast, particularly...love those long weekend breakfasts. Haven't had much time to do it lately, but I plan to catch up on socializing soon. :)

Hope you ailing girls are feeling a bit better now!! ANd Haven...I love to answer (or creatively dodge! LOL!) fun questions. Bring 'em on! Call it a dare. ;)

And since it's Monday, and the weekend is over, I figure everyone hopping onto the blog today can just mention what they *did* over the weekend. :) Or who knows? Maybe everyone has big plans for *next* weekend. :)

Haven Rich

OH! Now I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on to come up with some really really good ones.


I spent most of my weekend just relaxing. Went to the movies on Sunday and saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, it was okay.


This weekend we will be meeting one of my husband's army buddy and his wife. My husband hasn't seen his army buddy since they both got out of the service in 1974. They found each other again on the internet. They will be staying with us and I am nervous as all heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I shopped like mad and then read most of Sunday.


I celebrated two friends' birthdays over the weekend and had really delicious Burmese food.

Julie, in your blog you mentioned the East Bay. Is this the East Bay near San Francisco?


Julie Anne Long

Real quick clarification: Everyone until 9 p.m. West Coast time (I should have specified that!), so you guys have until midnight East Coast time to post a comment if you want! I'll post the winner tomorrow a.m.!

Julie Anne Long

Danielle, that's so cool about your husband finding his friend!! Good luck with that! I hope it's a wonderful reunion for all of you. :) I love stories like that!!

Pearl—you shopped like mad?? LOL. See, now I'm curious about what you bought.

Diana—I love Burmese food! We have a couple of fabulous Burmese restaurants in San Francisco—there's one in the Richmond I used to love, but haven't been there in years. Do you have a good restaurant recommendation? And yep -- that's the East Bay near San Francisco!! Many years ago I moved a whole HOUR away from my hometown and never moved any further. LOL.


Julie, the reason I asked if the East Bay you mentioned is near San Francisco because I live in SF, too (it's my hometown). I love it here. Where in the East Bay are you from?

The Burmese restaurant I went to is in the Richmond. It's called Mandalay (on 6th and California, I believe). It was my third time going there, and the food was SOOOO DELICIOUS. We were supposed to go to Burma Super Star (also in the Richmond), but it was crowded as usual. I love both those Burmese restaurants. I'm assuming the Burmese restaurant you referred to is one of the two I mentioned.


Julie Anne Long

Hey Diana -- I hail from Fremont, California. :) And during the summers here in the city, I have to tell you, I desperately miss Fremont weather. And Burma Superstar!! That place rocks!! I can't remember if I've been to Mandalay or not, but now I think I'll put it on my birthday dinner circuit. :) (I like to spread my celebration out over a number of different restaurants and different days with different people. LOL.)


I live in the Bay Area, and this weekend, I went back to my hometown (also in the Bay Area) to help it celebrate its 50th birthday. There was a big citywide bash in the park that attracted tens of thousands of people. Saw some old friends and made some new ones, too. Got stuffed on hot tortilla soup, chicken lasagna and hot dogs. My stomach hasn't been the same since. I don't live far from where I grew up, but I still love that place very much. My little hometown isn't so little anymore, but I still love it and always will. I left my heart, in.... screech.. Fremont.


Hey Julie girl, did I win?!!!!!!


Julie, it's actually been pretty warm the last couple of days here in SF, wouldn't you agree? Although I guess warm in San Francisco is chilly to other people. :P

If you go to Mandalay, I don't think you'll regret it. I still have yummy memories of the meal I had that night. ;)

Fremont--when I was in college, sometimes I used to get dropped off there and catch the BART to go home.


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