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September 08, 2006



I'll probably ride in the golf cart and read while my husband golfs in the morning and then in the afternoon I'm hoping to float in the pool and read some more. (Days like these are scarce and few)


Work, as usual. And homework.

Although I feel dizzy and sorta sick right now, so if that doesn't improve, I may just be in bed tomorrow.

And I'll probably watch some football either way. I love football season.

Haven Rich

Julie, I'm going to be glued to my pc (per as normal lol). I'm working really hard on my book and I don't want to stop now. Plus I've entered the Avon FanLit contest with two entries (for the first round) and I want to keep an eye on the comments over there. Basically you could say I'm on pins and needles right now lol.

Anyhow, I have two blogs, RI (which you know) and Haven's Madness (which I am, crazy that is lol). And you don't have to offer goodies to know we'd gladly post an excerpt of your book.*coughcough* not that I am refusing the chance to win hehe. Actually, I've been dying to spread the word of this book. So, since I have two blogs, does that mean I get twice the chance to win?? Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying hehe.

ps. I've been looking for Runaway Duke...I so want to read that one..then I'll start looking for To Love A Theif (Isabel's review really got me excited about this one).


Actually, I'm not too sure what I'll be doing. Here are the choices:

1. cleaning out boxes of books demolished or at least chewed on by what the landlord called gurgling in the pipes of the hot water heating system but I insisted was rats gnawing the pipes. I won that one--unfortunately.

2. celebrating my nephew's 21st birthday (he's the only one that can carry on our branch of the family name). This means I'll probably have to wait to find out if his grandparents on his mother's side will be all right to come to a party. Both are quite ill and weren't expected to even make it to the beginning of this year.

3. copyediting and proofreading a 400-page manuscript.

4. doing what I usually seem to do lately: battling pain and sleeping.

I see someone else is still looking for "The Runaway Duke". Why is he so hard to find? Where have you hidden him?


BTW, my grandmother died 57 years ago today. That means both my brother and a cousin will turn 57 by November 3 (cousin) and Oct. 23 for my brother. She was so much more grandmotherly than my paternal grandmother who died in 1979 at the age of 91.


I'm most likely going to catch up on all the blog posts I missed during the work week ::sigh: And watch the taped House episode that's just begging to be seen! Go to the library and pick up more books on hold. Um...let's see what else. Oh, and cleaning. Everything!! God only knows how things get so cluttered when everybody spends most of the time *OUT* of the house. Lol, that's my list of things to do. Nothing very glamorous, I'm afraid.

Oh, and I'm game to post an excerpt! Send it on.

Jennifer Y.

I will probably sleep and read since I have a cold and don't feel well.

Julie Anne Long

Good heavens, what's going on? Lareign isn't feeling well, Jennifer isn't feeling well, Ranurgis...and now my sister tells me she isn't feeling well...we can't have this!! LOL. I'm sending all of you good healing thoughts. Put your feet up, and rest. Sometimes it's good to have a lazy weekend. Hope Monday finds everyone feeling better!

Haven, GL with the fanlit stuff!! Crossing my fingers for you. :) It's very cool that Avon is doing that! Re the two blogs...I'll leave that up to you, where you want to post it. LOL. And let me see how many extra copies of BATS I can come up with...

Cool, Bookworm!! Thanks! Go ahead and send me your email address and mailing address to Julie@julieannelong.com, and I'll add you to our blog and BATS list. :)

And you know, I don't know why DUKE and THIEF are proving elusive. That's a head-scratcher. DUKE went to a number of printings, I know, and it's usually the one I can find for certain in stores around here at least. THIEF seems harder to find. But Amazon and B&N always have them available, if you want to go that route. And if the main bookstore in your town is Walmart or Target, you may not find all Warner books there, so that's a little harder. You can ask my publisher about it by sending an email to customer.service@hbgusa.com, but I'm not sure what they'll tell you. At least they'll know you want my books, which is always nice!! LOL.

ANd now it's back to work on my newsletter...


Hi everyone, hi Julie,

Julie what a splendid idea! :) Maybe Haven and I can coordinate and post it at RI. I have a personal blog as well, but besides Haven and few of my other friends I don't get that many visitors...but I can do something there to, be happy to actually.

I'm sick too, just came from the doctor's and have a been ordered to rest and take some antibiotics for my ear infection. Who knows what's going around but whatever it is, I hope everyone feels better soon.

Julie is it foggy in the city? The fog is so thick in this part of town you could part it like a shower curtain. While driving to the doc's I felt like I was driving within a cloud. Ok, I'm going to crawl back to bed and down some theraflu. Disgusting stuff but it works, yuck!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Sue A.

Sorry to hear so many of you are sick. Get well soon!

I'm going to spent the weekend on the computer, checking e-mails, visiting some blogs and generally being lazy.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Karen H in NC

Hi Julia,

I plan on doing some more reading (what else is new?). Planning to start Kathryn Smith's Ryland Brothers series after I finish the series prequel 'Elusive Passion'. I have two movies here from Netflix that I should watch and of course, spend even more time on the computer; reading blogs & message boards, doing crossword puzzles and looking for more author's contests. Nothing I love better than free books...hehehe

Julie Anne Long

Oh no! Not you, too, Isabel! Ear infections are frustrating. :( Load up on Vitamin C -- Airborne has about 1,000 milligrams of it. :) That's my advice, anyway. :) Theraflu practically makes me hallucinate. LOL. I'm a lightweight -- I can't really take anything like that without immediately passing out. But there's no denying that it stomps out symptoms. Maybe you'll have a wild vision after you take it. :) I do hope everyone starts to feel better!!

Re blogging—I'll send an excerpt your way, Isabel, no problem, and you guys can decide what you want to do with it! I figure the more people who see it, the better, yes? And signed copies of BATS make good xmas gifts. :)

And yeah —the sun hasn't really peeped out here in days and days. Since...Tuesday? Every now and then the fog seems to get a *little* brighter...then it's back to darkness again. Sheez. I *am* getting a litlte work done, however, in-between downloading music. :)

Sounds like we're all having pretty quiet weekends so far. Glad you're healthy, Sue! Hope you stay that way!! Christy's having the kind of weekend that sounds soothing, too—riding on a golf cart! Sounds like fun. :) Karen...did you get some good movies? Everyone I know seems to love Netflix. I've heard great things about Kathryn Smith's books, too.

OK, off I go to finish the newsletter...hope to get that puppy out on Monday...

Haven Rich

OH Isabel, you've gotta get to feeling better. Can't have my group members sick!

Anyhow, so Julie can see too, here was my thoughts. I wrote the review for WTBW some time ago (umm, have I mentioned I REALLY enjoyed this book??). So my thoughts are to lead up to Julie's visit at RI, I could post the review, you could post the excerpt and then Julie can come in and sweep us off our feet for two days hehe. Let me know if that works? BTW Julie, your visiting us Oct. 16-17.


Well, I don't have a blog..but I still wanted to say Hi! :)

This weekend I plan to finish the book I am reading and start another one...LOL...and also spend time outside in the gorgeous weather!


Julie, congrats on another GREAT book! Just by reading the excerpt of "Ways To Be Wicked," I know it is going to be good :)

Julie Anne Long

Haven, you're so funny!! I'm really so glad you enjoyed WTBW. I'm getting nervous about it, as per usual. If history is any indication, Amazon should begin shipping it in, oh, a week or so, even though it's an October book. LOL. We'll see!! Looking forward to my blog days at RI! I'll have to save some profundity for it. (hee!) If you guys think it would be interesting for me to talk about a particular topic, just let me know, and I'll try to keep it entertaining. :)

And Hi Kathleen!! Some of us (aka, MOI) are envious that you're having gorgeous weather!! In S.F. and nearby we're *really* sick of fog at the moment!! LOL. It's cold, wet and dark. Bleah. What part of the country do you hail from?? Tell us about your weather so we can live vicariously. :) Glad you're enjoying it, though.

And you're so sweet to say nice things about WAYS TO BE WICKED! I really hope you do like it. I keep hearing nice feedback from readers. I'm crossing my fingers, big time. It's always nail-biting time, right before a book comes out. Hope it flies from the shelves. :)

Haven Rich

Julie, all I can say is, you had better go next year to RWA nationals in Dallas. Because it has been so much fun chit-chatting with you online I'd love to met you in person.

As for topics at RI, hmm, I know Isabel is a huge fan of "the call". I really like hearing advice on "how-to" (um anything lol).

You know whats funny, sometimes when authors are planning to visit, I feel like I'm their PR person or something. Or the person in charge of the stage..waving them on "ok kiddies, now get out there and don't forget to smile". Of course, I think I stress just as much too...always worried if the author is going to get lost (take a left turn when it should have been right, haha j/k) or oh any number of things.

BTW I'm glad I can make you laugh..I enjoy laughing, just ask Isabel.

Caro in SD

This weekend, like everyone else, i'm mostly reading blogs. :) My sweetie is trying to fix my water heater. Hope he doesnt blow us up before I win one of your books, Julie! I wish you wrote faster. :)

Feel better, everybody!


Julie, I'm from Missouri and the temps are staying in the 80's!!..which feels more like 60's since we are used to high 90's. Plus sunny and partly cloudy skies. However, we will probably pay for this nice weather w/ a really BAD winter! So I'm enjoying it while I can :)

Julie Anne Long

Caro, I love a man who's willing to tinker with things...if he kinda, sorta knows what he's doing, that is. Here's hoping the two of you have warm water and are still in one piece by MOnday! LOL. And I have a whole new series I'm about to embark on that I'm VERY excited about...so stay tuned for news of that!

Kathleen, that sounds lovely...your 80 degrees. Sigh. I'm soaking up your weather in a cyber way. LOL. I think part of what's bugging all of us around here (SF) is that we all have certain expectations for the weather, and we can cope with our usual cold, gloomy summers because we know September and October are usually beautiful and sunny. And it's just not happening this year...well, yet. So we'll see. The weather always has the power to surprise us. :)

And Haven...of course I'll be in Dallas!! Can't wait to meet all of you!! I'll get a "The Call" story ready for you guys...and I'm happy to answer any other questions you guys might have, no matter how exotic. :)

Haven Rich

Isabel, you saw that, "no matter how exotic". Hehe, we could have tons of fun with that one...not that we've ever asked a question that would make an author blush, but ya never know.

Cheryl S.

A new series? Perking up!
Well, yesterday I sat in the waiting room at the allergist's for an hour and a half while they worked my daughter in. He is only at this office on Saturdays, will not order the serum without seeing her first even though it's a maintenance dose. Our family doctor had told me there were 2 doses left but when she got her shots earlier in the week, the doctor then said there wasn't quite enough for her next shots. So I had to call the allergist and beg to get her in so her medicine could be ordered.
Today, I just sat around reading, crocheting and doing laundry getting ready for another week of work and school for the kids.

Dorothy Sexton

We go out for Breakfast,do a little shopping & then home to relax.

Dorothy Sexton

We go out for Breakfast,do a little shopping & then home to relax.

Teresa Henson

We're going to go over to my folks house so my SO can help my dad build a porch. I also plan on visiting some friends...and of course, READ! lol

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