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September 19, 2006



Great review!

Kathy K

You must be tickled pink! Congratulations again, Julie; says a lot for the story AND the author IMO.

I'll be taking a trip to the bookstore within the next day or so and if WTBW is on the shelves, I'll let you know. Although up here in Canada it's not as likely to be out early as it is down south ~ geez, a whole country "down south"... guess it really is all "location, location, location..." ;) - okay this one ^_~ is better... ^.^

Too much time on my hands? Prolly.



Congratulations on #1, Julie. I haven't read a historical romance in a long time, but I'm going to check out your books soon.

The day does look beautiful. It's funny that San Franciscans seem to like to discuss the weather. I'm excited because I'll be having Thai food for dinner tonight. LOL. I like to eat.

Julie Anne Long

Thanks, girls! I *will* try not to be a *complete* spaz and report on every list fluctuation. LOL. You'll all be, "yeah, yeah. We've heard it. ((Yawn))." LOL.

Mmm...Thai food. That sound fabulous, Diana. I was trying to decide what cuisine I'd like to have for my next birthday dinner (I've already had one birthday dinner)...Thai, Indian or seafood. :) There's a great Peruvian place (I think it's Peruvian) in West Portal that I'd like to try again. Thai might be my favorite, but I like just about every cuisine out there. Mostly I like colorful food with lots of "stuff" in it -- different veggies, textures, etc.


Julie, you are not a spaz. It's exciting to see one's book on a list. :)

You've just listed a couple of my favorite cuisines--Indian and seafood. Someone took me to a really yummy Indian restaurant once for my birthday. If I remember correctly, it's called Indian Oven Restaurant, which is on Fillmore between Haight and Waller. The food was super delicious and not very oily. The only Peruvian restaurant I've been to is Fresca on Fillmore, and the food was also delicious there. One of my favorite Thai restaurants is a little place near where I live called Chai Yo, but I'm going to the Citrus Club in the Haight tonight. A friend recommended it and said it's good and cheap (my favorite combo). Don't even get me started on Japanese food, another of my favorites. Okay, besides weather, it's apparent that San Franciscans like to wax poetic on food as well. :P I hope you have fun at your next birthday dinner.

Haven Rich

I'd say that's some pretty fancy footwork you have going on there too since the book isn't even out yet hehehe. Congrats!!!

Knew you could do it! (ok why did that sound like one of Adam Sandler flick?)

Anyhow, I bet your in tall cotton.

Julie Anne Long

Oh, Indian Oven rocks, Diana. :) And let me know what you think of the Citrus Club! I like Marnee Thai and Thep Phanom a lot.

I think I just *might* be in tall cotton, Haven!! :) Jeez, let's just hope it lasts. :)

Haven Rich

That's what they were thinking too hahaha.


Julie, where are Marnee Thai and Thep Phanom located? I've heard good things about Marnee Thai and have been meaning to try it.

Citrus Club was yummy. The portions were big, and I thought the food was pretty good. I scarfed down my food, but had some left over since I was getting full. I had lemon coconut chicken over wok-fried noodles and a Thai iced tea. There were a lot of people there--apparently the place to be. :P

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