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August 15, 2006


Jennifer Y.

OOOH...can't wait to read this one!

Haven Rich

All I can say is hehehehe. Really, this is an awesome scene and a wonderful book. I highly recommend buying it the second it comes out..no wait, hound the stakers to put it out early for you. I pormise its that good.

A very happy Haven, who is actually happy about turning 30.

Cheryl S.

Oh . . . .WOW!! I'm hooked!

Teresa Henson

Oh my, I can hardly wait to read it all!!!

Crystal B.

Wow! Great excerpt. I can't wait to read it.

Courtney Crowely

This is a great teaser! I have read the all excerpts for Ways to be Wicked and have already fallen in love with the characters. I can't wait to read it all.


Very nice, Julie Anne :)
This particular story sounds like nothing I've read before so I'm definitely looking forward to reading more.

Julie Anne Long

Let me just pipe in to say: Happy 30th, Haven! 30 is a fabulous year! :) Everyone gets EVEN better looking at 30!! (Or, that's a rumor I'd like to start, anyway. LOL.) I do hope you guys like the whole book when it's out. I'm getting excited!! October will be here like any minute.

I'll probably blog something fascinating (ha!) tonight or tomorrow, but anyone who feels like winning a book can keep posting here. I'm going to recruit my sis to choose a winner on Friday night. :)


Sounds great :) Looking forward to read it.

Haven Rich

Can we include shameless begging? Perhaps bribing? I know where I can find some awesome chocolate hehe j/k.

Thank you Julie. My bday isn't until Sunday but my mom came down so we had fun.

I can't rave enough on this book to be honest. I've told Isabel the moment I finished it that she had to buy it the moment it was released.

Oh almost forgot. About the rumor you just started. I'm not so sure its true. On my website I have 3 pics on my bio page. One when I was 24 hours old haha. One of me at 15 and one of me at 25...these two look almost the same.


Oh, I am loving the excerpts! I've been waiting for this one since reading Beauty and the Spy. It sounds amazing!

Happy early Birthday to Haven! I hope you have a fabulous one!

Hugs, Zara

Sanjay S

Looking forward to reading it, Julie! Have fun.

Donna S.

I've heard wonderful things about this book, Julie. I'm really looking forward to it!

Kathy N.

Fascinating excerpt. This sounds like an exceptional read!

Kim C.

This is my first time at your site. I love reading excerpts! Can't wait for this to come out!


Wow! and Wow! What a word-painter, poet you are. I loved that passage about Sylvie's dance. Prima ballerina! Awesome. I could see every move she made.

I'm a real ballet freak though I haven't had much of a chance during the time I've been back in Canada. Stuttgart, where I lived close to most of my 10 years in Germany had a world-class company. And for students, they sold off any tickets that weren't picked up by a certain time for about $2. A wonderful way to see ballet.

Now I have to read this one.

Hmm. Yummy, definitely yummy. I could never even attempt to write like this, Julie. I really do have to get at your books. Great writing and atmosphere.


Do your books go in the order you wrote them? I still haven't found "The Runaway Duke". Are you sure he wants to be found?

Julie Anne Long

Well girls, I tried to post the name of our winner -- TWICE! -- because my sis did her sisterly duty and chose one, but Typepad ate my post twice. So I'll try to do it here in the comments field: The winner of our contest is....(sound the trumpets)....

Courtney Crowely! Everyone say YAY Courteney! And Courtney, send me an email with your address and let me know which book you'd like to receive, TO LOVE A THIEF or BEAUTY AND THE SPY! If I dont' hear from you this weekend, I'll send you a note to let you know you won.

And thanks so much, everyone, for stopping by and saying such lovely things about the excerpt! I really do hope you guys enjoy the book. I've been hearing very flattering things about it from various ARC readers, which always makes my cheeks go warm. :) And I'm getting nervous and excited and distracted, all the usual symptoms of impending book birth. LOL. October will be here any second. :)

I'll have more sneaky contests in the near future, because it's just so darn much fun to give stuff away—I love getting happy emails from the winners. LOL. Check my home page or peek back here every so often. I might even give away my own ARC of WAYS TO BE WICKED...hmmm...

Meanwhile, have a grand weekend, everyone! I've been such a good little workaholic that I might go to the movies. I'm torn between "Little Miss Sunshine," "Monster House" (because I'm just a sucker for animation), and this documentary about Leonard Cohen, whom I love passionately. But I kind of feel like laughing this weekend. Anyone have any recent recommendations?

Hope you guys laugh a lot this weekend, too. :)

Teresa Henson

Congrats to Courtney!


Oh, I love Leonard Cohen too. He's Canadian, I'm Canadian. Guess where and by whom I got introduced to him. By an American from the Pittsburgh area who married a German theologian-archivist and who taught English at a Lutheran boarding school in Germany.

I had no idea there was a film out about him. Did you ever read any of his books? "The Favorite Game" 1963, "Beautiful Losers" 1966, "Selected Poems 1956-1968" and "Book of Mercy" 1984. Is it just titled "Leonard Cohen"? I know when I was in university he was considered somewhat naughty. That would have been after his first book came out. It seems to me that there has been something of a revival of his music lately. I can't tell too well since I'm listening to neither radio nor TV these days.

Julie Anne Long

Ranurgis, the documentary about Leonard Cohen is called "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man." Here's a link, but I'm not sure it'll get you directly to the review -- click on the name of the movie in the left column, if not.

Leonard Cohen is just amazing. His poetry and songs are so penetratingly gorgeous and cutting they...stun me motionless. Really. Love the man. And his birthday is the day after mine. :) LOL.

Canada gave us Joni Mitchell, too, didn't they??

Courtney Crowely

Thanks. I'm so excited. I'll email with further information but I just wanted to thank you and your sister.

Kathy K

I've been hooked since the beginning ~ "The Runaway Duke" ~ and can NEVER wait until the next book is released. Man, October won't be here soon enough. "Ways to be Wicked" sounds to be another Outstanding read; I'm going to have to fill the time re-reading BATS - almost good enough! And then I'll have to wait for Sabrina's story... I must keep reminding myself: Patience is a virtue!

Keep up the Awesome writing!


Kathy K

Oh and Yes... Joni Mitchell is a Canadian artist... and a fellow Albertan! She was actually born in the same town my father moved to (at the age of 6 in '42) and grew up in ~ Fort Macleod, AB ~ so one more connection - Yay! Ahem...

Phyllis N. Crabtree

I love your stories and can't wait to read this one. It looks to be great just like your others.

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