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August 22, 2006



Oh, my! That's an exceptionally cute baby!


Velvet beneath my toes.
Running a fork through soft spongy chocolate cake.
Smell of Sandalwood in the morning air.
How libraries and bookstores smell.
Opening a crisp, new book with the pages raggedly cut and still stuck together.

Caro in SD

Hilarious, Julie! The other thing with satin sheet is men and their toenails! What do you have to do to get a guy to cut his toenails? Not to mention pets and their toenails. My satin sheets were a snagged mess within a week.


Starfish, Sam *is* an enchanting child-- thanks for noticing. LOL.

And Sanjay...oh, yes, I love that feel -- the crispness of opening a new book. And the way a new book *smells.* It smells like promise! LOL.

mmmmm...Smells...boy, we could write for days about wonderful smells. Maybe we should devote a whole blog to it. :)

You cracked me up, Caro! Yeah, my sheets were snagged in no time, too. All in all, a failed experiment in hedonism. And I've learned that 90% of men just don't CARE what's on the bed. LOL.

Haven Rich

Sorry I haven't been around much Julie, but we just launched our store and whew I've been busy.

Anyhow, my favorite things are:

The feel soft baby blankets (yes I'm odd)
Soap running down my skin in the shower
I'm totally for Egyptian cotton sheets
Cashmere is another biggy
the smell of a new book
feathers (see I am odd)
the feel of painted canvas

As you can tell I'm really big into letting my senses take over. I love listening to music...and I mean really listening to it (unlike my husband who might know the catch line). When walking in a store near the clothing or blanket isles I touch everything. I have this thing about touching book covers. I always smell flowers (that phrase stop and smell the roses, that was meant for me lol).

Well I suppose I should stop while I haven't freaked anyone out.

Julie Anne Long

Haven, you're not odd—I just think you're a sensualist, like the rest of us romance lovers! I love thick paint on canvases, too...those guards in blue jackets at museums are always eyeing me, because I like *yearn* to touch the paintings. LOL. The MOMA here in SF has several original Matisses that are lovely and brilliant and thick with paint, and it requires *great* impulse control not to touch them!

You've done a wonderful job with the RI store, btw! Great stuff! I'll have to get some xmas gifts there. :)

Haven Rich

Hehe, thank you Julie. It's good to know I'm not the "freak" of the group. My sister says I'm strange because I like to feel things. But as I've tried to explain to her a million times, its impossible to explain how something is, without having felt it.

I'm so glad you like the store. Today I added a some new items, including baby stuff and some guy things (some of them I think are really funny).

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