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August 10, 2006


Haven Rich

I love the cat photo. He looks like a big Tom.

And it's fairly common to shave cats during the summer or when their hair is all knotted. A lot of people give them just the lion mane hair-do.

Speaking of cat sites, have you seen the site "stuff on my cat" or the cat..something like that...gawds I'm rhyming here.

And, Isabel and I were talking about the "store", we have that doggy-tshirt and both of us have thought about putting it on our kitties. But then we also agreed we want to live for a bit longer lol. Amie (my brat) and Jaggers (Isabel's princess) would NOT like us if we tried such a thing.


OMG, I'm dying here, Julie, I''m simply ROFLMAO. Gosh, those people like to live dangerously. The one cat with the "Anne" hat complete with corkscrew curls, just kills me.
As Haven said we're not about to risk ourlives by attempting to dress up our respective "owners". I for one tried to put on a santa hat on Jaggers last Christmas. Don't believe me? I have the scars to prove it...



Oh gosh. I was laughing and at the same time feeling so bad for that poor cat who has to wear an Anne of Green Gables wig. Poor kitty. I hope the owners are very good to the kitty otherwise. Like she has bed embroided with gold, or something. :P I just, I don't know, I have this weird condition where I tend to feel sorry beyond reason for animals. Even cartoon ones. Or imaginary ones in stories. It's quite sad, actually. In movies, I get more upset if an animal dies than a human.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm being too serious about all this. I should probably go to bed. I do have to get up for work in the morning, alas.


Sorry, I just realized that comment was kind of a downer. I just wanted to add, in the same vein, a former co-worker of mine had this lovely picture. At the bottom it said, "I have no idea what you're talking about...so here's a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head." And sure enough, there it was. It was quite funny. I don't think that site abuses animals or anything. I'm just in a sad mood about animals, but I don't want to depress everyone with why.

Anyway, off to focus on happy things. Like sleep.

Julie Anne Long

LOL. Oh, you guys. Yeah, that site is just so funny on so many, many levels for so many reasons...among them , 1) how in God's name was that particular idea *hatched??* 2) why put a duck's head on the cat's head, and duck's *feet* like a collar around the cat?? The ducks' head wasn't enough, and so the feet were considered necessary? It's so freaking odd; 3) the cheerful assumption that there's a MARKET for these outfits—maybe there is! Oh man. Humans endlessly amuse me. I agree with you Lareign -- poor cat! But ya know -- most of us probably suffer suffer a certain number of indignities on a semi-daily basis in order to earn our keep. :) I can think of jobs I've had where I felt like that cat on some metaphorical level. LOL. SEe, now i'm tired and waxing philosophical. But yeah, I'm a sucker for anything to do with animals, too, and have a hard time with nature documentaries because you just KNOW someone (someone furry) you like is going to get eaten in the name of survival of the fittest, etc.

I totally cracked up at the bunny with the pancake on its head thing!! I'm tired, and suddenly everything is very funny.

Yeah, Haven and Isabel, I *cannot* imagine getting my cat into one of those!! Let alone tying something on his HEAD, and getting him to pose for a photo!! I mean, cats have more sense than that, typically. They brook no nonsense. that's what claws and teeth are for. But check out the one lounging on the blue plaid sofa with a frog hat on. ROFL. How on earth—?

And I love the new RI store!! Very nice logo and fun stuff!!


I goofed again and deleted my comment. argh

My brain is definitely lame today. I had a look at that site too. I didn't read all the writing and it does sound weird. I've never seen the word "tippet". Do they mean that the last cat is actually wearing something made of Dalmatian fur? Yuck.

A little note re Anne of Green Gables. It is a known fact here in Canada that no other country brings as many people to Green Gables on Prince Edward Island as Japan does. For some reason they have a big love affair with Anne Shirley. I don't know if it's the red hair or her ebullient character or what it is about her that endears her to them. So I guess making a cat costume for her is the ultimate tribute. LOL.

But I pity the poor cats too. It's an indignity for them to go through something like that: wearing it and then having to pose. Definitely weird.

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