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August 31, 2006


Haven Rich

You know for some they aren't happy unless their live is filled with chaos and drama. Me personally, I enjoy a very mellow life. Yes I follow my birth sign (leo) and enjoy the spotlight and attention but I love the feeling of being at home, wrapped up in my latest project. And I'm also a perfectionist, so anything I do, is going to be done well. I won't say perfect because I have tons of room for improving my skills. But I will do everything my very best.

My mom once told me that "You could build Rome perfectly, but it would take you a 100 years because it wouldn't be finished until it was perfect". I'll settle for writing a book perfectly (as much as I can).

Anyhow, being published would so put me in a new world, but I also dream of it. I dream of the day I wake up and can have all the drama of deadlines, fan mail and everything that comes with having a book published.

BTW my childhood dream was to be a opera singer, which was well in the works until at 15 I was preggers with my daughter. I had scholarships to some of the best schools for my art of music but I wouldn't trade my daughter in for none of it. After my daughter I worked for a time as a wedding singer (not like the movie but during the vows and stuff) until my ex-husband said the sound of my voice made him want to vomit. It was then I formed a new dream.

Julie Anne Long

Haven—first, can I just say that I'm VERY glad the person who said the sound of your voice made him want to vomit is your EX husband?? Not currently married to you. Good God. I bet you have a beautiful voice. I hope you still sing in some capacity...in church? For weddings, as you did before? It would be a shame to deprive the world of your gift. :)

It's funny how threatening, sometimes, or unnerving, our dreams can be to loved ones. Understandably so, because achieving a dream often changes the dynamic in a given relationship. Some people just need to be reassured that they're loved and still part of your life, as they wonder how they'll fit into your life once your dream comes true; some people are simply afraid of being surpassed, and so react negatively either verbally or in actions; some people don't like to be reminded that they're not going after their own dreams. I found it was often a delicate negotiation process with people in my life, as my writing career happened rather suddenly (to them, at least). And I was often surprised by who was supportive of the time I spent on my new career, and who was simply not. I think it's hard for some people to truly understand how much time and commitment it takes to do something like this unless they've committed time and energy to something similar—my friends who have been to grad school, for instance, *really* understood what I was going through.

I did learn, too, that there were a few people in my life who basically thrived on drama, and I learned that I just didn't want that energy in my life anymore. My writing dream was too precious, and I couldn't afford to steal energy from it to give to the drama junkies. :)

And since we know you're a sensualist, Haven, and now we know you're a perfectionist, I would say you'd make the *perfect* romance author. LOL. Please, never stop dreaming, and working toward your dreams!

Haven Rich

Hehe Julie. I hope one day you'll be able to read my novel and still agree to that statement. I do know that I try very hard to get the "feeling" of everyting into my book.

Yes he is totally an EX! Sadly, the only singing I do now is at my desk with my mp3 player while I'm working on my novel hehe.

Speaking of drama..I hope you get a laugh out of this, because I did. Last night after I made dinner, I noticed the clock on the mircrowave still showed cook time..so I cleared it and the blasted thing just stopped working. Don't know why but it broke. I'm not worried because this is the one that came with the house, meaning we have two others that are newer and work perfectly well.

Well, the mother-in-law comes home and prepares her food and goes to microwave it and sees its broke. She comes into my office all freaked because she doesn't know how she is to heat up the food. Saying something like, she was going to have to wait until my husband came home before she could eat.

After recovering my wits from jumping at the sound of her voice (she scared me lol, my back is to the door and she just "boomed" with her voice), I didn't even blink when I replied, "or you could use the stove".

Might I explain that the food is sitting ready on the stove-top, in the pans it was cooked in..she only had to turn on the burner lol. Anyhow, this totally didn't make the mother-in-law happy, but I got a good laugh out of it.

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