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August 28, 2006


Haven Rich

I would say I have dream-like moments as well but for the most part its people asking me to tell them what their dreams mean.

But in truth, I've had moments such as these, but not nearly as interesting. But I've made the comment to the hubby a few times how things seemed to be "different" on any uncertain day. And they would be altered in some way. A few times when we lived in San Diego, we'd go to the store late at night and for some reason the lamplights would be brighter than normal (living in cali you know what I mean when I say they are always dim). But it was so neat.

It's also how cars look after a fresh rain on a cloudy day. There colors seem different (to me anyhow).

As for the bagger, well all I can say is he keeps your life interesting doesn't he?

I also know what you mean with paying your toll. At the hospital I use to go to(er), there would always be a person sitting there, with clothing very weathered and we would take whatever change we had and give it to them. As we are often broke too, we would sometimes bring food with us, to give. This would normally gain us the smile of someone who is thankful. Either that or they think we are on crack for handing them food or change lol.

Not to be mean to others but I think it takes a special type of person to see days like this..and no I don't mean riding the short bus (hubby's expression). I mean it takes a person who isn't afraid to stop and smell the roses. My father-in-law would never see a day like this because he is too wrapped up in his thoughts of money and work to see such things.

Anyhow, if nothing less, you could always write these people into your next story...or have you already?? "the" in Ways to be Wicked seems like the type hehe. And I can almost bet, Julie, you'll be the only one who gets that comment until after the book is released.

Julie Anne Long

I think you're right, Haven—I think some people go out into the world every day prepared to see the humor or wonder in things, just sort of reflexively taking in the details of life, the beauty AND the ugliness or difficulty (and we have plenty of both in San Francisco.) It certainly makes life more colorful and rich, no matter what you have on your mind. (I know what you mean about cars after rain!! I love the light right after it rains). I suspect writers, artists, etc., are more predisposed to this. I've had friends who say things to me, like, "why in God's name are you watching the pigeons?" LOL. I like to watch all the little worlds within worlds going on around us. Guess I'm lucky that I'm easily entertained or diverted. LOL. And sometimes work and concerns can distract you from sort of observing the world...but I think observing the world can help put everyday concerns in perspective, too. And yeah...I think pretty much everything I experience ends up in my books in some form or another. :) I'll blog about that some day!

Haven Rich

I like the way you put it much better. My husband always says I'm being overly emotional or sensitive. Either way I like to think that I see the world..not just view it. Which, as you said, is part of the reason I love painting. I'm not good at it but I love the colors. I love art, because of the emotion they put into each canvas.

I've always figured there are two types of people..cup half full/cup half empty. This seems to apply in all areas.

My cup is full hehe.

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