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August 21, 2006



Hi Julie :)

Congrats, Courtney, you'll love TLAT. It's an awesome read. Enjoy!


You know, I really want to see Little Miss Sunshine, too. But I live in a small-town, and it's not here, and I would be surprised if it ever gets here, or even to the slightly better movie-theater town 20 minutes away. But the cast looks great. I have an odd little crush on Steve Carell, even though he's probably 20 years older than me. And I think it's cool that this character seems to be so different from his usual roles.

As far as good movies I've seen recently, I watched Sideways the other night with a friend, and we both really liked it. It made me want to try wine, haha, even though I never really have before (I'm just 22, so I've only been able to buy alcohol for a year, and before that I really didn't drink at all, for various reasons). So I went to buy some a couple days ago and went into the wine room, and it was all cooled and there was a little whirlpool and I was just amazed. I know, I'm easily impressed. But now I have some merlot in my fridge, although I'm saving it for a bit. Anyway, you may very well have seen Sideways already. It kind of takes place around your area and all.

Next up is Match Point. I hope it doesn't make me want to play tennis. Or commit adultery. Last movie I saw in theaters was Devil Wears Prada. Fun and fluffy, although I didn't really like the ending, and it made me realize just how ridiculous the fashion world is.

Julie Anne Long

Lareign, I heard that "Little Miss Sunshine" is going into wider distribution, so who knows? It might make it's way to a theater in your neck of the woods. I've wanted to see Matchpoint, so I'll have to rent that; I've also heard good things about Sideways. So I'll check that one out next, I think. :) Life for the past several months was pretty much wall-to-wall work for me—seriously—so movies were an indulgence I couldn't afford, time-wise (besides, I *had* to watch American Idol. LOL. That, and House were pretty much all the TV I watched for quite some time). I'm just starting to catch up on everytyhing. I did see "Capote" and "Station Agent" recently, because friends loaned me DVDs. Capote was riveting—I highly, highly recommend it. And "Station Agent" was fabulous, too. It was more wrenching than I anticipated, somehow, but that could have just been the mood I was in. Both movies lingered in my mind for quite some time after I watched them, and for me that's the test of a good movie. And around here, non-matinee movies are $10, and for that price I kind of want a movie to linger. :)


I went past our biggest multi-plex theater on Saturday afternoon and saw the movie advertised there. It was one of the two playing there that I would have gone to see if I had the money. I'm not much of a movie theater person. I prefer to wait for the movies to come up on TV. Cheaper that way.

Personally, I prefer the older movies anyway.

I know what you mean about finding any movie interesting if you haven't been to one in a while. One of my friends gave me a free ticket. So I decided to see "The Da Vinci Code" more for the scenery than anything else really. I lived in the Paris area for over a year and loved exploring the streets. Of course, I also went to the Louvre numerous times but a lot of things there have changed since the early 1960s--a lot more security for one thing. I think the Mona Lisa still hung there without protection of any kind though there was a guard close by and it was still in one of the long galleries. My favorite was always the Victoire de Samothrace at the top of the stairway but I also went exploring in the lesser known areas.

I've also been to London several times and know quite a few of the scenes shown there. And I loved the Lincoln Cathedral which doubled for Westminster Abbey. On our tour to see the churches, we had to wait for a service to finish in Lincoln--where the famous "imp" is. Actually hearing a service there with choir and everything is much more engrossing than just the church by itself.

Saw some of Scotland too but not Rosslyn. So seeing the movie was a journey into the past for me but some things I really could have done without (e.g. the self-flagellation). And I didn't like some of the changes in the movie from the book, though that I guess is inevitable. Otherwise I found it a so-so movie.

Julie Anne Long

I know what you mean, Ranurgis, by seeing a movie for a sense of place...one movie that immediately leaps to mind for me is "Enchanted April," set in Italy. Watching that movie is nearly as good as taking an actual vacation. :)

Pam Rosenthal

LOVED Little Miss Sunshine.

Another wonderfully loopy movie with strange-but-true family rhythms is Junebug. We missed it at the movies, but rented the DVD this weekend. Really good.

And my husband and I are suckers for anything by Kevin Smith (even Jersey Girls, which maybe grossed about $10,000). I cried real tears.

And then on the Big Shiny Romantic side is The Illusionist. Loved it too.

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