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August 02, 2006


Haven Rich

I was online last night when Isabel popped onto my messenger telling me she was out-of-sorts because of the earthquake. I'll tell you what it was...my sister, who was having her baby last night, was screaming so loud she shook Cali (even though she's in PA). Hehe, ok maybe that only amused me but in any case, I'm glad it was only a small one.

As for the RWA, I'm so jealous I'll be painted green until next year. Everyone has such wonderful stories and pictures *sigh* I so wish I could have been there.

Thats ok, I sat at home reading what has so far been a fabulous book *wink*.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Welcome back, Julie! :)

I felt that earthquake too, *thanks, Haven for holding my hand afterwards*. I freaked out because my first thought was: my animals. If this should happen they need to go on in carriers.

Ok, my next post here will be to comment on the RWA. Sorry just had to chime in on the earthquake.



Don't worry. All the pictures that I have seen of you are lovely. I love that dress in the one with Toni Blake! I'm always making a face in my pictures or blinking. I look normal in person, but take a picture and I turn into Jim Carrey. I'm glad you had a good time! I'm still jealous though lol!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Haven! Congrats on being an Auntie! Are you already an auntie, or is this your first niece/nephew?? Hope your sis is doing great!

Isabel, I met your friend Andrea (that's her name, right??)! And I do believe she took a photo! So you should have a signed copy of BATS soon. :)And I,too, always keep my pet carrier handy for earthquakes...just a habit. Also, pillowcases will do in a pinch for transporting cats. :) We had to do that once when my sister's house caught on fire. Long story. LOL.

Zara, you're sweet re the photos! I'm glad you like the dress! BElieve it or not, it's actually a top I bought recently and a skirt i've owned for ages, but everyone assumed it was a dress—they went together magically! Which meant I didn't have to spend a dime, which always makes me happy. :) But man, I'm tempted to share that photo that Candice took. LOL. You guys will laugh. It's truly bad. Michelle Rowen has a few good ones, I think. I'll see if I can snag some from her. :)

Hope you dig the rest of the book, Haven. ;)

Haven Rich

This is her 2nd and I'm an auntie a few times over hehe. Layton is doing great and so is my sis. She's just glad to have him here (she was in a lot of pain the last few weeks). But both are doing wonderful.

Julie, you've out-done yourself. I'm so loving this book. I did find a few oopsies but nothing too horrid. The odd thing is..the more I write and edit myself the more I noticed other mistakes with books. Before I never noticed. I'm thinking this is a good and bad thing lol.

In any case...I'm almost finished with it and will have you a fully blown ego fluffing review. BTW the ego fluffing won't because I like ya haha...it's because the book is just that wonderful.

Haven Rich

Oh I just read the excerpt you gave and that is a great scene.

I could hardly contain myself with the clam. Too funny.

Candice Hern

I think you should post the picture I took, Julie. You know the one I mean. :-)

Julie Anne Long

I'm so glad you're enjoying WAYS TO BE WICKED, Haven!!! And that scene you mentioned...someone else told me the oyster scene almost made them wet themselves laughing. LOL. I'll take that as a compliment. I'll admit to cracking myself up when I was writing it, too. LOL. And yeah, you'll find quite a few typos in the ARC, typically—did I tell you this already -- that publishers retype (typeset) books from copy edited manuscripts, often at high speeds against tight deadlines, which is why we often get so many typos?? I forget. I'm glad you're only finding a few, though. :)

Thanks for reading the ARC!! And I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it in a review. :) Glad Layton (great name, btw!) and his mom are doing well.

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