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August 04, 2006


Haven Rich

Julie, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I so wish I could have been there for even a small part of that. It stinks having to stay at home with no one to talk with. But I did enjoy chatting with Isabel as we awaited the posts to start on who won at the awards.

Just wait til next year *insert evil laugh here*.


Well, you all look as if you're definitely having fun.

Funny, I've also got a thing about reflections. I once took a picture of a French castle reflected in the water around it. There's only one difference where you can see which is reflection and which substance. At one point the water flows out and you can see the distortion of the roof.


Uh, thanks for the fog offer. However, that's what we get at night: at about 70 we have 100% humidity. It's not so much the heat itself but the humidity which is driving us crazy. The actual temperature hasn't been much above 90 but with the humidity and little or no breeze we've had feel-like of 115.

Everything in my apartment feels clammy and I've taken to sleeping on a bath-towel and using another as a cover if needed. The things you resort to to feel a little bit drier and not so sticky! Showers just make the humidity higher and since I have no fan, and the bathroom door doesn't close completely, I hate to bring in any more water in any form.


Oh, I love all the pictures. It's always fun to put faces to names. I'm so jealous, I'd love to meet all these authors.

Julie Anne Long

Haven, I really hope you and Isabel can make it to the next conference—it's in Dallas! You'll have a blast. And Nicole, you must go, too! It's kind of astonishing to see all of your favorite authors just *wandering* around. I get starry-eyed and shy, too, when I see, say, Susan Elizabeth Phillips in line at the cafe. Pretty wild.

Ranurgis—Good lord!! Re your humidity. LOL. Yeah, I can see how you wouldn't be interested in more moisture, per se. :) But fog is at least cool. It's sunny here today, however. We'll see how long that lasts! It's been a really peculiarly warm summer for us. Well, for just about everybody, seems like.

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Oh, I love all the pictures

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