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August 24, 2006


Jennifer Y.

Hey, I share a name with the spider!

I had a spider that I named Harry living in my room...had to evict him as well when he decided to leave his post and crawl on me. Don't mind spiders as long as they are not crawling on me.

Julie Anne Long

Hey Jennifer! All the Jennifer's I've ever known have been quite sweet (Harry's a great name for a spider!), and my spider seemed like pretty good (well, at least unobtrusive) company...until she grew up. LOL. Apparently she moved into my apartment when she was a teenager, or something (in spider years) and I guess spiders keep growing until they die of old age or something like a bird eats them. And I have to tell you my scalp felt all crawly for hours after I put her outside. Like I kept expecting to find a spider on me. Poor spider. There's a good dark spot under the back stairs near the garbage cans...maybe Jennifer will make a home there. Might be an adjustment after hardwood floors, however. :)


Julie, you're nicer than I am. Spiders creep me out. If I see them, I generally kill it. The only exception is if it's small and tiny and harmless, like the spider equivalent of a gnat. And even then, I often kill it. Because I am just too creeped out by them. Now, if I'm in bed and see a tiny bug crawling on my ceiling? I'm not gonna kill it. One, it's on the ceiling and tiny. Two, it's not very practical. My friend Ben, though, is like y'all. He'll be like, "Come here babe" and put a spider in a jar or his hands whatever and put it outside. He's sweeter than I am. He can't stand to see anything be killed.

My two cats tend to like to play with bugs, if they can find them. It's quite funny to watch. They're hilarious. The cats, that is. Not that bugs. And I wouldn't let them play with a spider. Spiders just...uhh. I've heard too many horror stories. Spiders must die. Okay, now I'm kind of skeeved out. The good thing about being on the second floor is I seem to get fewer bugs. Or maybe that's just me telling myself that.

On a happier note, Julie, the bookmarks arrived. They are quite lovely, and thank you very much. :)


Too funny, Julie :)

I evict spiders from my place as soon as I discover them. The DH gets so freaked out by these multi legged little creatures he forgets to breathe. *sighs* Anyhow, Jaggers likes spiders very much I've come to find out, so it's really for the spiders' safety that they get relocated to the driveway.

Julie, isn't funny when people from the across the bay come to SF? As you said, here they come with their shorts, tank tops, flip flops only to have to offer them a jacket and a cup of hot chocolate LOL. It doesn't fail to amaze me :)

Haven Rich

One thing I've learned from living in San Diego is during the day you may want to wear shorts and tanks but if your not close to home you want to take a change of clothing to keep warm. The air from the ocean can chill things off quickly.

As for spiders...they gots to go! I'm normally ok with bugs and just tossing them out but spiders have no "get out of jail free" card with me. I see one and it's dead. Mainly because I'm allergic and that's all I need is a million spiders wondering around. Just the other day I saw one checking out my pictures on the ledge of the window and when I tried to move him (wasn't going to kill him cause he was neat looking) he jumped at me. I didn't scream, which is normal for me, but it annoyed me.

So after a few attempts to catch this dude I waited until the hubby came home and then he was sent to st. peter. Sorry dude but if you would have just held onto the paper you could have lived outside.

Jump at me, blasted critter. *squirm,shiver,shake*

Julie Anne Long

You guys are cracking me up! What a bloodthirsty bunch!! (Apart from the valiant Isabel. Men!! I tell you. What are they *for*, if not to put spiders outside??)

Actually, I'm teasing. You guys probably have scarier spiders in Texas (Haven and Lareign, you guys hail from there, yes? But Haven's in Louisiana now, right?) than we do here in CA. I googled California spiders before I allowed Jennifer to stay, and learned that poisonous ones around here are really, really rare. (Although I did once see a tarantula when I was hiking in Sunol, about an hour from here.) And in San Francisco, you don't get too many crawly things in the house, usually, because it's just too darn cold and wet. (When i was growing up in the burbs, we had more crawly things.)But now I have a backyard, and all that flora nearby means more fauna comes into the house. :)Yippee. As for my cat, he likes to chase moths and flies (outside), and only once in a blue moon catches anything. He started to chase a bee the other day, and the bee turned the tables on him and came at him and Domenic galloped hard in the other direction. LOL. Lesson learned. I think spiders freak him out. I don't want him eating them, because he'll barf them right back up. Sigh.

Naming that spider Jennifer was kind of my way of coping with my own spider issues. LOL. We all have our place in the food chain, and etc, and at first I thought there was something sort of touching about how the spider found such a great spot to live, where nothing could eat her. When she grew to nearly the lenght of my thumb, I discovered the limits of my tolerance, apparently. But I'm less creeped out now about taking them outside. I would probably pass out if one *jumped* at me though. Jesus God!! LOL. What kind of spider JUMPS???

Glad you got the bookmarks, Lareign! And yeah...weather-wise, more fog today in my 'hood. Which means it must be quite warm inland. But it's not as cold, at least, today. Visitors *never* believe me when I tell them it's cold here...it's hard to fathom that the weather could be so dramatically different in places just a few minutes apart, I guess. I've learned to *always* have layers on, here in SF. Sigh.

Haven Rich

There are actually several types of spiders that jump. They use it as a form of protection. Using the jumping as a type of intemidation(sp). And your right there are a ton of poisonous spiders in Texas (and your right, I'm not transplanted to LA).

I dont know if you've ever heard of them, but in Texas (I'm not sure about here) they have wolf spiders. These guys get huge and they are mean too. They will actually chase you. Think of them as the bull...they don't run for cover like some spiders. OHHH nooo they attack. And their two front legs?? are longer than the rest and they will raise them up like they are going to fight you. It's amusing, when your not running for your life.

Sherrie Holmes

Spiders! Ooh-hoo-hoooo! [shudder] I live in the Pacific Northwest and every fall they come into the house and bring their buddies. They hang out near the ceiling, drinking and belching and throwing their empties at me.

They seem to be growing bigger, too. The ones that get in the bathroom are terrifyingly large. And they won't die. I believe in live and let live, but when they chase me across the floor, that's it, dude. And I do NOT like them dropping down while I'm in the shower. There are still wet footprints on the ceiling from the last time that happened and I self-ejected from the shower.

I seem to be host to a sort of uber spider, because those huge hairy things pop back up out of drains after being flushed down, and when you spray them with Raid they just hunch their shoulders and laugh. A friend of mine who's a spider lover said they are very sensitive, and if you scream at one, it can die of a heart attack. Well, I've done plenty of screaming, believe me, and all it does is make them mad.

Hate spiders. If they're in the house and leave me alone, I leave them alone. But if they abuse their privileges and don't follow house rules--the most important one being "don't scare the house owner"--they're history. ~Sherrie

Julie Anne Long

Oh, Sherrie, you cracked me up!! Good to know I'm not the only one who accidentally plays host to arrogant spiders. And the image of a spider having a heart attack—clapping its little spider arms over it's heart and keeling over on its back with little x's over its eyes—oh man!! Also, I'll have you know I took a bath tonight (vs. a shower) thanks to your spider-dropping-down image. I think spiders *are* sensitive, though—there was one scurrying all over my bathtub once, and I kept trying to herd it into a tupperware container, and it was having NONE of it. I finally just sort of said, "I PROMISE I won't squish you. I just want to take you outside." And I swear it stopped scurrying and stepped into the container! Resignation, I suppose. It knew it couldn't win. LOL.

Toni Blake

Thank GOD you finally got that spider out of your house!

Toni (who learned about this spider back in July and was just as horrified then as I am relieved now ; ) )

Kathy K

Oh ladies, you slay me! I absolutely love the images "wet footprints on the ceiling" and Domenic as he "galloped in the other direction" away from a bee... ROFLMAO

I, on the other hand, like spiders; freaks the kids and husband out no end, but I'm fascinated by them. We have one or two in our living room; they're Zebra spiders - don't know if that a legitimate name, but they're black-and-white striped little guys. They don't build webs as they are a type of jumping spider; that's how they get their prey, they jump on 'em. They do a good job taking care of any insects that get into the living room and my plants are all in excellent health, thank you very much!

That's my good word for our eight-legged little pest removers!

TTFN! ^.^

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