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August 07, 2006


Haven Rich

Julie, I run in fear of germs. I get a bit obsessive about washing hands because I take a chemo pill and an IV med to kill the immune..so I get a bit nervous when others have colds or flus.

What do I do when sick...read, sleep, and write. That's why I loved my laptop so much. I could fluff my pillows, lay back and write.

Hope you get over your cold soon..those summer ones hurt more than the winter ones.


Usually I try to prevent a cold at any time by taking a dose of Vit. C daily. It seems to have worked because in the 25 years that I've been home from Europe, I've had bad colds only 3 or 4 times.

When I do get a bug like I did last year while home-hunting, I drink lots of fluids including 7Up and ginger ale. Especially the latter cuts down on nausea if the tummy's involved. I have to be careful with throat lozenges and cough drops because I'm allergic to eucalyptus.

I guess I'm more likely to get colds and flus since I no longer have a car.

Hope you're feeling better again soon. Usually I take to my bed if the cold gets me and read and sleep. And I do take Vit. C (chewable ones because I can't seem to swallow them too well) to get over the cold as well.


Haven, I can see that it would be really rough if your immune system is compromised. Hope you're able to stave off the germs. I'll pray that you do.

I myself don't really need any additional medical problems either. I have nothing life-threatening, just lots of pain and chronic fatigue and a weird sleeping pattern which is why I'm awake at 0604h EST.

Jennifer Y.

Feel Better...I like to sleep and read when I am sick.

Haven Rich

Not that I'm a doc or anything but they say those are signs of depression. I know this because that's what I do and what the doc told me. I was up til 5am this morning. I'm more of a night owl anyhow.

Julie, I know a few things that I have to avoid that actually help the immune system. Orange juice helps a bunch. I haven't had OJ in over 4 years now. And you know I heard a rumor that chocolate makes you feel better *wink*.

Julie Anne Long

Hi girls...I'm feeling a lot better, thanks!! I swear, Vitamin C and lots of liquids does wash it right out of your system. Airborne has tons of Vitamin C and various other things in it, and it's a wonder tonic. I think I was just a bit tired from the conference and something got me. And I foiled it!! LOL.

I don't know how you feel about green tea or dark chocolate, Haven, or whether you can have them, but they're filled with anti-oxidants, and great for immunity, supposedly. I swear by them. :) Also, wheat grass juice, which *tastes* foul, but makes you feel fantastic. LOL. I just rested a little today and did some work that didn't require much creative thinking—more task oriented stuff. Tonight I'll be writing, lke a good girl. :)

All day my my comments thingy has said "0," but I discovered everyone's comments just now! How funny. Typepad is acting squirrelly again, I suppose. There seems to be no end to the ways that Typepad can act squirrelly. LOL.


Hi Julie, I'm happy to read you're on the road to recovery. I drink tons of green tea too, but as much as I love chocolate I just can't eat a piece of dark chocolate and enjoy it. :(

Haven Rich

Actually I'm suppose to avoid anything that boosts my immune system. To keep me in good heatlh I kill my immune system, sounds odd huh. The deal is, that old saying you can never have too much immune is WRONG! You can! And I do. What happens is you have so much immune that it gets bored and decides that your body is the bad guy and attacks it. So all your immune gangs up on your poor body.

Anyhow I'm so glad your feeling better. It's not good when the author I worship is sick...btw I finished Ways To Be Wicked and LOVED IT!

Julie Anne Long

Hey Haven -- You're so sweet. I'm so glad you enjoyed WTBW!! Do you have a favorite chapter, by the way?? I'm doing a promotion with Romantic Times and my publisher, and I'm trying to decide upon a good chapter excerpt. I'm thinking Chapter 11. :) I'm taking a poll!

Haven Rich

Um I'd say...oh dang its hard to pick one. Chapter 11 is great but I love Chapter 17 just as much. Ohh this is such a tough question.

But based on the main characters, I'd say go with Chapter 11.

If you were going with secondary characters, I'd say Chapter 17. Sorry but Daisy is just too funny.

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