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July 13, 2006



Yay!!! Thank you!! Funny about the post. I've caught a really bad cold and don't feel that I'm completely here anyway. I was off of work yesterday. It's quite fitting, actually. haha! I'm just glad you saw it before it blinked into the unknown. Email on its way.

I say put some ear plugs in and head on over to the Junior department. You're going to find the perfect dress.

Julie Anne Long

Hope you had a good day of rest yesterday, Kim, and congrats on winning! :) Cartoons, hot tea, Airborne and BEAUTY AND THE SPY are my favorite cold remedies. LOL. Actually, I don't know about the last one, but I imagine it couldn't hurt matters. (I'll send you a signed copy of BATS.) Summer colds can be a bear. Maybe I'll wear an I-Pod into the Juniors department loaded with inspirational music, like Jimi Hendrix. :) Or...Erasure. Or Beck. Or Debussy.

But it's too sunny to shop today. It's a PERFECT day to stay indoors and work on revisions!! It's PERFECT revisions weather! (This is how I try to convince myself of things).


Julie! It's good to your blog up and running again.

I second the idea of taking your I-pod while you go into the Juniors department. :)

Julie Anne Long

What should I put on the I-pod, Isabel? :) What makes a good shopping soundtrack?? Actually, I think I found something in the bowels of my closet that might make a fine outfit. Or part of an adequate outfit. :)

Haven Rich

I'm kinda curious are you going for the sassy author, feather boa and all or going for a more classic author look?

I love dress hunting and according to my sister have the best taste. Hey just because she is one-sided on this doesnt mean I don't have good taste haha.

It's one of the reasons I enjoy designing my own dresses. Because I get a wild idea for something and there is only one way to get it...I do it.

Best of luck shopping.


I'm so glad that others don't like the thumpety-thump kind of music. But then I grew up with Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Debussy, etc. Makes it hard on me and I'm already sound hypersensitive. But I was just introduced to an ear-plug that works, so that might help my woes. I just cannot concentrate if there's too much sound around me.

Good luck on finding the perfect ensemble. I have give up shopping for dresses. I have such a weird shape. The solution according to some people: have your clothes made. Oh, sure, just the thing to do when you live on a disability pension. So it's tops and skirts for me. Even blouses can be bummers.

Sending good thoughts your way so that you'll find the right mood for those revisions. I can imagine it's not easy. I need to be "comfortable", for lack of a better word, in order to do tasks like that.


BTW, you could always tell any nasty person that approaches you in the Juniors, "I'm getting a gift for my niece who happens to be my size." Are they going to call you a liar? I don't think so. If you, like me, don't like to tell even a little lie like that, you can always tell them that you just wanted to see the kinds of outfits they have there. I wouldn't worry about juniors. After all they start to wear prom dresses here as they graduate from grade 8. So there must be something along that line available for them.

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