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July 11, 2006



How about in a stable, for a good place for a love scene? :)

My guess for the locations:

Pier: BATS!
Hunting Box: "The Runaway Duke"
Garden: "To Love a Thief"
Gallerly of statues: "Ways to be Wicked?" (I don't know yet!)
Attic: The Secret to Seduction?


Sniffle, I can't participate in that contest yet. I haven't read even one book yet. As I indicated before perhaps, I feel so terribly tired all the time that I rarely get in 2 pages of reading before I fall asleep. Actually, at present, my best place to get any reading done is the W.C.

As for locations: how about a library under the stern face of great-grandfather (I know, too common) but you've picked all the unusual places already. What about a grotto but I think they didn't come into style until later in the century or were these ever popular in GB. I can remember seeing them in Austria. OK, this one is a no-no I guess because it's a place used by another author but it may give you some ideas: a little stream which had a huge tree beside it and a grotto was created by the area where the water had washed soil from the mammoth roots of the tree.

Sorry, no imagination.

Julie Anne Long

Shirley—oooh, good guesses! But I can't tell you yet whether or not you pegged 'em all. I'll tell you tomorrow. :) And a stable...hmmm....rustling hay....the smell of leather...you might really be onto something. :)

Ranurgis—no imagination?? I beg to differ. You waxed very nearly lyrical, there. :) Are you sure you don't have a romance novel lurking somewhere in you?? No doubt you have quite a few on your nightstand. :) I can't speak to the genesis of the grotto, but you painted quite a pretty picture, there. :)


How about the kitchen or the carriage.

My guesses:

Pier: Beauty and the Spy
Hunting Box: The Runaway Duke
Garden: To Love a Thief
Gallerly of statues: The Secret to Seduction
Attic room: Ways to be Wicked


Yeah, I'm sure. After all, these were things I've actually seen or already read--though not made love in. But no. For someone who had to ask her mother what to write a good description about for school and then had to be coaxed forward every inch of the way (g) no way do I have a novel in me. But yes, until I moved last November, I was walled in by books in every room in my apartment.

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