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July 14, 2006



Have you ever tried to analyse how you walk? I'd imagine that's sort of the thing you mean. I don't think we'd get very far walking if we had to analyze all the steps. I'm pretty certain I'd lose my balance and fall.

You're right: a lot of things should not be analyzed. For some people that's all right but analyzing books in that way--especially French classics--bored me to tears, quite literally--because I just couldn't do it.

I know writers who have story arcs all mapped out and their books are great. Now I can't talk about yours yet but I do think I'll really enjoy them as well. Will it make any difference as to whether I enjoy one more than the other? I very much doubt it. And even the author I have in mind deviated from her original arc when it was necessary. Her arc was more for planning how to best write the books in a whole series.


Hi Julie,

Off topic here, before I forget I wanted to let you know I'll be reviewing To Love A Thief on Sunday, July 23rd at Romantically Inclined. It's RITA nominee review week at RI and I picked your book for my review. I hope I can do it justice, it's an awesome read! :)

Julie Anne Long

That's a great analogy, Ranurgis—analyzing how you walk. Or...thinking about breathing. But some writers use charts and spreadsheets and color coding to map out their stories, and I'm in awe of these techniques, as I'm basically a pretty analytical, technical person, and I happen to love charts and spreadsheets. LOL. It's just my creative process that defies any sort of attempt to impose that kind of structure upon it. It's kind of wonderful how different we all are as writers. And I imagine our processes evolve.

YAY, Isabel!! I'm so glad you enjoyed TO LOVE A THIEF! Thanks for reviewing it at R-I, too. Can't wait to read what you have to say!! I'll be sure to look for the review. :)

Haven Rich

I had thought of doing the review for RI but then I figured let Isabel do it to get a different opinion on it. *since I've already posted my review on amazon* But I agree it was a wonderful book and I'm looking forward to Ways To Be Wicked (hehe and I can think of a few).

I'm a full wind type gal. If I feel passionate about something I give it all I've got. When I decided to write romance I didn't know a fig from an arc but I gave it my all. Of course, I don't know if I could do a spreadsheet or not. I do know I'm not very good at outlines. I tend to give too much detail.

See you at RI Julie, Isabel posts her review on the 23rd.

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