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July 17, 2006



You know, it's so weird how people's frames of reference well, frame everything. I have a friend in MN and many of their buildings there do not have air conditioning at all. This baffles and frightens me a little, coming from Texas, where yesterday, as I left Schlotzsky's, the bank said it was 104 degrees. I love air conditioning - which is why my electric company loves me, I'm sure. The sound of my a/c can lull me to sleep. It's like a security thing, almost.

Atlanta is hot. I've been there once. Got lost all by myself in a rental car after a run in with a whistle woman at the airport. But that's neither here nor there. And I found my way back, eventually.

And oh, is it still too late to send you my address for the bookmarks you mentioned in your first blog? I was on vacation last week in San Antonio, and before that, I was just uh, lazy, I think. :P

Jennifer Y.

Yes it is hot in Atlanta...I live in the area and we have had above normal temps for a couple of weeks now...it is supposed to be a bit cooler during the week of RWA...temps in 80's instead of near 100. It is also very humid here.


Good for you, Julie, that you found something suitable. I don't have air conditioning either but it's been around 95 for the last few days and that's not counting the humidity factor. With that it's been over 100. And there's nothing more that I can take off (grin).

With a/c I always have to be careful I don't get a draft. My muscles are always so tense that any sort of draft, warm or cold, affects me. It's murder driving with anyone in summer, believe you me. So I always take a stole along in an effort to cover any vulnerable parts.

Speaking of finding clothing: I just got my two suitcases of "smaller sizes" from storage after 8 years. It's amazing what I have there. I had forgotten some of the things. It's sort of a bittersweet memory, but the last time I tried on some of these things, my mother had to pry them off me. Now she's no longer around. She was in her 83rd year and would gladly have gone earlier--when she first realized she had Alzheimer's.

But I definitely prefer skirts for summer (or dresses, if I can get them). I've found two in the suitcase. That's it.


Ugh. The perspiration rolling off me is ruining the wood of my desk and making the keyboard sticky. Yuck. I can't even find refuge in the library today because they're closed on Mondays.

Actually with the humidex it's supposed to feel like 108 today. Somehow I don't doubt that in the least.

On Friday, our high is supposed to be 83 with a low of 63, which is what our high for Saturday will be with a low of 55. But then, what do the forecasters really know, eh?

Julie Anne Long

Lareign—104 degrees?? With humidity?? Seriously, I would need scuba tanks to breathe in that. LOL. Hope your AC is working now. I used to love the sound of the heater coming on at night...and to this day, I usually sleep with a white noise machine (because it's often pretty noisy here in San Francisco). And by all means—you're still eligible for a signed bookmark since you commented on the win-a-book blog, so send your address. :)

Jennifer—I hope you plan to come to the Literacy Signing in Atlanta!! Even if you're not registered for the conference, the Literacy Signing on Wednesday night is open to the public. I'd love to see you there. And the hotel will be air-conditioned! :) (So I hear.)

Ranurgis—you need to get a big electric fan and aim it at you. LOL. For the one or two days per year in SF when the weather is officially "hot" (meaning, above 80 degrees), fans come in handy. And a spray bottle of water. Or slave boys dutifully waving palm fronds over your head. :)

Candice Hern

Julie, if it's 104 in Atlanta when we get there, you may have to drag me kicking and screaming off the plane! I don't do well in heat. I plan to spend the entire conference in the refrigerated hotel. I don't have any little spaghetti-strapped sundresses or halter tops to wear in normal summer weather. First, because who needs it here in Fog City, and second because I'm BIG and like to cover up.

Kudos on the RITA outfit. The price was right on that one, eh? :-) Are we going earring shopping before the conference?

Haven Rich

Oh I dream of having enough clothing to get lost in one day. I have a very limited wardrobe...pouts.

However, you talking about still needing a dress got me to thinking of what I'd wear to such an event..so I stopped off at the David's bridal website haha. I found something semi-close to what you said your going to wear...how odd is that. Of course being a fluffy girl, I would add the chiffon jacket thingy lol.

Ohh, I'm still so jealous of ya'll going...I want to go too.

And I can't remember if I posted on that blog...oh well. I'm a happy camper anyhow.

Julie, your not the only one with travel size everything..they are just so adorable and they pack well. I'm the queen of packing. I can pack everything (minus the kitchen sink) and still have less than two bags and a carry on (tried and tested on a 3 week trip). I should mention that all my bags could have been carry ons, since they are all small enough.

Hope ya'll (you lucky ducks) have a wonderful and safe trip.

P.s. here in Louisana its humid as "H", way more than Texas. (btw I just moved here from Texas lol) If I wasn't so fluffy, I'd most likely walk around in a bikini all day.

Julie Anne Long

Candice, I'm with you—I would love to see Atlanta, but I would probably take five steps outside the hotel and melt into a puddle a la The Wicked Witch of the West. Funny how acclimated we all get. And may have to make do with the earrings I have!! But I do need shoes. :) And I need some sort of dress wrap thing that isn't black, because I'm only one wrap away from looking like MOrticia in my Rita outfit. I also need a new cell phone. And about a million other things in the next four days. LOL. I think I might go downtown tomorrow night...feel like shopping tomorrow night??

Haven...will you please give seminars on packing?? LOL. Teach me how! It's such an art. I actually kind of like the challenge of fitting everything in there, but my carry-on always ends up looking pregnant, and it tips over when I leave it upright. I'm trying to be more clever about what I bring this time. It's a shame you aren't going to Atlanta! But you're going to be unpacking for weeks, aren't you?? I also just had fun looking at the David's Bridal site. LOL. Good thing I didn't see it before I found my Rita outfit.

Jennifer Y.

I plan on coming to the Literacy Signing since it is open to the public...couldn't afford the whole conference. I certainly hope the hotels have AC...LOL...my house doesn't have central AC. Plus with that many people crammed into one place for the signing...YIKES!


wait? you bought a laptop? you gave up on the snail/turtle or any other slow moving desktop. I'M impressed.

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