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July 05, 2006


Marcia Hodge

My "type" of man has changed through the years. As a teenager, it was boys with long hair, white teeth, a hunky body and a golden God tan. In my twenties, it was a fellow with a snazzy car, a good job and a lovely accent (think Sean Connery). In my thirties, the focus shifted a bit to does he have a halfway decent job and a car? In my forties; does he have hair and teeth and not too many ex-wives or dependents? Now, it's a man who is content, has some sort of income and treats me fairly well. In another 10 years it might be; is he breathing and can he pick up after himself?

As for meeting men and terrible come-on lines, I can certainly relate. My ex-husband and I met in college, on my very first day there. I was sitting in the lounge at lunch, stood up at the exact same time he stood up from the next table, turned around as he was turning, and we literally bumped bellies. It was the first time I had laid eyes on him, had never spoken to him before, and the first words that came out of my mouth were: "Now you will have to marry me." He burst out laughing, and 18 months later, we did marry.

Julie Anne Long

Marcia, I love your meeting story! I suspect you were a bit of a minx back then, actually. LOL. That's a GREAT line. Of course, for those of us out there tempted to use it, could work one of two ways—1) the way it turned out for Marcia, which makes a great romance novel plot; or 2) the man would have run screaming in the opposite direction from the word "marry" as if you'd shouted "anthrax!" LOL.

And ah, yes, I remember my long-hair phase—where a guy looked simply WRONG if he had short hair. And accents...I, too, went go through a phase where anything with a British accent seemed hot. (this isn't across-the-board true, I'm here to tell you.)

In giving it some thought...though I'm pretty egalitarian these days when it comes to looks, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fall for a guy with a ponytail. LOL. Having hair is nice, but I like it better when a man doesn't require hair *accessories.* And some guys looks fabulous with receding hairlines, or bald. :)

Caro in SD

I think Brad Pitt is hot, Julie!! :) But you're right, he does have a funny voice. I did marry my type, kind of a preppy. :) And this is going to sound silly, but when I first met my husband, I was standing in line behind him at the movies, and I noticed he smelled wonderful. Five dates later, I found out the source of the wonderful smell was his deodorant. LOL. But I still love that smell. I think of Todd whenever I smell it.

Julie Anne Long

Yeah, I think I might be in the minority regarding Mr. Pitt, Caro, but I really can't help it. LOL. :) (You know who has a great voice? George Clooney.) And your deodorant story was funny—who hasn't snuggled up with a boyfriend's or husband's shirt while the BF or DH was away on a trip, for instance? When I was in high school, my boyfriend wore Polo (the cologne) all the time. That smell immediately brings him back (can't say that I'm necessarily still wild about it. LOL.)


I've never commented on a blog before so I hope I'm doing this right!

I like a smartypants, too, Julie, but I ended up with a man who was good with his hands, and when I think about it, it still surprises me. He's a landscaper. He didn't finish college and I have an advanced degree. Somehow, so far, it's working for us. And sometimes he doesn't get my references, but he laughs at himself and at me, but it's nice to have a really capable man for a change. :) (I'm sure there are some capable brainy guys out there, I just haven't managed to date any of them.)

And as for the thing that that drew me to him: he did some work in my garden and he was fantastic with my dog. I love a man who loves animals and isn't embarrassed about it.

(I really enjoy your books. :)


Julie, Brad Pitt's never really been my cup of tea either. He's too perfect-looking, or something. Yet for some reason I think Steve Nash, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, is just the hottest thing ever. Seriously. Maybe it's the hair. And watching him play, the way he just cuts through the defense, the various ways he scores, the look on his face when he's driving with the ball...ohh man.

I tend to go for taller guys-a good thing, since I'm 5-10. Guys who can make me laugh-I'm puddy in their hands. Seriously. I've been known to fall for guys based on a joke or two they've made.

I'm not married or attached right now (and perfectly fine with that in a lot of ways), but I will tell you about my mom. After a really bad marriage to my dad, she ended up with a guy who is shorter than her, 8 years younger than her, and less educated than her. They just had their first wedding anniversary, and they're absolutely perfect for each other. It's a joy to see them together. It makes me realize that the path of love is not always a conventional one, and perhaps, it shouldn't be. :)


I think Moby (a virgo) might out-geek Elvis Costello. :)

Hands. I like hands. Big hands, long fingers. I notice hands on men instantly. And of course whether those fingers are wearing rings or not. :)

Julie Anne Long

Hi Shirley! I'm glad I could be your first blog experience, and happy you enjoy my books! Welcome aboard! Your story is lovely...it sounds like a romance novel plot, in fact (we writers, I swear, see the world in terms of plots.)

Speaking of animal lovers...I once caught a very macho guy kissing my cat! On the head!! When he didn't know I was watching. That's a very good way to make me swoon. :)

I love seeing unconventional couples together, too. It always seems like such evidence of that Pascal quote: "The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing."

Heather: oh, yes. Hands are very important. And I didn't know Moby was a Virgo! Yeah, I'm not sure who would win that particular geek-off. Although I saw Elvis Costello recently, and he's a big guy now. He could probably smash Moby flat if they wrestled. :)

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