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July 24, 2006


Haven Rich

Julie, everyone needs their hardware when they go on vacation lol. And this includes the blender, matter fact for a good week thats the first thing to pack, right next to the hang-over meds lol.

Um, are you sure Domenic will take on his load of to-dos? To me he looks like he's waiting for you to leave and he's going to surf the net. That's what my owners do when I leave. You never know he might download the latest Victoria Secret Runway show, so he can see the girls on the "cat"-walk. You'd just better hope he doesnt research his hair cut...shaved kitty might not return the right results lol. (sorry couldn't resist)

In any case, here's hoping Domenic does his work and you haven't forgotten anything..I'm a lists gal too.


Well, I usually make lists too, especially for trips but I invariably forget something. The last time luckily the whole family was there and for most things I could find someone who had what I needed. I was even able to help out one of my nieces with a top. And I brought along some little books and things to keep him occupied (he was 3 months short of 4 years.) Not quite as much luck with the 4-month-old Emma. She needed more familiar people around her.

Hope you have a great time and that you win at least one of those awards. That would be awesome.


Duh! I meant to say that I brought something to keep that niece's *son* occupied.

The synapses are definitely *not* all firing properly but I'm not surprised.

Anyway, I'm rooting for you to win--even without having read a word of the book. What are blog friends for?


Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the congrats everyone!! You're so sweet!!! And Haven, you made me practically spit out my tea over the "shaved kitty" comment! LOL!!! I had a hard time finding time to blog in Atlanta, as my laptop crashed the first night, then recovered inexplicably later, shortly after my nerves did. I've been averaging around 2-3 hours sleep per night over the past several nights, and now that I'm home, I find myself nodding off the moment I sit down. Like right now.... zzzzzzz.......... It's kinda funny.

I'll try to blog later this week, maybe tomorrow. Yay! It was a blast, but I"m glad to be home.


Glad you had a blast.

Bet your stats will be interesting for awhile with the "shaved kitty" stuff. :-)

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