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June 29, 2006


Donna S.

My sister cuts my hair, and she does a great job, since it's a basic parted down the middle style. But I've had the same haircut for years. It might hurt her feelings if I go to someone else! I'd kind of like to try something new, though. It's a dilemma.


I've been going to the same woman to get my hair cut for years. She's not cheap, either, but I really like my hair. The last person I went to practically ruined it. I wanted highlights, and I got like these orange stripes!!!! Sometimes I think y ou get what you pay for.

Melissa B.

Oh, c'mon Julie. You're a writer. Surely you've had plenty of occasions for using the F word. :)

Julie Anne Long

LOL, Melissa! Ah, yes, the "F" word is indeed a satisfying and integral part of my vocabulary, but I use it judiciously. Or I like to think I do, anyway. My computer probably hears it the most from me, I think.


Julie, I love artichokes. Can't have been too bad.

Unfortunately, from the time I got my first haircut until now, when I'm...uh, never mind...I've never had a haircut that was something *I* could handle by myself. I once remarked to somebody that a haircut like Halle Berry's wouldn't be bad. But then that someone had to remind me that Halle probably has a stylist who does her hair every day.

I've got very fine, thin, oily hair. Freshly washed every day it looks OK. But...my hands are so bad that I just can't manage to do it every day and still expect to do anything else like use the computer. Besides, my plumbing here is terrible. I suppose I could slip up front every day to the beauty salon and have them do it, but I hardly have the money to pay the rent never mind get my hair done once a month. The worst cut was definitely one in Germany when they took me at my word and cut my hair short, really short and I definitely looked like a boy. After I saw my niece a few weeks after she'd had her head completely shorn (she was president of the student body and said that if the kids raised more than $X she'd go bald) I thought she looked really cute. But then, I think your head has to be shaped right too, so I gave up thinking I should try that at my age.

That's me: weird figure, strange hair, weird coloring, problematic feet. Yep, the only thing I had was at least half a brain. And now my mind's going too. Sigh.

I'm sorry I missed your blog come-out. I guess I wouldn't have won the book but it would have been nice to try. Did I mention that I found "To Love a Thief" about a week ago? But I wouldn't mind winning an autographed copy if the opportunity arises. And I still have to even see a copy of "The Runaway Duke".

It's really enjoyable to find out more about 'Frisco. I entered a contest for the Reggae Festival. But unfortunately, I never seem to win most of the contests I enter.

Julie Anne Long

Glad you found the blog, Ranurgis! :) I seldom win anything, either, but I do keep trying. LOL. I'm glad you found THIEF! Hope you enjoy it. Some day, hopefully, you'll find DUKE. There are a lot of them out there. LOL. And your discussion of head shapes made me laugh, because my sister swears mine is shaped like a yam. That's what sisters are for: to keep you humble.

Candice Hern

Julie and I go to the same hair salon, so I can vouch for its coolness. And I absolutely LOVE Joseph, my hairdresser. You'd think short hair would be easy, but I'm here to tell you that it's not. I've endured a few horrific haircuts in my day, but I've mostly kept to the same short short style for decades. In point of fact, Joseph does something very subtly different with each cut, but not so's anyone, but me, would notice.

Love the blog, Julie. It looks GORGEOUS!

Julie Anne Long

And from where I sit in Jean's chair, Candice, I frequently have a wonderful view of Joseph's butt as she turns me this way and that, and I can assure everyone it's a magnificent little thing.

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